Have come to the realization I don't have a lot of stamina for long stories, so rather than leave certain situations completely in mid air – have patched together a sort of resolution, with possibility of something in the future

Have rated this M for a mills and boonsey interlude at end of chapter

Chapter 16

Shards of ceramic littered the floor of the briefing room.

"Damn I liked that mug!" Kirk grumbled loudly as he bent to pick up the larger pieces.

"I am unsure how the destruction of crockery remedies the current situation Captain"

"It doesn't Spock, but in the short term it makes me feel a whole lot better" straightening his back, he began to pace the length of the room. "I have two dead people who shouldn't be dead, an embassy official tripping over himself denying knowledge of anything, and Chapel still unconscious, breaking crockery is, at this moment Spock, the only thing that does make sense".

Senior officers had been assembled in the briefing room, in an attempt to piece together some logical interpretation of events. At this stage the room presented at a loss. During the course of the discussions Spock's relationship with Nurse Chapel had been revealed, though the depth of it remained guarded by the Vulcan.

Uhura sat open jawed with the revelation. McCoy leaned over to her, placing his hand lightly upon her leg "she didn't tell anyone, not even me"

"But I'm her closest friend" she whispered

Kirk's words were heard as muted mumblings in the background as she assimilated the information into some sort of order.

"If we get her awake, trust me questions will be asked", he said the last comment with a touch of humor, though it was hard to hide his own disappointment at the nurses' deception.

"I have been in contact with the Vulcan embassy", Kirk's words rose to the fore again. "It is confirmed Sho'Katlan's appointment was through the appropriate channels, I have been advised, however, that he was acting on his own behalf in relation to the attempt on Chapel's life. The communication trail Uhura uncovered showed that there were at least four occasions of communication with the teaching academy on Vulcan, directly to a Doctor Shervic, who it appears – surprise surprise is MIA. Scotty, Uhura thanks for the work on the link between the two, you make a good pair"

Both shuffled uncomfortably in their seats, Kirk shook his head slightly is everyone hooking up on this ship except me.

"We have asked for the labs to be searched where Shervic was last known to be operating. Documentation was located, but no Doctor, and no ….. specimen. That's the current status, Spock have you had an opportunity to speak to your father"

"Yes Captain I was able to contact him, information, it appears, is limited" what Spock did not wish to relay was the reluctance his father had demonstrated in sharing any particulars in relation to the recent course of events. Vulcan, and the political powers of the planet had become united in silence.

The door to the briefing room swooshed to one side, a woman was leaning against the frame of the door, arms and legs crossed in a manner of casual confidence.

"I believe I should be included in this discussion"

Christine strode across the room. At least it looked like Christine the mannerisms, confidant bordering on insolent appeared in opposition to the placid health professional known to all present.


McCoy found his voice first "What the hell do you think you are doing here!"

"Thank-you Leonard, I've missed you too"

"You should be in bed!"

"I've been in bed for over a week, I woke up about three hours ago, I've been examined within an inch of my life. There is nothing of note, except" she faced the group sitting before her "my memory still has …. gaps"

Her eyes quickly lifted to Spock's, his attempt to veil disappointment was not lost on her.

"Chris are you sure you're ok?" Kirk was standing beside her.

"I feel fine, but I realize that someone" her eyes scanned across to McCoy " will want to conduct his own tests"

"Damn right I will be doing tests, you stroll in here after what's been happening", he bit his tongue

"It ok, I've been told", her voice softened "horrible" what could have been a tear formed in h the corner of her eye.

Uhura, no longer able to remain seated threw herself into a full body hug of the nurse, "We've missed you"


Unconsciously he wetted his lips before raising his hand to press the intercom. He had now been standing outside her door for seven point three minutes. Enterprise crew had wandered past on their way to duties, a couple had asked if he required assistance, their response had been a silent icy glare.

Nurse Chapel had been discharged from McCoy's scrutiny a few days earlier. Her original assessment had been accurate, perfect physical health, coupled with significant memory loss in specific areas. McCoy had also noted subtle changes in personality, stronger more self-possessed. He was at a loss for explanation, though apparently was enjoying the new bolshie Christine, labeling her a "fire cracker". Theories abounded as to the reasons for the shift, though few seemed to hold any scientific founding.

Spock had held his distance; knowledge of her improved health drew him to her.


" I was expecting you" she didn't turn. Her back greeted him, swathed in a long midnight blue satin gown, cut to the base of her spine. Brilliant gold tresses curled down to meet the tiny pendant attached to the intersection of fabric.

"Your dress would appear in contradiction to that statement"

"Really?" she turned her head at her shoulder, a coquettish grin caused a rush of warmth through Spock's groin.

"It appears Christine you have discovered a particularly unique use of the IDIC pendant I gave you", his eyes now fixated upon the jewelry holding together the flimsy material. She followed his eyes, appreciatively.

"I've been told we have history, though you seem to be the only one with the details. I think in all fairness that knowledge should be shared"

"Doctor McCoy has advised against anything which may cause", he breathed deeply before continuing "stress"

"Stress! hmm…. A significant proportion of this ship seems to think I have betrayed them by not sharing details of a relationship I know nothing of, I think that's stress enough regardless of what happens here"

She turned, stepping closer to him, a slight sway of her curvaceous breast becoming more visible as she approached.

"Spock, answer me this - do I love you?"

"I believe you do"

"Do you love me?"

"Yes" raising her palm, she tentatively touched his chest, allowing her hand to trail down towards his hips "Nurse are you attempting to seduce me?"

"Commander I am just trying to find out who I am "

"Then perhaps this will help you remember"

Taking her chin in his hand, he gently turned her face towards his. She leant into him, her lips brushing his, barely touching. A familiarity filled her, encouraging her to move closer. Pressing harder, his tongue moved within her, just slightly – as if asking permission. Her eager open mouth, taking him inside was permission provided.

Images began to flood forward, his hands, and naked skin absorbing her, taking her. She gasped.

"Christine apologies, I have hurt you" he reluctantly pulled back.

"I don't think you physically capable of hurting me"; she smiled, lifting her hand to caress his face. "I sense your desire, I feel safe – very safe with you"

She raised her lips to kiss his cheek, allowing the strap of her gown to fall to one side revealing an expanse of naked skin. He stopped her, with a firmness she did not expect.

"I'm sure Spock" she smiled "very sure"

Bending closer he pressed his lips upon her slightly craned neck. She lifted her face upward to expose her throat to his touch. Moving towards the subtle indentation at the base, he pressed his tongue into the well, drinking in her skin. Her defined collarbone rose to meet his mouth. He moved further tracing into the line of her shoulder with his tongue. The Law of the Ancients suddenly engulfed him grabbing her forcefully he pulled her closer crushing her body against his.

Her breath was temporarily lost as a mass of emotion invaded her. He slowed his actions, recognizing that her want of him was restrained by almost virginal trepidation to his actions. At this time their memories were not the same, it was for him to help build a platform from which their past, and future would develop. His hand slowly moved down the softness of her skin, caressing each curve, cupping her buttocks he massaged her with a barely contained passion, then lifted her bodily bringing her even closer to his burgeoning need. Her legs willingly wrapped about his waist with a strength that surprised him.

Holding her against him, his hands occupied, he allowed his mouth to initiate her further to his touch. Licking the undulating line of her breasts, he progressed slowly to each nipple, teasing the darkened flesh until he felt a slight tightening of skin under his fondling play, an erect nipple satiating his desire. His tongue flickered across the tip of each, causing a low-throated groan to escape her lips. Her back slightly arched offering herself to quench his hunger; tingles of memory ran along the inside of her thigh.

Lifting his head, his eyes locked upon hers for final confirmation of his unstated intention. Her tongue ran along the outline of her lips, leaving a feint moist sheen. The image of moments with her, where he had enjoyed embedding himself within, overwhelmed him.

Carrying her to the bed, she was thrown with care upon the sheets.

Infectious laughter filled the room, filtering out to the corridor beyond, a joyous noise of recognition. A light filled female caress borne on the air, buffeted by a strangely familiar yet completely alien baritone

"I think I'm going to like being in love with you" she rolled over to face her newly discovered lover.

"I will endeavor to make it so Christine" his fingers trailed down along her temple, his fingers pressed gently upon her flesh.

The end