Goodbye George Stobbart

Chapter 1

The demon loomed over George and lifted his almighty hand ready to crush the tiny American. George suddenly realised he had nothing left. He was stuck! Nico couldn't help him and there seemed to be no way out. This was it! As the fist descended, everything seemed to slow down around him.

He suddenly remembered being 4 years old looking for slugs. Then he was 6 messing around with a magnifying glass. Then he was 14 listening to rock music on his first record. Then 19 at law school. Then he remembered going to Paris, Meeting Nico, Fighting the Neotemplars, Bannockburn. Then stopping Tezcatlipoca from returning.

Meeting the Neotemplars again (By then "The Order of the Dragon"), Becoming a knight, beating the grandmaster (again). Then he remembered Anna-Maria and the Mafia, finding out she was a NUN! Meeting Nico (again), saving her (again), Anna-Maria sacrificing herself, and Him moving in with Nico.

"And then this is how it ends" thought George as the fist came down towards him…