Hi. I'm back with another challenge. I'm still going to do more. Just deciding between two, but knowing me I'll probably go with both.. I'm addicted.

This is WishingDreamer5's Radiant Garden challenge. 50 drabbles all about Radiant Garden and it's residents! I'm very excited. Shall we get started? xP

Radiance of Time
:: number one. restoration ::

A smile slowly graced his lips. Home. He was home again. Leon kept a cool and calm attitude, but on the inside he was screaming.

It was over. It was all over.

They were home again.

But instead of blue skies, he saw grey. Instead of blooming flowers and the almost-constant smell of spring in the air, it was rubble and rust.

All these years, he pictured his return to be different. Everything would be the same… and look the same.

And she would be there.

But with a little work and effort, everything would be perfect again.

Perfect was the only word to describe it.

Leon closed his eyes, thinking back to all those years ago. Though he was only a kid back then, if only he could have realized how good he had it.

But Leon would give up everything, the blue skies and the gardens and the waterfalls for her. Everything.

But her warm smiles and gentle touches was nowhere to be found…

Looking up as the sky opened up to reveal the blue skies and sunshine, he continued to smile as if it were some kind of sign.

With a little restoration, everything would be perfect again.

But the most important thing…

"Home." Leon repeated quietly.

Aerith turned towards him, to see the usually stoic swordsman with the lightest smile. He turned his head, and she returned the smile.

She nodded. "Home."

It felt right.