Titled: Sick

Author: 6fortius9


"Nee-chan, it's time to take your medicine." Kagamine Len said gently, a smile playing on his lips as he gently knocked on the door of his beloved older sister, juggling a tray which held the multiple bottles of pills which would make any one grimace.

The younger of the Kagamine twins had come far from what he was three years ago when they first joined in the Vocaloid. While his messy blonde hair still remained…well, messy, it had grown down to his mid-back now. A dull green rubber band held his hair together into a bunch. Sapphire blue eyes still twinkled with the mischievous glint that both Kagamines seemed to hold but now also withheld a hint of intelligence and wisdom. The childish rounded face he once had matured into a sharper, longer face over puberty, and his smile was of course, one which all fans would kill for. Dressed in the typical Kagamine yellow and black sailor uniform, matched with a long pair of trousers, he seemed much smarter than he was ages ago.

This was one of those days where Rin got sick. She had always been prone to getting colds, even when they were young, so it was not uncommon, especially since it was now the winter season. The other vocaloids had been called to a last minute meeting with the directors and it would be some time (after some quick mental calculations, he estimated it to be several days, not including the time which they would be forced to have live performance at some places, be held up by Kaito's ice cream fetish and the other ocaloid's strange preferences for food, and finally fans) before they got back.

Len strolled casually into his sister's room, not bothering to wait for an answer, and settled himself calmly down on the armchair which was so conveniently placed beside her bed, tray placed on her small desk. With a soft sigh, he gracefully placed his chin on his carefully laced fingers, observing his sister with the eye of a hawk.

At the ripe age of seventeen, Kagamine Rin has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Her features were as delicate and soft as Miku Hatsune, the star of the Vocaloid company herself, despite being younger and smaller in size. Her previously short hair has grown longer and now flowed down her small body like silk, reaching her hips easily and framing her small face. Her body still remained as petite as ever despite developing her fair share of womanly curves, and could still be mistaken for a kid. Sapphire blue eyes, so similar to Len, were closed shut, oblivious to the world as she breathed with visible effort, white vapours appearing in the air while sweat coated her forehead.

Len felt like a lecherous pervert (and pedophile, though Rin clearly isn't a kid) as his eyes trailed over Rin's features and took in every hair before he could stop them from doing so, looking away as if he had been caught red-handed, stealing a cookie from the jar.

The younger twin chewed his lips painfully in shame as his fingers laced themselves into his hair, attempting to block his view of his older sister. It was wrong, he knew, looking at her in such a sense.

Len had recognized his feelings a long, long time ago, even before they had been accepted into the Vocaloid Company. In the beginning, he had just a small suspicion of it before he finally got a small hint of warning from Gakupo and tried to stop his feelings from going out of control. But the heart can't be controlled and once you developed feelings for someone, that was it. It was either confess or wait till that someone met her fated person and get your heart crushed.

He hated his feelings for Rin. Rin loved him as her brother, not as a man. There was no way his feelings would be returned. Besides, relationships between siblings or members of the same family with blood connection were frowned upon, and they were stars, for god sake. Should there be even one mistake – just one simple mistake – and all will be over. The reputation they worked so hard for, their lives.

Yet despite what his mind told him, his slowly hardening erection clearly spoke of another. Len closed his eyes in pain as he breathed, trying to take his mind off thoughts about Rin, yet every single god damned thing spoke of Rin. His hands clenched as they tried to resist the temptation of reaching down to rub at his crotch for relieve. A short simple glance at Rin's small frame and he stood up with a start, walking briskly out of the room for the sake of his practiced self-control which for once, was just seconds from snapping.

The sounds of his belt unclasping and his heavy breathing was all that was heard as he settled himself down in the sofa which was placed in his room. His fingers twitched as they finally heeded the temptation and reached out for his length. With practiced motions, they slid up and down his length and milked him for all he was worth. Len let out grunts as he closed his eyes with a shut, leaning back and half on the arm of the sofa.

He knew he would regret doing this later. It always made him feel so dirty after masturbating, but he knew it was necessary. His teeth clenched as images of his innocent sister flew up into his mind.

His own sister. So small. So adorable. So pure. And so vulnerable and oblivious to his obvious pent up lust directed at her.

If only she would catch signs of these things happening and hurry up and just break his heart already. If only she would just stop all his hopes from driving further. If only…If only…There are so many possible things he could think to push the blame away from himself, yet he knew the truth. If only he could bring up his courage and confess already.

With a sound of longing, Len let his pent up frustrations escape.


Author's Notes: I know you guys hate me for not continuing, but if you really do think it's so easy, please write a PM to me suggesting how to continue specifically. I reread my own story and decided that my writing style half a year ago is just utterly lame and boing. Too short, to be specific, and I can't feel any emotions flowing from it. In total, I manage to extent the sotry by 500 words. I hope this is better. Currently, I am trying to think of a way to continue this story just so I could satisfy you guys. Offers to help and reviews, as well as ideas are greatly appreciated. That's all for now. And GIVE ME AN IDEA if you really want this story to continue.