If only we could get closer... closer... closer...

"Ring... ring..." the default ringtone on the house phone ruined the moment and filled it with only an awkward atmosphere.

I headed over to the phone, blushing a deep scarlet as I thought of what could have happened if it never rang. "Hello?"

"Freddie!" mom yelled. "You forgot your antibacterial shampoo and toothpaste!"

So that's what it was all about? I sighed heavily. "I'll erm... collect it when I pass by Bushwell Plaza tomorrow, okay?"

"No! You need to get your daily shampoo," mom emphasized. "I'm already outside the door. Open up!"

"What?" I peeped through the blinds which had been pulled down to block out the glares of intrusion of the police officers outside our home. Indeed, mom was there, waving at me over-enthusiastically. I sighed for the second time since the phone call and opened the door reluctantly.

Sam did not seem interested in what was happening, but instead, continued with her packing.

"Here's your antibacterial shampoo..." she shoved items into my arms. "... and season four of Girly Cow."

"But mom..." I whined. "I thought you were only bringing the shampoo and toothpaste."

"You're moving out of our apartment and into a demon's den!" she exclaimed, which Sam reacted to with a death glare. "So, I thought you'll need some of your old stuff to keep you accompany while you're in a foreign environment."

Foreign environment? "I'll be fine, mom. Thanks."

A few hours later, mom finally left the apartment. She offered to help unpack our stuff and sanitize our rooms (I mean, what could I have expected?) which we declined, but she strongly insisted. After which, when we convinced her that we would be fine on our own, she left.

The sun had set about three hours ago. There was a tense silence which enveloped us. My heart was thumping as my mind returned to the previous scene when Sam and I almost... kissed...

"I'll be off to bed now," I hoped that she had put that incident to the back of her mind.

"Wait!" I expected her to say something about what happened just now, but she didn't. "Where will I sleep?"

"Err..." I sighed, half-relieved at the fact that she didn't bring up anything and half-troubled because I hadn't even thought of that question at all. "Let's see... I'm taking the bedroom... there's a guestroom but it's not fully furnished yet... and then, there's the couch..."

She eyed me suspiciously, before looking away immediately when I caught her gaze. She interrupted my train of thoughts. "I'll take the couch then."

Somehow, I didn't feel so good about her sleeping on the couch. I mean, if word gets out that I let a lady sleep on the couch, not that Sam was much of a lady, things could get ugly.

"Wait!" I stopped her as she headed over to the couch. Her head tipped toward me, but her eyes were fixed on the couch, as though she was trying to avoid my gaze. "I'll take the couch. You can... have the bedroom."

"You sure?" her eyes lifted from the cushions on the couch and landed on mine.

"Yeah," I replied, heading over to the couch and picking up the pillow from her hands, sending a soft smile towards her. "Good night."

Still hesitant, she walked up the stairs slowly, glancing back almost every second to check if I was kidding. But when she neared the top of the stairs and realised that I was serious, she turned away and never looked back.

Sam was silent, seeming to be in deep thinking.

"Sam?" I called, checking some stuff out. "Are you okay?"

"What?" I finally caught her attention as her gaze returned to her usual bored expression. "Oh, I was just thinking about something."

"You and Melanie went to check out the crime scene this morning, right?" I asked. "How was it? Did you find out anything?"

She frowned. "I was just thinking about it. Since the interns and trainees weren't informed about my case, they just let me in."

"What about Melanie?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "Did they let her in?"

"Nah," she replied, sighing. "I wish she did though, we could have been more efficient."

"So, anything abnormal that you found there?" I probed, furiously typing on my laptop and scrolling through the data that had been appearing in strings on the screen.

She walked over. "Are you even listening? What are you working on, anyway?"

"Remember I told you about how I was going to get past the security system?" I tried to jolt her memory of our conversation. "I got in."

Her eyes widened in excitement. "What did you find out?"

I opened up the files that I was able to download, giving an overview on my progress so far. "Apparently, an autopsy was performed on your father's corpse."

"Autopsy?" her eyebrow cocked up to the side.

"An autopsy is an examination that is performed on the corpse to discover the cause of death and-"

"I know what an autopsy is," she placed her arms on her hips, frowning. "I was just wondering why they needed one. It was already announced that my father died of an overdose of medicine, so why would they still need to perform an autopsy?"

I rubbed my chin with my fingers. "Well, this autopsy gives us a different report. This line here says that it is highly possible that Jeremy Puckett died of a prolonged cardiac arrest."

"Well, that's natural, since an overdose of drugs can cause cardiac arrest too," she stated.

"Not if the drug was only found concentrated in one area! If the drugs were absorbed into the body, there would be traces of the drug in the bloodstream. But the only place where the drugs were detected was the arm, which was the area where they were injected," I looked towards Sam, who had a look of enlightenment on her face. "That means..."

"He died before the drug was administered!" she snapped her fingers. "But if that was the case, why did the police announce that he died due to a drug overdose?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I think that someone might be trying to hide things for their own benefit... But who?"

"Well, there's only one person in the investigation department that would laugh in my misery..." her eyes narrowed to a thin slit. "... Missy Robinson!"