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Yuu gasped as he neared climax, he moved faster and faster, making Taiki grunt in anger and in pain. Eventually it was all over, but Taiki was still unbelievably hard, so Yuu grinned with delight as he flicked the object in front of him back and forth, making Taiki's eyes fly all over in fear, anger, desperation and orgasm. Yuu realised that he had the upper hand so he took advantage. He licked the tip, making Taiki bite his lip, "Taiki, do you want to finish the game, 'cos you've beat the boss" Yuu said with a grin. Taiki gasped and didn't answer so Yuu bit his navel again, this time he did it more playfully but it still hurt. "Ermm" Taiki began. Yuu replied by nibbling on his navel and flicking his throbbing member. "Yes!" Taiki exclaimed finally. Yuu grinned and opened his mouth wide, Taiki realised what was about to happen and regretted his decision immediately.

Yuu sucked hard, several times until Taiki moaned in orgasm. Yuu lifted his head and licked his lips. "I'll be back shortly, I need to go play another game" Yuu said as he grabbed his pants, dungarees and shirt and redressed himself and left. Leaving Taiki naked, alone and vulnerable in the middle of the woods "I'm going to get that little brat" Taiki said angrily as he tried to move his body, as he did he felt some feeling returning in his fingers. It wouldn't be long now.

Yuu wandered off to see Darkknightmon. It took him about five minutes to get there "Hey" Yuu said. His face was still red in happiness and exhaustion
"Where have you been?" Darkknightmon asked curiously and with a frown
"Just out and about" Yuu replied simply as he walked over to the kettle and poured a cup of tea for himself. Darkknightmon sighed, he knew giving Yuu that kettle would be a bad idea; he was so active now that Darkknightmon could barely keep up. "Well in future I wanna know where you are" Darkknightmon said angrily.
Yuu nodded slowly as he sipped his cup of tea "Yeah, sure. Whatever." Yuu said as he slowly began to drink the entire mug, seemingly without even feeling an ounce of pain "Does that not hurt?" Darkknightmon asked curiously.
"It's a game, the worst that'll happen is that I need to use one of my extra lives" Yuu explained with his scorched tongue.

Darkknightmon nodded but he suddenly moved as a dart flew through the air, it hit him and his body went limp, he hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, the only thing still working was his eyes. Taiki leapt down and looked around for Yuu's body on the floor but saw Darkknightmon instead, he looked up to see Yuu who raised an eyebrow "It's time for the sequel; the Taiki strikes back" Taiki said as he leapt through the air and struck Yuu with his fist. Yuu shrugged it off easily as he hit the ground, taking Taiki with him. They rolled around as Taiki tried to strike him again and Yuu resisted.

"So you came back for round two?" Yuu asked with a cruel grin, Taiki raised an eyebrow
"Oh, this time you'll be the one doing the running" Taiki replied as he smacked Yuu with his own hands and leapt to his feet. He stamped on Yuu's chest roughly, winding him. Yuu rolled onto his side and coughed blood "Is this still a game?" he asked, teary eyed as Taiki kicked him in the head. "Yeah, but this time it's your turn to fight the boss!" Taiki exclaimed angrily as he struck Yuu with his foot into Yuu's ribcage. Yuu gasped for air and held up his hand in surrender "Oh there is no surrendering, I didn't get to and neither will you!" Taiki said, grabbing Yuu and throwing him through the air as he shouted Yuu. Yuu gasped in agony as he struck the ground. Darkknightmon moved his eyes frantically in the hopes it would help, but Taiki didn't even notice.

Taiki walked over menacingly and bent down looked at Yuu "What're you going to do to me?" Yuu asked, terrified.
"You know, the only reason you aren't dead is because you are related to Nene. So it turns out instead of killing you I'll just have to return the favor" Taiki said with his teeth clenched. It was then Yuu noticed that Taiki had only put his trousers back on, Taiki's body was admirable as sweat from the fighting dripped down it and bloodstains from Yuu were pattered all over. "What are you going to do to me?" Yuu said, this time suggestively and with a smile. "You'll see" Taiki replied with anger in his voice and in his eyes as he stamped roughly on both of Yuu's legs. There was a crack and they were broken, he moved to Yuu's arms, Yuu tried to struggle, even wriggling away but Taiki walked slowly behind him, watching the fear with a menacing grin. He eventually reached down and snapped Yuu's arms one by one, leaving Yuu entirely paralyzed and unable to escape. "My turn" Taiki said as he pulled off his trousers, he revealed the intense heat that his groin had been emitting as his throbbing member burst out. Yuu gasped as he saw Taiki tear off his clothes, it was so different when it was the other way around. "I'm not sure I want to play anymore, I want to quit, go back to menu!" Yuu shouted as his boxer shorts were torn off and thrown to one side. "Oh, I'm sorry; I'm using cheats" Taiki said with a grin.
"Cheating is naughty, it's not allowed!" Yuu exclaimed
"Well then, I'm a very naughty boy" Taiki replied as he spun Yuu over onto his front, Yuu turned his head and looked back at Taiki who simply smiled.

Darkknightmon tried to speak but everything, including his mouth wouldn't move, all he could do was watch something that he never wanted to see. Yuu was going to be violated. He thought it might happen, but not like this, not like this.

"I'm just going to lead you into this; after all I'm a better general than you, Yuu." Taiki said as he bent down and pressed his body against Yuu's. Their soft, young flesh touched, it was a warm feeling for both of them, but not one of love, or happiness. There was no positive emotions left between them and yet, Taiki hadn't killed Yuu. "Why don't you just kill me!" Yuu exclaimed, terrified as Taiki prepared to go inside. "Because, we need to teach you this isn't a game, and I've finally figured it out, there is no way I can do that without putting you through this, as I went through it" Taiki said, his voice was sincere, but it only just masked the anger, malice and need for vengeance that was hidden underneath. "Please..." Yuu protested
"You can't ask the game to stop playing, no matter how nice you are" Taiki whispered in his ear as he thrust, sharp and hard. Yuu gasped
"I think that I've lost the game, haven't I?" Yuu asked as Taiki began to thrust, hard and strong into Yuu, pressing his groin into Yuu's soft, supple buttocks.

"You haven't lost, you've simply entered the real world again" Taiki explained as he thrust again, this time using all his force, causing Yuu to grunt in the utmost pain, but also with an orgasmic undertone to his next grunt as Taiki continued, moving faster now. Yuu turned his head back to the ground and used the tips of his fingers and his teeth to bite the grass as the pain and orgasm ricocheted through his body, reverberating on and around his groin, furthering his enjoyment of the experience. "Taiki?" Yuu asked, Taiki kept going, breathing heavily. "Hey, Taiki?" Yuu asked again, this time louder.
"Yeah?" Taiki asked as he slowed down slightly
"Let's not tell Nene" Yuu said as he moaned in elation, Taiki grinned as he realised he had found Yuu's most sensitive spot. He touched it gingerly, making Yuu's body and face contort, before starting to pound again, leaving Yuu with the side of his face on the ground as he opened his mouth in orgasm.

It was around an hour later that Taiki finished "Are you going?" Yuu asked as Taiki grabbed his pants and pulled them on, dressing as if he had never been here, he still didn't have a shirt, and only had one shoe, but apart from that he was dressed. Taiki turned and nodded before starting to walk away "What about me!" Yuu called after him. "You'll be able to walk before Darkknightmon is able to move, the next move is yours" Taiki replied as he disappeared into the distance.

Taiki walked back into his camp, Nene walked out of her hut and looked him up and down "Where were you?" she asked, Taiki looked back at her and smiled "I was convincing Yuu to join us" Taiki said with a cheeky grin as he walked past her and into her hut. Nene shrugged and followed him back inside "Well I hope you saved some energy for me!" she said as she leapt onto the bed with him.

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