Chapter One : Life Purpose.

[Hang on in there , I'm sure everyone will love you like they do here. Already missing you Cassie !] I sighed and closed the text message , I received earlier. Ok , I hope this day doesn't totally suck.

New Salem wasn't really a big town , but their school was enormous and hautaine. Like boarding school in the UK. The only thing that was missing , was preppy uniforms. I grabbed my info , I got in the mail a couple of days earlier. Locker 523 , yeah where is 523. I had no idea I was talking out loud , until a male voice answered

'It's in corridor B , at the end.'

I turned around and saw a very muscled boy standing behind me.

' Thanks , I'm cassie.'

He seemed a little bit cold and distant and said in a cold tone which I was expecting by looking at him.

' I'm nick.' and walked away.

Well isn't he a friendly type. I took his advice and found my locker. These hallways were so long and yet very crowded. How many people are going to this school , anyways. It's like there is no school in an 20 km radius except this one.

I managed to get through the first 4 periods without any bad encounters , but had this strange feeling everyone was avoiding me and deliberately staring at me. I'm sure I was imagining things , there were hundreds of people going to this school. Why should I be so special? I am not . Get over yourself Cassie!

Ha! Lunchtime , I was so starving. On my way out , I accidentally bumped into a girl.

' Oh god , I'm so so sorry!'

' It's nothing , Hi I'm Sally' The girl was kind of small and skinny , had nice facial features.

She seemed also really genuine and nice and open. The opposite of Nick , who seemed so cold and closed.

'I'm Cassie , I'm new here.'

' Yeah I figured , I'm the Class president , so I know these things. Would you like to have lunch with me and my boyfriend Jeffrey , I will tell you everything you need to know about everyone. I'm sorry if everyone seems so distant , but we don't do well with strangers.'

So that explained the behavior of Nick and every one else for that matter.

'Oh I haven't noticed yet' I lied. 'But I would love to have lunch with you guys.'

On the way to their usual table , she explained all I needed to know about which courses are really fun and which are extremely boring , and which teachers are your regular pain in the ass. I was really relieved to have someone like Sally on my first day of school. I didn't feel like an outcast , at all.

When I got down on my seat , I noticed a separate room , with a dozen of kids. It was totally from glass , so everyone could see what they were doing , but it kind of reminded me of a VIP room.

'Who are they and why are they sitting in a separate room?' I asked.

'Well finaly , you asked something about them.'

' Them? , What are they , like royals of the school or something?'

'Yeah something like that.'

'You guys don't really like them , do you?'

I knew it from the moment I asked about the room. Her mood had changed instantly. All of a sudden , happy sally changed in Mr Grumpy Pants.

' We'll no , not ready. As you can tell obviously. It's like they are this very elite club , nobody can enter, only if you live in their street. They don't care about the rest , don't care about the rules. Basicly , they can get away with anything. There are 11 of them , and hundreds of us. But they make us feel like we are the outsiders of the school and not them.'

Wow , she must really hate them , they seem like douchebags.

'Well I don't care for them , I think you two are very nice and I don't need to be in their elite club. And by the way , where is this Royal street ? So that I can avoid their poisonous street' I joked.

Jeffrey and Sally laughed with the lack of humour , I possessed.

' Uhm , Crowhaven Road' I nearly choked when she mentioned the street , Crowhaven road was my street. Fucking Hell. Would she see me differently when she knew my house was there too.

' So where do you live by the way?' she asked.

' Uhm , just on the mainland , nothing special' Ah shit , I lied. Well soon she would know the truth , but not today. I really need her as a friend and her very quiet boyfriend as a friend. After the first signal , I hurried to Math.

Can't be late , can't be late , can't be late . I thought to myself as I ran into the class. Shit I was too late.

' So miss?'

' Blake , Cassie Blake'.

' Well miss Blake , already too late for your first class , don't make a habit out of it please! Sit down.' I felt the blood rush to my face as I walked to the back of the class. I took an empty seat and began to scribble on my notes. When the door opened again , I saw another one who was a little tardy.

'Good afternoon , Mr Conant. Take your seat. Thanks'

OMG why was this teacher so polite , he came 5 minutes later in after I got yelled at. Soon it hit me , this was one of the eleven. One of the elite club , one who didn't care for the rules.

'So people , welcome to a new year of fabulous math. I will announce your homework partners for the rest of the year. You do not change your partner , you will work together. Capiche!'

Oh no , homework partners, well it couldn't be all bad. I was good at math , so this class would be a piece of cake for me.

' Blake with Conant' I heard the teacher say. Conant , wasn't he the boy who came in later? Yeah that was he. I dared to look at my left side where he was seated and nodded shyly. He could be a douchebag , one hell of a handsome douchebag. When he smiled back at me , I swear , I could have fainted in math class.

' Ok people , switch places and get to know your Mathpartner.' Before I could get up , I noticed the boy walking towards my bench.

'Hi , I'm adam , you must be new here.'

' Hi , I'm cassie'. And then the weirdest thing happened. When he touched my hand , I saw this silver cord. It intertwined both our hands . As fast as the cord came , the cord disappeared. But I felt changed , like I found my purpose or something.

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