*3 years later*

You must be asking where's everyone nowadays? Are all the couples still together? Well…

Elien and Liam have been dating for the past three years they have gotten really close and they just can't stay without each other for just one minute. Elien has been asking me and asking me if I could gossip a bit to see if Liam is going to propose to her any time soon. He's taking her to a restaurant next Saturday and after eating he's going to propose to her there in front of everyone.

Malaikha and Zayn are now married they are currently on their honey moon at the carabean islands. Malaikha called yesterday and it seems that they're having fun…real fun ;). Well I hope all the best of them because they are both really nice people.

Niall and Gaby have been planning their wedding for the past three months. They are going to do a masked themed wedding, where everyone comes wearing masks. We planned to go buy masks and Gaby's wedding dress as soon as Malaikha is back from the honeymoon.

Georgia and Louis are still together. Louis hasn't come around to ask her to marry him. He has been longing to ask her for a long time but he gets nervous every time. Yesterday he came and told me, "Lore, please ask her to marry me, please."

I thought this was stupid, "man up," I said to him, "go ask her, why are you doing this to yourself?"

"I…I…I don't know, she's always so pretty and beautiful and it seems a dream to me that she wants me from all people…me," he said.

"Why not? You're really good looking too! Give some credit to yourself," I said, "I know one thing, that she loves you…a lot!"

"I'll ask her tomorrow," he said, "I swear."

And as for me and Harry…well as you know we are married and we have the cutest and smartest son everyone could ever have. Matt was now three he had the same curly hair and green eyes as his father. Harry and I are more in love than ever, married life is beautiful we get to stay together most of the day. Harry is an amazing dad, he plays with Matt and puts him to sleep at night by singing to him or reading stories to him.

"Well, you're a really good mum yourself…" I heard Harry's voice from behind me.

"Heey…no peaking," I said, "and thanks."

"Okay, okay," he said, "I shall not peak at your work."

I smiled, "What are you writing there anyway?" he asked me with a hint of curiosity.

"Ah well, that's a secret…"

Hey guys this was the last chapter :) sorry for the long wait but I barely had time to write lately :/ I hope you enjoyed the story :) and a BIG thank you for reading :D