Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. It belongs to Stephenie Meyer

Hey everyone, surprised? I bet at least some of you thought this would never happen. But it is happening; Taken is being re-posted! :) I know I said that I wanted to wait until I had ten completed chapters but after the overwhelming support and encouragement I received yesterday in the Facebook group Sheviking's Stories, I felt compelled to start posting early. Thank you, lovely ladies. :)

To those of you who have read the story from its very beginning, you will probably notice quite a few changes along the way; some chapters have been deleted completely, some scenes have been changed and new ones have been added. I hope you still like it.

To new readers: Welcome, I hope you enjoy it.

All of this would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of my beta, Melanie, who wants a Takenward of her very own. Thank you, my friend, for not letting me forget about this story and for doing such a wonderful job on all my fics.

An extra disclaimer because this time around I want to avoid BS and flames: I know that the premise of this story is incredulous, and I in no way encourage you to go out and kidnap someone to make them fall in love with you. This is just a story and in real life we would all of course root for Bella to kick Edward's ass and then escape. Again, it's just a story. A fantasy, if you will, and please keep that in mind when you read it. That is all. Enjoy!


I woke up and immediately knew something was wrong. The ceiling above me was not the same as I normally looked at when I opened my eyes in the morning.

Where am I?

My heart started beating faster and my hands went clammy as the fear set in.

Something is terribly wrong!

I sat up and noticed that that I was in a large bed with dark blue sheets that were incredibly soft and clearly not the cheap ones that I used to sleep in at home. My eyes quickly darted around the room which was large and very nicely decorated. On the wall across from the bed was a huge flat-screen TV, there were bookcases filled with books and DVDs. On the nightstand there was a vase with beautiful white roses which I could smell from where I was sitting.

What did I do last night?

I thought back. I had gone to bed at 11 after a boring night at home and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I looked down at myself and my heart went into overdrive when I saw that I was wearing a nightgown made out of silk rather than my usual cotton pajamas. Someone had changed my clothes!

Panic started to set in and I felt the tears begin to form while I grabbed the sheet to cover my scarcely clad body. Just then I heard someone clear their throat in the corner of the room. The hairs on the back of my head stood up and I felt a rush of fear as the realization hit me:

I am not alone.

Not the most pleasant way to wake up.

Don't worry; chapters will be longer as the story progresses.