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Suddenly an arm reached out and pulled him into the alleyway. He was momentarily surprised but then he quickly fell into the embrace of the woman.

" hello handsome,"

" hi."

They heard a noise an quickly pulled away.

" Hey guys what are you doing back there," Hank Yarbo called from the sidewalk.

" Oh, nothing Lacy was just...showing me where...she dropped her...bracelet she was wondering if I could look for it in my spare time,"

" That's sure nice of you Davis taking the time to do that for her," Hank replied. " Well, I better get going stuff to do you know." Then he went on his merry way kicking his stone across the sidewalk.

" Lacy, that was close he almost saw us," Davis said, turning back to Lacy after Hank was out of sight.

" I know, you made up a pretty good excuse on the spot though," Lacy replied.

" Yeah, it was pretty good," Davis then pecked Lacy on the lips. " I better go Karen's probably wondering where I am."

" Yeah, she probably needs help busting that drug raid." Lacy said with a laugh.

" Hey, I do serious work here."

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