Don't you wanna stay. . .


Dean stood outside watching, waiting, she was perfect in every way. He'd first seen her 2 weeks ago, the smell of her blood had driven him half mad with desire, forcing him to leave the diner where she worked least he lose control and drain her in front of the other humans. Since then he'd found every excuse he could to go to the diner hoping that he could figure out why her scent was so intoxicating to him. He never intended to follow her home, but when she was leaving the diner she'd brushed past him and he almost lost his mind. She'd accidentally cut her finger earlier and the delectable scent all but screamed out to him.

'Just a taste,' he thought to himself, just a little taste. He watched as she moved around her bedroom wrapped in a towel, her hair still damp from her bath. Her eyelids drooped wearily, she looked tired. He knew she'd been working double shifts all week to help pay her mother's hospital bills, he knew her mother was her only family and was currently in a coma after being hit by a semi at a stop light. He watched as she searched through her drawers to find something to wear, settling on a large oversized t-shirt. She slid it over her head as she dropped the towel, unknowingly denying him a glimpse of her nude form as the material slithered down, following the towel. She switched off the light before practically falling into bed. She didn't bother with the covers, falling asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

He took a step closer to the window, willing it to open. He watched as she shivered, unconsciously burrowing further into the bed as the cool wind whipped about the room. He glided easily into the room and stood by the bed, watching her, her arms curled around the pillow under her head as she lay on her stomach. He slowly turned her over so she was lying on her back, her arms stretched over her head as she inhaled deeply, murmuring incoherently in her sleep. He drew his gaze to her legs, long, and tan, with the long white shirt riding up her thighs, stopping just shy of her warm center. He watched her, mesmerized for a second before remembering why he'd come here in the first place. He looked at her hands, her thumb still an angry red where she'd cut it earlier. He leaned down and licked it softly, almost moaning aloud as he got the faintest taste of her blood. He sucked a little harder hoping for a stronger taste but the wound wasn't deep enough, it had already begun to heal, he was going to have to make a new one if he was going to satisfy his craving for her blood.

Marie moaned softly as something soft, wet and warm slid over her neck, she arched her neck unconsciously granting him better access. He lapped at the delicate column of skin, unable to stop his hands as they slid down her body to find the hem of the t-shirt. He leaned up and pulled the obstructing material up her body, exposing her fully to his probing eyes, dilated and dark with desire. He slid over her, straddling her creamy thighs with his, still encased in his jeans. He was about to remove his clothes when she stirred under him, moving slightly. His nostrils flared as a new scent assaulted his nostrils, it was arousal mixed with something else, something he hadn't smelt in ages. He leaned down and pried her legs apart gently, parting the warm lips hiding her most secret place from him. He almost gasped aloud when he realised she was a virgin. He grinned to himself, this certainly changed things, she was untouched, he could mould her teach her, make her truly his own.

He was going to take it slow, let her have a small taste of what he could give her before putting the plan that was already formulating in his head in motion. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the mouth, covering her petite body with his large frame. He slowly kissed his way down her neck as he massaged one full, firm breast, loving the way she arched towards him. Her lips parted as her breathing quickened. Marie gasped as she felt something hard slide between her legs, rubbing gently over her nub. She felt a warm weight on top of her and slowly opened her eyes. Dean almost panicked when he realised she was waking up, her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him with bleary eyes.

"What's going on?" she asked in a groggy voice, thick with sleep.

"You're having a dream." he whispered in her ear as he leaned down over her.

"A dream?" she questioned sleepily.

"Yes sweetheart, it's all a dream, just relax." he whispered as he kissed the side of her neck eliciting a soft groan from her. She fell silent as he worked his way down to her chest, the silence broken only by her ragged breathing as he settled a hand between her legs again, gently carressing her with his skilled fingers.

"Mmmm," she moaned as she felt his hot mouth wrap around her nipple, sucking and tugging at the sensitive flesh. Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, he leaned down claimed her lips in a heated kiss as he slipped a finger into her, moaning loudly in her mouth as her tightness pulled and squeezed his finger, his thumb pressing harder on her engorged nub. He couldn't wait to feel her wet heat wrapped around him. His moan mingled with hers as she arched into his hand, squeezing her eyes shut as she felt something building in the pit of her stomach, the pressure was becoming intense and she was quite sure she was going insane.

"No, don't close your eyes, stay with me." he whispered in her ear, desperate to see the look in her eyes when she flew over that glorious edge he was pushing her towards. He moaned as he felt one of her legs move further up to press against the sizable bulge in his jeans as she ground into his hand, eagerly seeking that plateau of pleasure she was rapidly approaching. He rocked his hips involuntarily, groaning loudly at the jolt of pleasure that emanated from the simple act of grinding against her.

"Oh my God." she gasped as she felt something spark deep inside her as she was engulfed by a wave of pleasure.

"That's it baby, let go for me." he whispered, gazing into her honey coloured eyes as he sank his fingers into her, grinding himself against her leg. He pumped his fingers faster, curling them inside of her. He grinned when she threw her head back and practically screamed, arching into him as she flew over the edge, engulfed in the intense pleasure he was giving her. He couldn't help himself, her slender neck was right there, stretched out tantalizingly in front of him as she writhed deliciously on the bed under him, her naked body pressed against his fully clothed one. He leaned down and sank his fangs into the side of her neck, moaning with pleasure at the delicious taste that filled his mouth.

Marie's eyes widened in surprise as she felt his fangs sink into her, her body convulsed under his as he pushed her high into overdrive, she felt like he was drawing the blood from much lower and she was loving every second of it. He moaned loudly as he feasted on her blood. He groaned softly when he felt himself fly over the edge, peaking hard in his pants for the first time in centuries. He wasn't surprised, she had him so turned on with her breathless cries and her beautiful body moving under him, arching and writhing, orgasming by just rubbing against her had almost been guaranteed. He heard her whimper softly and forced himself to stop, she tasted so good it was sheer torture to pull his fangs out of her soft skin. He ran his tongue over the small punctures he'd made, lapping up the little rivulets of blood.

"Amazing dream." she murmured as her eyelids began to droop. He smiled as he pulled the covers around her.

"Mmm...stay?" she murmured, blinking up at him.

"With you, always," he answered softly, surprising himself, what the hell was he doing? This wasn't part of the plan but when she smiled at him as he wrapped his arms around her, all hesitancy evaporated. She lay her head on his chest, drifting off to sleep again as he stroked her long dark hair. He smiled as he looked down at her, he couldn't wait until she was truly his.


So this was a co-write with Deangurl4life. She came up with the idea, and we fleshed it out and polished it. I tried to convince her to post it since the idea was hers but she insisted that I put it up, anyways, majority of the credit goes to her and we hope you like the product of our dirty little minds :)