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Logan woke up startled, he checked his watch and sighed, it was only 4:15 am. He had been dreaming about Max, as usual it ended with them experiencing new ways to pleasure each other. He reached with his hand to the bed but when he found it empty he woke up scared.

Then he remembered that she was back at the hotel with Dylan and Cindy while he was on his way back to Seattle. He also remembered that Max was in heat, he hated so much having to leave her in this state but he didn't want to risk her with anything. Besides, Eyes Only was going to be really concentrated on Matt's case and he didn't want her to feel left out. He knew he was doing the right thing but damn did he miss her, he had called her before reaching the motel but he wanted to talk to her again.

He reached for his cell phone and dialed, this time to her cell phone. It rang a few times before she actually got it. And when she did, he heard laughter and squeals.

" Will you shut up!" He heard her yell. " Yeah."

" Hey you, I leave you for a while and you're already having a party." He teased; she laughed whole-heartedly making him all warm inside.

" Hey baby, I miss you so much already, I don't know how I'm gonna spend all this time without you." She sighed heavily. " Besides, it's not a party. Cindy and the red head came a lil' drunk from the club and decided to have a girls night in. They're so noisy." She added with sarcasm, he could almost hear her rolling her eyes.

" At least you're not alone, how's my baby doing?" There was a loud thump and laughter. He heard Max maneuvering her way through the mess he imagined and hushing. More squeals and laughter.

" Would you cut it out? Cindy, you better not mess with my baby...and you keep your paws of my stuff before I bitch slap you from here to China!" There was more noise but then everything went silent. " Sorry, she was sleeping but Cindy and miss ' have my ass please' woke her and from the look in her eyes I can tell that she ain't happy." Logan smiled at Max's remark.

" Put her on, maybe I can calm her while you get those two out of the room." It was a good suggestion.

" Hold on." He heard some shuffling and then soft breathing. " Daddy?" Dylan's sweet whisper reached his senses.

" Hey baby, how are you?" He asked softly, he knew that she hated noises, probably because of her horrible upbringing.

" I'm scawed daddy, it's noisy here. Mama's gone now, I want you daddy." She whispered frantic. " Easy baby, you know that mommy's not gone, she took auntie Cindy to her room. Besides, you know that daddy's always taking care of you." His soothing voice calmed her a little but she wasn't going to let it drop so easily.

" Why did you go? Was Dylan a bad guwl?" Logan was touched by her assumption and made a mental note to keep her away from Cindy for a while, before she started to get completely ghetto.

" No baby, where did you get an idea like that? I didn't leave you, daddy had some work to do but we'll see each other again. You're a wonderful girl honey, and you have your mommy with you, she'll take care of you while I'm gone." Max walked back in to the room and smiled at Dylan.

" Mama's back daddy, I gotta go to bed now. Bye, bye." Logan smiled.

" Ok baby, remember to be a good girl." He reminded her.

" I'll be a vewy good guwl." She kissed the receiver soundly and gave it to Max.

Logan was laughing when Max caught it. " Hey, havin' a good time?" She teased but she really missed him.

" Yeah, Dylan's a very sweet kid. So baby, are you still in heat?" He asked slowly.

" No. Matt Sung's news was a mayor heat killer. Where are you?" She managed to say all that in one breath.

" In a small motel just a few hours more from the border. I was really tired and I thought I could catch a few Z's, unfortunately I miss you too much and I couldn't sleep, so I called you." Max smiled to herself.

" That's good baby but you better get some sleep if you want to make good time to Seattle. Please take care of yourself and just keep in mind that I'm not completely ok with this." She remarked with a frown.

Logan laughed. " Ok honey, I know. You keep yourself out of trouble and remember that I love you." Max sighed again, it was going to be hard but she owed it to him.

" I love you too, bye." And they hung up again.

Logan groaned and brushed his hair roughly with his hands, it had been a whole week and still there was no sign of Matt's family's murder or murderers. He tried every single clue he got and even had all his informants working on it but it was always dead ends.

What had him really annoyed was that he hadn't seen Max or Dylan and he missed them like crazy. He had called Normal explaining everything to him so he wouldn't fire them, he also attended Matt's family's funeral and had been there for him. It was strange seeing his otherwise charismatic and helpful friend so sad and gloomy, but he had a reason.

Meanwhile Logan had his family alive but he couldn't see them and it was killing him. But he knew that it was for a good reason, he wasn't going to cheat Max of her time with her mother just to meet all those dead ends.

He called her every day and she called him at nights when she felt lonelier, they talked about everything and she made suggestions on the case. Every once in a while she would try and con him on going back but he wouldn't comply.

He sighed heavily and rubbed his eyes, he had been stuck to the computer for hours and it made his eyes red. He shut down the computer and went in to the kitchen for a glass of milk; it was then when he remembered that Max had been weak the week before. He ran to the phone and dialed Angela's number.

" Hello." She greeted cheerfully.

" Hey Angela, how's it going?" He asked smiling, he had to admit that the woman had grown on him.

" Oh! Logan, hi, everything's fine here. How are you?"

" I'm fine, thanks. Can you tell me if my girls are there?"

" Oh sorry, they went shopping for Dylan again. I swear that kid's got more clothes than the three of us by now." She said chuckling.

" Yeah, Max goes crazy when it comes to Dylan. I called because I remembered that Max had a seizure last week and I wanted to know how she was doing." Angela frowned, she had forgotten about that but now it interested her.

" Well, she's been ok so far."

" I'd like to ask you to please keep an eye on her, her seizures are not very far away from the last one and she tends to keep the symptoms to herself. Just check her, headaches, fever, unbalance, nausea, dizziness are the signs of seizures." Angela's frown grew harder.

" What should I do when a seizure strikes?" She asked worried.

" Give her a few pills of Trythophan, she carries them in her jacket and there's also liquid Trythophan in her bag, you have to inject her with it. Milk helps a lot when she has the symptoms, after that you just have to let her rest. But if she has a seizure please call me, my voice helps soothe her to sleep."

" Ok, thanks. I'll tell her you called, she'll want to talk to you when she comes back."

" Bye Angela and thanks." They both hung summed in their own thoughts.

When a month had gone by and there was still no sign of the whereabouts of the muderers, Logan began to get desperate, he couldn't understand how the killers could just vanish like that. The police hadn't found anything either, it was a real mystery.

Max on her hand was ready to come back to Seattle, she missed Logan too much and just couldn't stay away longer, but she didn't want to leave her mother just yet. I the past month their relationship had grown so much that she called her mom already.

She sat on the porch steps watching the sky, she seemed to be doing that a lot whenever she missed Logan. Angela saw her and approached her, she sat next to her and put her arm around Max, who instinctively leaned in to her embrace.

" Miss him, don't you?" Angela aksed already knowing the answer.

" Oh yes, we've never been apart for something like this. I'm supposed to be there to help him, not miles and miles away occasionally speaking through the phone." She whined with her adorable pout, Angela imagined that she would get her way whenever she used her pout.

" I know honey, men tend to shut us away when they feel that something's too big for them to handle alone. I don't want to say this but maybe it's time you went back to your home." She suggested sadly.

Max looked up to her and saw her mother's eyes clouded with tears, she wiped a stray tear and kissed her cheek.

" I know I shouldn't even suggest this.but maybe you can come with us, just for a while. I mean, Seattle's definitely not your chosen vacation spot but.you could be there for moral support. You can even stay with us and I'll protect you." Angela smiled at her daughter and hugged her, she was actually considering the idea. " but it's cool if you say no, I'd understand that." She added with her characteristical pout.

Angela laughed whole-heartly and her eyes glowed. " I think I know why Logan can't deny anything to you." She said happily.

" Does this mean.?"

" Come on, let's pack." Angela nudged her daughter towards the front door and both laughing happily headed to Cindy to tell her the good news.

" This might sound freaky but Original Cindy missed this crappy place." Cindy exclamed when they finally got of the plane.

" Amen sistah girl." Max replied, shifting Dylan's weight to her hip.

" Mommy, where's daddy?" The little bit asked softly.

" Daddy's at home baby, he doesn't know we're here. It's a surprise." Max told her.

" It's been a long time since I've been in Seattle, hasn't changed much." Angela muttered as she carried her luggage.

" Let me help you with that." Max offered exchanging her bags for Dylan.

They grabbed a cab and made small talk all the way, Cindy asked to be dropped at her place to dump her bags and take a shower, meanwhile Angela went with Max and Dylan to Foggle Towers.

When they finally reached the apartment, Max picked the lock just for the fun of it under her mother's amused expression. She opened slowly and motioned for Angela to come in while she grabbed the bags. The apartment was silent with the exception of the furious typing coming from the office.

" There's a bathroom and another bed in Dylan's room, take her and I'll be we you in a while." She looked at the office and Angela understood.

" We'll take a bath and head to bed, you go ahead and catch up with your man." Angela suggested with a smirk.

Max responded with a smirk of her own and a quiet 'thanks'. She kissed the sleeping Dylan and made her way in to the office. She stood on the doorframe and watched as he worked, to her pleasure he was clad only in black cargo shorts, he was even bare foot. Max licked her lips and drowned a moan as she watched him, he was so sexy and delicious.

" Ummm, you're a sight for sore eyes." She said seductively.

Logan looked up in surprise, he wasn't sure if it was real but he loved it. Max was leaning on the door frame with one of the sexiest smiles he'd ever seen, clad in tight black jeans and top. He stood and smiled, he reached out to her and she ran to him.

" Oh baby, I missed you so much." He enveloped her in a tight hug, her legs circling his waist. " I missed you too, that's why I'm here." She lavished in his embrace.

Logan sought her mouth and kissed her deeply, her head cocking automatically to grant him further access. Hands roamed freely in a frenzied pace while they made love with their hungry mouths.

Logan walked to their room and shut the door with his foot. He fell on the bed with her on top and quickly rolled over to undress her. He nuzzled her neck while pulling off her top and unclasping her tight bra, his eyes feasted on the generous amount of soft flesh he so worshipped.

" You're so beautiful baby, so incredibly gorgeous. I was going crazy all this time without touching you." He breathed in to her neck.

" Make love to me baby, make love to me." She moaned ripping his shirt open and freeing his absolutely wonderful chest.

" Dylan, where is she?" He asked drawing her jeans down.

" She's sleeping in her room." She whispered back.

" Good." He replied and finished undressing her. He kneeled in front of her taking in Max's body in all its naked glory. " You're perfect angel, I want you so badly." He said huskily.

Max ran her hands down his chest and stroke his aching hardness, he moaned in response as she drew him to her. " Then take me." She said and that was the last word spoken.

Hands and tongues dwelled in a battle of desire as they rocked to a heavenly rythmn, their bodies making up for all the time lost in meaningless things. Everything fell in to place as their climax rose and their moans combined echoed through the room and they collapsed on the bed.

Hours later Max lay calmly in his arms, depositing butterfly kisses on his chest while he slept peacefully.

" You know that if you keep doing that someone will rise to the occasion." He teased turning to her.

" Oh really? I wanna find out." She replied letting her hand purposely roam to his under part.

" Baby, this past month has been pure torture without you. I didn't sleep well thinking about you, sleeping all alone in that big bed, I hope." He teased rubbing her back.

" It was hell for me too, my only thought was having your hands on my body as soon as possible." She whispered letting out a soft moan. " But it serves you right to have suffered my absence, I told you a lot that I wasn't ok with your course of action."

" I'm sorry baby. You had found your mother and I didn't want you cheat you of your time with her just for some Eyes Only mission. God knows I've ruined your life with it before." Max sat up unable to belive what he was saying.

" Have you gone mad? Since when have you ruined my life with Eyes Only, you've helped me a lot with Eyes Only." She reasoned but he seemed unconvinced.

" Max, most of the time I've called you for some mission you were at Crash, I interrupted your social activities a lot, you told me yourself a few times." He looked at her with sad eyes and Max knew just how much her words affected him.

" Baby, I forgot to tell you that your little interruptions were the key part of my evenings. Just the mere thought of seeing you with any excuse was enough to put me in a good mood. I was just being the obnoxious little tramp I get to be sometimes." She apologized and kissed him repeatedly.

" You're not a tramp, a bitch sometimes but definitely not a tramp." He teased her while kissing her neck.

" Well let me show you how much of a bitch I can be." She replied turning just so she was on top of him and kissing her way down his chest.

The morning sun woke Max and Logan from their slumber, she stretched and he automatically wrapped his arms around her.

" Hey you." He greeted her as she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

" Hey yourself." She replied kissing him.

" Oh, how I've missed waking up with you by my side angel." He hugged her to his heart.

" I missed it too. Now get me some breakfast, Dyl and ma have to be up by now." She said sitting up and rubbing the sleep of her eyes.

" Ma? Angela's here? In our house?" He asked surprised and suddenly embarrassed as he remembered all the screaming the past night.

" Yeah, I asked her if she wanted to come with us and she accepted. She slept in Dylan's room, I was going to tell you but I guess that will all the. action last night it slipped my mind." She explained grinning mischeviously.

" Well, guess I have to go and make a huge breakfast so I can start working." He said more to himself.

" Right. How's that going. did you find anything new?" She asked walking to the bathroom.

" No. I'm still trying out every lead but it's like they dissapeared in to thin air or something. It's a desperate situation, my friend's family was murdered a month ago and I still can't find out who did it." He put on his track pants and a t-shirt and walked in to the bathroom where Max hugged his back.

" Don't talk like that honey, you're doing everything you can to help him out. It's a horrible thing for any human being to survive but he's a strong man and I'm sure that everything will turn out ok." Logan wished he could see the world like Max did but he couldn't.

" I don't know. Maybe I can find who did it but that doesn't mean that everything's going to be ok, even if they kill those bastards it won't bring back Matt's family." He stepped away from Max's embrace and ran a hand through his head in desperation.

" Billy Sung was a seven year old Max, he didn't have any enemies he knew of. His life were his mom and dad and he died so young who knows why. He called me uncle Logan." He finished breaking down.

Max hugged him tight as sobs racked his body and sympathy tears rolled down her cheeks. She hadn't known Billy or his mom but she knew his father and if he had been a little like his dad he was probably a great child. Besides, Logan had loved that child like he loved a nephew and it broke her heart to know that innocent lives were taken.

Finally his sobs subsided and he just stayed there, in his girl's embrace. Even though he felt awful for everything he was so happy that Max was home with him, because he felt so much better with her around. He backed away and saw the tears in her cheeks and kissed her.

" Thanks for being here. I love you so much baby." He said craddling her face between his hands.

" I love you too and I'm always gonna be here for you." They kissed one more time and then headed back to the bedroom.

Max changed in to working clothes while Logan brushed his teeths, when they were ready they went to the kitchen were Angela was tying one of Dylan's new sneakers.

Max smiled at her non-official daughter, she was clad in bright red shorts, a yellow tee with the words BABY in red, a white belt aorund her tiny waist and her new white sneakers. She also had a red baseball cap with the same words, this time in yellow and her dark lockets framing her gorgeous face.

" Good morning." She said breaking the moment,

angela looked up and smiled at them. " Hey, good morning. Hi Logan, it's so nice to see you again. I hope you're ok with me staying here with you for a while." She said giving him a peck on the cheek and a hug.

" Of coure it's ok Angela, we're family." He replied returning the hug.

" Daddy!" Dylan's normally soft whisper broke in to a scream when she laid eyes on her handsome daddy. She scrambled of the counter and ran in to his embrace.

" Hey baby. Oh, I've missed yo so much honey." He hugged her tightly against him and kissed her cheeks.

" I missed you too daddy." She said, her voice returning to it's normal soft tone.

" How about you help daddy make a big breakfast for us, huh princess?" He said placing the eager chld on the counter.

" Yes daddy. What do I have to do?" She asked innocently.

" How 'bout give mommy a big hug and kiss, huh?" Max cooed and hugged Dylan.

" What would you like Angela?" Logan asked his mother in law to be. She smiled at him.

" Anything you like. I don't want to impose." She excused herself.

" None of that Angela, you're my mother and our guest so you're not imposing. Now what would you like for breakfast?" Max asked putting her hands on her hips in a menacing manner.

" Umm. pancakes." She replied with a big smile.

" That's my ma." Max said and hugged her.

Logan noticed how close Max and Angela had grwon in the past month and smiled, at least something did turn out good from all of it.

" Pancakes it is." He said and started preparing the ingredients.

" Do you need any help Logan?" Angela asked.

" No it's ok, why don't you and Max set the table while my little helper and I make pancakes." He poked Dylan's tummy and she giggled.

" Fine." Angela replied and helped Max set the table.

After they ate and cleaned up, Max grabbed her bike and kissed her mother. " I wish I could stay but I've spent a whole month on vacation and I gotta go to work. I'll try and be back for lunch but I doubt Normal will wanna let me go." She kissed Dylan and Logan and went out to work.

" Well, I have something to work on. Do you mind if I leave you and Dylan alone for a while ?" Logan asked grabbing his jacket.

" No, not at all. Go and do whatever you have to do, I'll stay with Dylan and we'll have some fun, right baby?" She tickled the painting toddler who laughed.

" Ok. I'll be back in time to make something for lunch and then we can do something together." He grabbed some folders from his office.

" Take your time. I know how to cook, don't worry about us, we'll be fine." She kissed his cheek and gave him a hug. " Now go."

" Ok. See you later princess, daddy's gotta go work but you be a good gril ok?" He kissed her chubby cheeks.

" I'll be a vewy good guwl." She replied and ran to her painting books.

After Logan left, Angela went to the living room and helped her new grandaughter paint princesses and knights. An hour later the door bell rang and she went to get it.

She opened the door and to her surprise she found someone she'd never thought she'd see in a long time.

" Hi." The person said.

" Oh God.."

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