Titled: Sick

Author: 6fortius9


Winter was forever the bane of his existence, Len thought grimly as he cleaned himself after his wrecking orgasm.

It was the season where Rin usually becomes most sick, usually ending up bedridden for days on end without a single waking day. In other words, it also means that she would be most vulnerable during this season, oblivious to all dangers surrounding her, including Len himself. It would not have been a problem should he be able to stay far away from her, but this was also when concerts are the most often, so the duty of caring for Rin still falls to him when the others are too busy.

He sighed duly as he zipped up his pants.

If only he never had these feelings…There would not have been any trouble in the first place.

Slithering out of his room, his eyes widened in slight shock when he was met with his panting, weak, pale faced sister leaning against the hallway for support.

Noticing his presence, Rin limply lifted her head to look at him with exhausted, yet still bright sparkling sapphire eyes. Vapors evaporated into the air as she panted heavily, delicate hands still pressed against the wall. A thick sleeping dress hugged her figure lightly, but still emphasized her frail limbs. Rin was deadly pale, but still beautiful to Len nonetheless.

Her lips curved up in a heartening bright smile.

"Len…!" She cried with relief as she fell forward.

The teenage male caught his sister with strong hands, picking her up with ease and cradled her hesitantly, noting that she was lighter than the last time he carried her.

"Rin, you haven't been eating the meals I made you, have you? I'm assuming you fed it to the animals from your window again." He reproached her.

She chuckled sheepishly, tingles echoing in the air.

"Gomen…Your cooking is nice, but I don't have much of an appetite. It's that season, you know?" She grinned, sinking deeper into his embrace.

He frowned but shook his head, ignoring the way Rin's figure fitted into his perfectly.

"It's because it's this season that you have to eat. Your health is at its weakest during this period. Eating will help you heal faster, at least." He lectured.

"Don't be such a stiff, Len."

"It's because I have a sister that requires me to be like that, isn't it?" He gingerly placed her on her bed, pulling the blanket over her. "You ate your medicine, right?"

Rin settled without complaints, smiling dazedly at him. That was answer enough for Len as he ruffled his sister's head fondly. Though she was the older one, he always tends to act more mature and more considerate for her because of her health. Maybe that was the reason he fell for her.

"Stay there, don't fall asleep, I'll go make you some chicken soup." He ordered.

Rin stared as her brother walked elegantly in dance-like steps to the door, reaching for its knob.

"Len?" He paused when she called calmly.

"…Yes?" He barely turned to look at her.

"You'll always be there for me…right?"

He stayed silent for a moment.

"…Ah. We are siblings afterall." And I love you more than I should, Len added mentally.

He didn't need to turn around and look at her to know that she was smiling, stepping out of the room and shutting it quietly behind him a while later.

He frowned as he traced the steps from here to his room, his earlier worries slamming him head on like as a bundle of nerves.

The place which Rin stood before…Was she far enough to not hear him? How long had she been there, standing so wearily? Was she aware of him masturbating? Did Rin hear?

An assault of worries attacked his mind as Len strayed to the kitchen, frowning deeply.


Within the safety of the orange and medicine scented room, Rin smiled slightly, tears springing from her closed sapphire eyes.

She heard…

She knew it was hopeless, always chasing after her own brother like that, yet she couldn't help but do it. Len was precious. He was her little brother, her best friend, the one who has been there from the moment she was born…her beloved.

He had given her so much…And yet she was greedy and still wanted more. He was the only thing she didn't want to lose, no matter what.

But it seems like he had found his fated person.

A soundless sob of anguish passes through her lips at the mere thought of that, her heart clenching painfully.

She was cruel, doing that to her own little brother. She hated herself for trying to cling onto him, for making him promise he will always be with her. It was as though she had just placed a chain on him, tying him to her.

That day, Rin cried herself to sleep, wishing that she had what she could never have.

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