Disclaimer: I do not and will probably never own digimon, much to my dismay. Okay so this is a request, kinda(it's hard to explain for those who don't know). I hope you enjoy it but it presents mature content and adult humor. Try and act responsibly after reading. Any insinuations within the fic probably aren't okay for you to go do; this was done by weird minds controlling weak, defenseless chibi's so don't copy. It contains Yaoi, lemon and in general it's just a little perverted mix of a lot of stuff. So if you don't want that then don't read, but I know you want to read ;)

Taiki skipped a rock across a pond, watching it dance beautifully as it bounced all the way to the other side of the little pond. As he went to pick up another one the sun disappeared. He looked upwards and saw Yuu standing over him. "Yuu!" Taiki shouted leaping up in shock he fell backwards into the pond. "You don't want to get wet. Yet." Yuu said as he grasped Taiki's hand and pulled him up before he touched the water. Taiki nodded and smiled "Thank you, Yuu" he said with a smile "Why are you here?" Taiki demanded as he found his footing. Yuu simply smiled a devious smile before he spoke next. "I'm here for you..." he said slowly. Taiki raised an eyebrow and withdrew his Xros Loader "Oh no no, we don't need that now, do we?" Yuu said as he grabbed the Xros Loader and threw it into the pond, shocking Taiki who turned to see Yuu throw his own in. "Okay, what's going on?" Taiki asked, bewildered.

"I've decided, that it's time I play with something new, and you look fun" Yuu said, Taiki looked even more confused and backed off slightly more.

"Yuu, you need to speak to Nene before we talk any more, she will be amazed to see you" Taiki said, trying to create distance between himself and Yuu. Yuu shook his head and pressed his fingers to his lips "shhh" he whispered as he walked towards Taiki, his eyes slightly wild and ravenous. Taiki stepped backwards until he was up against a tree. Yuu grinned and moved quickly, leaping through the air, he landed in front of Taiki and moved his hand to grab hold of Taiki; he aimed low, about waist height. Taiki jumped into the air and rolled as he hit the ground, backing up against another tree he felt a twig snap under his foot. There was grass everywhere apart from the pond edge and the sky was beautiful and blue. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it must have been midday because suddenly Taiki felt very hot and flushed.

"Oh, are we playing tag now, that's a fun game!" Yuu laughed maniacally as he leapt for Taiki, making him roll to one side in terror. "Hey Taiki, you are running out of trees" Yuu whispered in Taiki's ear, as he maneuvered behind a terrified Taiki. Taiki went to move but he felt something stopping him. He looked down at his groin and saw that a hand was obstructing it, and it wasn't his. "Yuu..." Taiki began, but as he spoke his voice got higher and higher as Yuu grinned sadistically. Taiki eventually bit Yuu's arm and began to run. Yuu smiled and opened his mouth wide as he spoke, louder this time "You like it like that, huh?" he called. Taiki felt the breath leaving his lungs as he ran with all his might. He didn't usually feel this tired.

There was the sound of a whip cracking and the next time it cracked it hit Taiki, Yuu was on the other end "Taiki, why do you keep running?" Yuu asked, Taiki turned, his eyes crazed and terrified and turned back to run but as he did there was the sound of a whip crack and he felt it wrap around his feet tightly and then his face hit the ground. Everything went black for a minute but he felt Yuu pulling him through the twigs and grass until his eyes opened again and he saw Yuu pouring something down his throat. Taiki moved to spit it out but Yuu grasped his nose and held on tightly until Taiki swallowed all of it. "Good boy, I think round one goes to me, what game should we play now, Digimon still seems boring" Yuu asked as he stroked Taiki's hair, ruffling it softly with his young, tender hands. Taiki flinched angrily but Yuu simply ignored it and kept on stroking. After awhile Yuu tied Taiki up as he realised what he had poured down Taiki's throat wouldn't last much longer.

Eventually Yuu spoke "I think we should now play a game I like to call cat and mouse, I'll be the cat and you can be the mouse, you get a head start, but I'm not untying you" Yuu said as he grinned. He stood up and patted Taiki on the cheek after stroking him one final time and started counting aloud, backwards from sixty. Taiki panicked and began to wriggle as quick as he could, quickly undoing his arms as Yuu announced "thirty seconds to go", Taiki pulled at his feet with all his might until he finally managed to snap the restraints "oooh, only fifteen seconds to go" Yuu said with a sadistic grin. Taiki got up and ran with all his might, his breathing was heavy and jagged and he constantly looked behind him as he heard the vocal clock slowly decrease. "Three...two...one...time for me to come nibble" Yuu said with a loud laugh.

Taiki panicked and began to run harder and faster than he had before but as he did he felt a lump of something hit his head "Cheese!" Taiki shouted angrily "So you are over there, and by the way, it's Edam" Yuu shouted with a bone-chilling laugh. Taiki grasped his mouth as a lump of Cheddar hit him and made his hearing in his right ear go fizzy. As he continued to run he eventually felt the dreaded blue cheese hit him, it winded him as it hit his back, leaving him even more breathless as he ran, as he saw a clearing ahead he grinned but as he stepped a foot into it he frowned. All around him were millions of Justin Beaver dolls; the disgustingly annoying animal was in a sexual position and was blown up to bursting, with the eyes painting on as if it were in orgasm. It was like a giant orgy that was swallowing Taiki alive; as he slowly began to sink as if it were quicksand he took a deep breath. His head went under, he held up his hand and called for help but as he did, he felt a gentle nibbling on his hand and everything went black, again.

He awoke with the dolls still all around him but he was actually on the ground. He panicked and went to move but his body didn't respond "I'm bored of chasing, I think it's time to play Pork the Pig" Yuu said as he removed his dungarees slowly and then pulled off his shirt, button by button, it was still attached as he reached down and removed Taiki's own clothing, until both were wearing nothing but their undergarments. Taiki's had little pictures of frogs on them while Yuu's had a small cartoon of a smiley face getting shot in the head and then dying slowly and painfully until at the end a man came and danced on top of it, making it into compost for his hydrangeas.

"Taiki, do you like playing games with me?" Yuu said, breathlessly as he breathed softly on Taiki's toned chest. Despite the fact they were both still young they both were toned and had small muscles. Taiki's muscles retracted as the cool air touched them but Taiki's arms and legs wouldn't respond at all. "Why can't I move?" Taiki asked angrily.

"Oh, that, I just used some muscle relaxant" Yuu explained calmly, he paused and placed his head onto Taiki's hardened belly. Taiki's eyes moved wildly as Yuu looked at him "Now, answer my question" Yuu demanded. Taiki looked at him confused but felt teeth dig into his navel as Yuu got angry. Taiki gasped in pain "What question?" he asked breathing deeply. "I said, do you like playing games... with me?" Yuu asked slowly, looking Taiki in the eyes, when he didn't respond straight away Yuu bit him again, Taiki gasped and opened his mouth, contorted his face in pain "No!" Taiki exclaimed. Yuu raised his head and his eyes were filled with malice. "Well then, I think it's time I show you what you are missing" Yuu said as he tore off Taiki's pants and placed his hand on the limp member that was before him and went to work crazily. Taiki was terrified, even more so when he felt himself slowly becoming erect.

Taiki gasped as he neared climax and Yuu stopped with a malicious grin, he took off his own pants slowly and looked at Taiki with a grin as his throbbing member wiggled up and down in the cool, clean, crisp air. Taiki gasped as Yuu made his way back down to the floor and moved towards Taiki, with that, that thing!

Taiki gasped "No!" he exclaimed, terrified

"You shouldn't have lied, now it's time for me to have all the fun, since you won't agree that you haven't been having any" Yuu said, his face determined and angry. Taiki tried to struggle but all that happened was his head rolled from side to side and his middle rippled in an attempt to move the rest of him. Yuu grabbed his throbbing member and pushed it, firmly and sharply, Taiki screamed in pain "My fruit, my cherry!" Taiki shouted, terrified and saddened. Yuu laughed

"There is a first time for everything!" he squealed with delight as he slowly began to rock his hips back and forth, tapping Taiki's hips gently as he did so. Taiki moved his head frantically but after ten minutes and a slow increase in speed he lay back and accepted his fate. His eyes wide in disbelief as he felt the gentle rocking of those smooth, young hips pounding against his buttocks softly as Yuu worked his magic.

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