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Rain lanced against the car windows as the family drove through the streets of a city far larger than any they had been in before. Gotham was monstrous compared to Surrey or London, the skyscrapers disappearing into the dark clouds above. Vernon Dursley had come to Gotham to make a deal between Wayne Enterprises and Grunnings for drills. It had also been a good chance to take his family on a vacation.

He and his wife of nearly four years smiled at each other as they held hands. In the back seat two car seats were buckled into place, each holding a baby boy. Vernon was a very large man with very little neck, dark hair, and a walrus like mustache that he felt made him look distinguished. His wife, Petunia, was very thin, with large gums and teeth and blond stringy hair, wearing a white and pink sundress. Their son, Dudley, was a very large boy who was quickly running out of room in his car seat as he began to look more and more like a beach ball in a bonnet.

With the family was another boy, Petunia's nephew, Harry. Harry Potter was just reaching two years old, having lived with the family since his parents' murder on Halloween the year before. He had black hair like his father, but green eyes like his mother, as well as a lightning bolt shaped scar running across his forehead. All in all he looked nothing like his relatives, something they were very happy about. The Dursleys made it a point to hide their dislike of their nephew from their neighbors, but they loathed the small infant and his… freakish abilities.

As Vernon drove he began to notice something odd, the rain was turning into snow. "Bloody hell, Pet, look at that, snow in June," he said as he released her hand and put his hands on the wheel. His beady eyes looked in the review mirror for a moment to glare at his nephew's car seat, he knew the boy had something to do with this, and he'd make sure the freak didn't eat for two days as punishment.

However, as Vernon took his eyes off the road he didn't see the blast of blue energy strike the road in front of the car, turning the water on top of pavement to ice. Without having a chance to slow down the car pulled on to the ice. "Shit," Vernon exclaimed trying to slam on the breaks and jerk the wheel to keep out of oncoming traffic. The car spun several times before the tail end hit a fire hydrant causing the car to slam to a stop.

"Vernon, what was that," Petunia asked looking around for the source of the blue beam she had seen. In the back of the car Dudley began to scream frantically at having been woken from his nap. Harry on the other hand was staring out the window at something moving beyond his fogged pane of glass. Petunia, who was sitting in front of Harry saw it as well. "Vernon, something is coming. What is it, Vernon?"

"How should I know," Vernon yelled over Dudley's screams as he adjusted in his seat to look. His blue eyes opened as wide as they could as they landed on what looked like a robotic figure marching toward them. A glass dome was fitted over a head like a snow-globe that was heavily fogged except for piercing red eyes. In one hand was a bulging canvas bag, while in the other was a very large very dangerous looking gun.

The strange looking figure seemed to inspect the silver sedan for a moment before leveling his gun at them. Petunia began screaming before a blast of blue energy crashed into the car, causing ice to form over the hood and side of the car. After several seconds the windows on the passenger side of the car exploded bathing the family in shards of broken glass before ice began to form on the family freezing them into place. "Now they'll be too busy to actively give chase," the man said before walking up the road as the scream of police sirens began to draw near.

Detective Montoya was the first officer on the scene, her breaks screeching to stop from hitting the ice on the road. The woman's brown eyes immediately found the car and her body seemed to move on its own accord, freeing her from her own car to run toward the sedan. As she neared, trying to keep herself from sliding on the ice to bad, she could see steam pouring out of the back seat of the car. Shoving her black hair out of her face she looked into the car to see a family of four frozen solid in ice, or actually only three.

Her eyes landed on the small black haired infant as steam literally rolled off his frozen body as the ice encasing him cracked and water poured off his car seat. To say Renee was astonished was an understatement. She had never seen anything like it before, an infant thawing itself from Mr. Freeze's ice ray. Shaking her head she moved back to her car and radioed for back up and an ambulance, telling them to bring everything needed to thaw Freeze's victims.

Deciding she was probably going to need evidence against Freeze, and wanting to prove what she had seen to the others on the force, she grabbed her video camera. Checking it to be sure she had film she turned it on and approached the car again. By now a crowd was growing to see the baby melting himself free of solid ice, and she quickly passed the camera to a teenager who was standing in awe. "Video tape everything, I don't want to miss a second of his thawing," she said before drawing her baton and beginning to pound at the ice on the car to get the doors open.

She finally freed the doors from their frozen grip just as the ambulance and other squad cars arrived. Opening the doors she let the paramedics grab hold of the Dursley family and begin bundling them and putting hot water bottles on them to begin thawing them even as they loaded them onto stretchers. One of the paramedics began reaching for the still steaming black haired baby only for a piercing cry to rip the air to pieces. The infants wail nearly brought several people to their knees even as Montoya quickly undid the baby's fastenings and wrapped him in a warm blanket before beginning to rock him to quiet him down.

Detective Montoya didn't notice the bleached blond haired woman staring at the infant with wide blue eyes. A leather jacket pulled over a t-shirt that hugged her curves and blue jeans covered her body and protected her slightly from the pouring rain and cold radiating from the ice. Dinah Lance though was in shock at the screeching wail the baby had produced, it was eerily similar to her own power as Black Canary. She had been running her nearby Judo class when Freeze had attacked but hadn't been fast enough to stop him.

Dinah looked around and spotted another well known face in the crowd, Richard Grayson the adopted son of wealthy mogul Bruce Wayne and secretly Nightwing at night. Two sets of blue eyes met for the briefest of moments before they both nodded. With a subtle nod to a question Dinah hadn't even thought of yet, 'Dick' as he was known, climbed onto his motorcycle and revved it up before turning around and heading deeper into the city for Wayne Tower where Bruce Wayne, A.K.A. Batman, was most likely to be.

Dinah stayed behind to watch the baby be put into the ambulance with the rest of his family before the doors were closed and the vehicle drove off. She noticed that the detective was beginning to ask people questions and quickly slipped back into her own building where her students were waiting on her. She would need to talk to Oracle later to see if she could dig up anything, possibly cloning or genetic splicing that would give her and her mother's abilities to a child with the apparent ability to thaw itself from the cold.

Days later would find Harry Potter in Gotham General Hospital as doctors poked and prodded him to try and understand his abilities. His only family, the Dursleys, had perished from severe hypothermia and questions were beginning to be asked of what would come of him. Several prominent figures had come to check on the child, including Bruce Wayne, Amanda Waller, and even Lex Luthor, though none seemed to stick around. Luthor had even been slightly burned when he had tried to touch the child.

A call had been placed to a Marjory Dursley in England about taking the child in but she had instantly stated to want nothing to do with him. The boy had no other living relatives that could be found and it was beginning to become clear that he would have to go to an orphanage or into foster care. Reporters had become such a problem that Commissioner Gordon had put guards on the young boy to keep people at bay.

Surprisingly though was the vigil kept on the street by the most peculiarly dressed people. A man in a flowing nightgown had come with flowers and candles talking about how much he enjoyed the breeze on his privates. Another man wearing snow-shoes, blue jeans, a tweed jacket, and with flaming red hair had stopped by as well to leave a get well card from a family called the Dursleys.

Another man with white hair and a beard so long it could be tucked into his belt had arrived wearing a pointed witch's hat and star covered robe and high heeled buckled boots claiming to need to take Harry with him. He had been immediately banned from the building and told if he ever came within ten yards of the boy he would be arrested. Defeated the man had left back to wherever it was he had come from.

Probably the strangest thing to happen as the sever oddities that surrounded the boy. Flowers from well wishers would erupt into growth at a moment's notice and fill the room with intoxicating fragrances (they had to check to make sure it was Poison Ivy sending them). Toys would levitate on their own and seemingly come to life to battle each other in epic struggles of good and evil. At one point the baby had been carried down the hall by a nurse and had touched a patient with a broken arm, only for the arm to miraculously heal.

When word had leaked out about the boy's unusual powers more people had flocked to the hospital. Preachers stood on soap boxes in the street saying the messiah had come again, hundreds cried if they so much as caught sight of the boy through the windows. All in all pandemonium had struck Gotham in a way it never had before. While usual panic set in by some means or another and people feared for their lives, now they were crying out in hope and making James Gordon's life all the more difficult.

Social Services were afraid to move him in case a mob should strike up around them. They didn't know if they should let anyone adopt him for fear that they would simply use the boy for their own means. Still more and more people dressed in strange outfits arrived proclaiming admiration for Harry Potter in British accents. The whole case had become a media circus on a level that even the Mayor was beginning to worry about what could possibly happen.

Gotham's vigilantes had been bringing in criminals such as Deadshot and Deathstroke who had been attempting to snipe the child from across the road, meaning that more police had to be pulled off the street and put in place as guards. Snipers now sat on the hospital's roof ready to take aim at anything that moved on other buildings. Superheroes had come in to run tests and see if the young boy could have been a possible alien though everything came back negative. What was worse was the people trying to bring about a lynch mob proclaiming the child to be the anti-Christ or the Devil in human form.

On Harry's seventh day in the hospital the baby was up late at night staring back at a face that was staring down at him. The woman standing over his body had long black hair and a strong physical frame. She was wearing what many would think of a red bikini as her blue eyes scanned the boy's frame. Her eyes seemingly welled with tears as she ran a hand over the boy's chubby cheeks causing him to giggle.

Barda Free, also known as Big Barda, knew who the boy was, how could she not. Her former master Darkseid had desired the Earth for so long that she had been coming and going from Earth to Apokolips for what passed as human generations. She often remembered a lover she had taken before meeting her beloved husband Scott, Arcturus Potter. She had even given birth to Arcturus' son, Charlus before being called back to Apokolips and being forced to leave her lover and child behind.

Staring down at the baby she knew without a doubt he was Charlus' grandson. Even at such a young age the two were nearly identical except for Harry's green eyes. Arcturus had called it the Potter curse, messy hair, bad eye sight, and sons looking identical to their fathers except for the eyes. A soft rustle behind her pulled the immortal woman's attention to a dark corner of the room where two softly glowing white eyes seemed to glare at her. "Hello, Batman, it's been a while."

"So, you figured out who he is," the Dark Knight said as he emerged from the shadows, his pitch black cape pulled tight around his body while two small pointed ears poked up on either side of his cowl. He nearly impossible to see in darkened hospital room. "I had a chance to run a DNA test on him when I saw him a few days ago. Imagine my surprise to find that a New God had at some point had a child with a Homo-Magi. A powerful pairing, enough to produce what many would mistakenly believe to be the Messiah."

"I didn't want to leave, but I was called back to Apokolips by Darkseid," Barda admitted as she stared down at the baby. "I loved my son, but at the time I didn't dare to defy Darkseid's summons. In a way I'm glad I did though, or I wouldn't have met Scott. However, I day does not go by when I do not think of the family I had left here on Earth and the pain I caused them."

Batman's eyes narrowed as he looked between the New Goddess and the baby lying in the blindingly white and sterile crib. "Do you plan on taking him in? Raise him as you would have your own son?" He ignored the part of him that felt as though he was breaking into far too personal territory. This was his job, to find out what was going to happen and try to stop a disaster if he could.

Though he half expected it, Barda's answer still surprised him. "No," she said simply before removing her hand from the yawning child's face. "I failed in my duties to Charlus and I will not risk the same happening to my grandchild, no matter how far down the line he is. Granny Goodness and Darkseid would certainly take an interest in him, with his powers it would be disastrous for him to fall into their hands."

"You may have accidentally given birth to a powerful new subspecies," the caped crusader said as he stepped forward and stood next to the crib. "His powers are growing, feeding off something here in Gotham that I can't locate. Any Meta-human within the city limits risks having their powers duplicated and enhanced by his genetic code in these starting years. He's already showing Black Canary's screech, and Poison Ivy's plant control. His magic and connection to the Source as well as his feeding on whatever power is here in Gotham is creating a possible time bomb. I want him out of my city."

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