Bhahahahaha I'm back! Anywho this one-shot idea came to me when I was reading some funny quotes.

Onwards and upwards, fellow fans!

Prentiss sat her coffee cup down on her desk and sank into her chair with a sigh. She looked over at Morgan and Reid. The younger agent was babbling on about something.

Honestly she didn't want to know. She had learned her lesson when she had asked what Reid was doing for Halloween weekend last month. She still wasn't completely sure what phantasmagoria was.

"Hey, Prentiss?" Reid called.

"What?" she asked, looking at his curiously. She really hoped she didn't regret this.

"Did you know that there are 104 known chemical elements in the universe?" the genius informed her excitedly.

"No, where'd you learn that?" she replied. Morgan smiled slightly. He was probably glad that Reid had turned his attention to her. Even though they loved Reid's random fountain of non-stop facts, it got tiring.

"Science Statistic of 2011 by Edward James Connelly, but that's not the best part!"

"The best part?" Prentiss asked suspiciously.

"No! There are actually 98 chemical elements in a glass of New Jersey tap water."

What? Prentiss looked at Reid for a long moment. That was the best part?

Morgan laughed at the expression on her face.

That was kind of disturbing. She was definitely going her own water bottles if they ever had a case in New Jersey.

Reid started doing his paperwork when he finally noticed that Morgan and Prentiss weren't going to say anything. Go figure.

(Five minutes later)

"Hey, Morgan, did you know there are 400 ways of playing the first move on each side in a game of chess, 197,281 ways of playing the first two moves on each side, an estimated 318,979,564,000 ways of playing the first four moves on each side, and an estimated 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways of playing the first ten moves on each side." Reid said absently, looking up from his paperwork.

"I'm not even going to ask where you learned that?" Morgan replied.

"I wanna know!" Garcia said, suddenly appearing out of nowhere and making them all jump slightly.

"Chess Statistics of 2011 by Edward James Connelly." Reid replied, eyes glowing.

"How many statistic books did he write?" Prentiss asked incredulously.

"21. He's writing another one on cats and the one on elephants is in the third month of publishing." Reid said quickly and gleefully, his eyes going wide.

"Hey, kid?" Rossi called from his office. Reid turned in his chair and looked at the senior agent.

The others looked too, expectant about what Rossi had to say.

"Did you know that 42.7% of statistics are made up on the spot?"

Reid frowned. "Actually it's 42.9%"

Prentiss, Morgan, and Garcia laughed. He would know.

It was quiet for a long moment, then…

"On August 18, 1913, evens came up 26 times in a row on an unbiased roulette wheel at Monte Carlo. The probability of that occurring is 1 in 136,823,184."

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