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Sirius: So it's over?

Me: If I tell you it's over will you get out of my head?

Sirius: Do you really have to ask?

Me: I didn't think so.

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Sirius: Who me?

Chapter 30: Escape

You will never believe what happened. I thought this story was over, but not yet.

But I better start at the beginning or nothing will make sense.

I watched the minister do his rounds and come down the hall. What was his name? Oh yeah. Fudge. He grimaced when he looked through the bars of a cell. He paused at mine. I noticed the newspaper under his arm. If I could get it maybe I could figure out what the date was, what had happened since I've been here.

" How's Black?" Fudge asked. The guard opened his mouth to answer but I saved him the trouble

"I'm just fine thanks, and you?" A little croaky, but all in all it sounded human.

Fudge started and stared at me.

" I'm good." He stammered.

" Um, I was just wondering. If you're done with that newspaper, can I have it? I miss doing the crossword." I almost laughed when I saw his face. But you never laugh in Azkaban. It attracts the dementors.

" Oh yes of course." He handed me the paper and I mumbled a thank you.

The first thing I did was check the date. July 15, 1999. 1999? Let's see if I do the math. James was killed in 86'. That's 12 years. I've been in here 12 years. It feels like a hundred. 12 years would make Harry, 13. My own child, Cassi, She would be 12 now. How old am I? I was 19 when they threw me in here and tossed the key. 12 years I am 31. I am 31 years old. 12 years wasted.

I glanced at the paper. Some family had won a large amount of gold. The Weasly's. That's Arthur. And Molly. They were always so nice. Big family too. Seven kids. I skimmed the photo. I stopped. There. On that boy's shoulder. There was a rat. Missing a toe. Peter!

So he's alive. I thought. I read the article. The Weasly's have seven children, five of whom are currently attending Hogwarts. Hogwarts? Then it all made sense. Harry was at Hogwarts. Peter was hiding. In a perfect position to strike. If ever he heard that Voldemort was gaining power. He was waiting. Well not for long. It has consumed my soul. I have to get out now. I have to save Harry. I owe James that much. I will break out of here and I will kill that traitor. I have to.

James, forgive me for not seeing the truth. I promised you I would watch out for your son. I am going to keep that promise. Harry will be safe. That I promise you.

Tonight I will leave this place forever. And I will never look back.

The days of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are over. I will never be that young again. Nothing can bring back what Peter stole from me. My best friends, 12 years of my life, my wife and child, heck, he stole my life. Nothing can bring back my friends. But I have to save the only thing they left behind.