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Chapter 14: White Wolf Mountain Part 2

I sat up, groaning, feeling battered and weak. I felt around me and I felt an odd mixture of things; I felt fur, stone, water and even skin. We'd obviously landed on something large and soft that had cushioned our landing. Bewildered, I felt the furry object and I discovered, with a pang of shock, that we'd landed on the alpha wolf. The wolf was not breathing, so the blow must have killed it.

"Mainiac97?" I heard Amy11 breathe. "Are you okay?" I reassured her that I was fine, and I shared with her my discovery. She seemed as surprised and partially relieved as me. I was happy to hear that she was okay and hadn't been harmed by the fall.

"Take my hand," I whispered. She complied, and we helped each other up, supporting each other. We moved around to try and get some bearings of our surroundings. It then occurred to me that I had runes in my bag and I could create a fire. I rummaged in my bags and found some logs and the runes necessary to cast a fire spell. Feeling around for a patch of relatively dry stone, I laid the logs down and I cast the spell on the logs, creating a reasonably small fire; it was enough to light up the surrounding area to a degree.

We were in a cramped and wet cave that had collapsed on one side. It appeared that the cave-in had occurred in/over the only reasonable exit, so we were trapped. The hulking, motionless form of the alpha wolf lay nearby, and looking up we could see the hole we'd fallen through. Amy11 and I looked at each other nervously; we'd both reached the same conclusion.

"How much do you have in the way of food?" I asked shakily. "I have some food, but I brought only enough to sustain one to two people for a brief trip like the trip through the White Wolf Mountain. I didn't recognise the dangers of pitfalls like the one we just fell in."

"I don't have much food," Amy11 murmured, obviously slightly shaken by the sudden change of events. "It looks like we're going to have to prepare for a long stay. It's a disgusting idea, and the very feminine side of me reels from it, but perhaps we should use the fur from that big wolf to keep us warm. Maybe we could try building and sustaining a bigger fire to keep us warm, but it's so damp here that it would be a difficult task. We just need to make the most of an admittedly awful situation."

After a moment of silence and reflection we decided to commence in the dissecting of the wolf. Using our weapons, we made several carefully-placed incisions in the wolf and we proceeded in removing the wolf's innards. Some of the meat was edible. I doubted it would be delicious, but it was meat and it would be edible and would sustain us. We piled the bones up in a corner and we removed useless bits. Retching slightly, we completely gutted the wolf, separating the useful from the useless and putting aside the useless. We used some of the water surrounding us in puddles to clean the fur of blood and any remaining insides.

We sat as close to the fire as we could, trying to dry the furs and keep ourselves warm. There was about half-an-hour's worth of comfortable, thoughtful and mutual silence. It was eventually broken by Amy11.

"Do you think there's any way we could escape from here?" she asked.

"Perhaps," I pondered. "If we could scale the cave, we could perhaps crawl through the hole at the top, but considering the distance we fell, it'd take an enormously difficult climb to reach the top. We must be in the very core of the White Wolf Mountain, so I doubt screaming for help would be very useful. We could try shifting some of those rocks that appears to be blocking he exit, but it would be a long and arduous task and there are so many rocks I'm not sure how much time it would take."

"I suppose that, if we want to leave his place unscathed, it's our only alternative," she pointed out.

"Unless we decide that we like it here and decide to stay," I joked. "We could start a civilization under here."

"How would that work? Perhaps it would work if we had a tree that continued growing food," she said sarcastically. "Besides, how could we start a civilization with just the two of us? We'd have to…" She then blushed and trailed off, and an awkward silence followed as we both realised what she'd just suggested.

"So," I said, taking it upon myself to change the subject and to veer the conversation in less awkward directions. "If we ever escape this place, how do you imagine Catherby? How do you feel about the werewolves?"

"I've always heard that Catherby is a very localised and beach-based place with excellent weather, so I'm excited in that respect," she explained. "The idea of mixing with werewolves intimidates me, but then again I do suppose that it wouldn't be a problem if they're anything like Aaron."

"The way that Aaron has spoken of them and the training makes me think that they're well-controlled and we'd be safe with them," I said thoughtfully.

"I don't think any problems would reside with the werewolves themselves," Amy11 mused. "I'd imagine a werewolf clan would have some enemies. Well, we know that Aaron would have enemies, considering that he killed a respectable vampire leader. If we were to have problems, I imagine that they'd reside in the fights the werewolves would get into." I nodded in agreement.

"What sort of enemies would werewolves have?" I pondered. "I mean, werewolves are powerful forces to be reckoned with. Who would be strong and/or brave enough to make enemies with werewolves?"

"Perhaps equally powerful foes, such as other werewolves," Amy11 said. "There might be another clan living nearby. Perhaps there are clans everywhere that avoid our attention. Perhaps we've been living near werewolves all along."

"That would be shocking," I chuckled. "The thought makes my stomach squirm."

"Me too," Amy11 agreed. "Perhaps there's a secret society that we're unaware of. Perhaps the same proves true for vampires also."

"Now that thought shocks me even more," I laughed.

The conversation continued in a similar fashion for almost an hour, and I delighted in it. I couldn't remember the last time I'd spoken to Amy11 for such a long time. We both grew hungry and decided to gather the meat of the alpha wolf to cook. I cast another two spells on the fire so it would continue burning, and we proceeded in our attempts to cook the meat. We spoke some more as the meat cooked and we ate the food itself in a comfortable silence, content in each other's company. We conceded afterwards that the food wasn't delicious at all, but it didn't matter. We talked for a long time before settling down and sleeping.

I was the first to wake up. Yawning and stretching, I stood up and winced. My back ached slightly; sleeping on solid rock with only wolf furs serving as cushioning wasn't a very comfortable experience, to say the least. The fire was extinguished, so I took it upon myself to fetch some more logs and to rekindle the fire with the help of my tinderbox and magic. I sat by it and I warmed my hands.

I turned to the sleeping form of Amy11, admiring her beauty in the least creepy way possible. Amy11 was truly beautiful, especially when asleep. Her blonde hair lay comfortably around her face, completely unaffected by the surroundings and the atmosphere. Her skin was smooth and her expression was one of almost angelic tranquillity. I'd always had feelings for Amy11, and I'd grown ever-closer to her, and I'd always admired her beauty, but I now felt even more attached to her. She stirred and her eyes opened. I swivelled around, blushing slightly.

She greeted me with a peck on the cheek, something she hadn't done for a while. We silently ate a breakfast of leftover wolf's meat and we discussed what we should spend the time doing. We decided that it would be wise to try and shift the rocks.

We spent many hours trying to move the large boulders. We did succeed in shifting some of them, although it was a trying task that left us exhausted. We used magic to shift some of the rocks for a while, before pulling some more food from our bag.

After eating some food we tried to shift some more rocks before we eventually conceded that the task was too difficult to currently pursue and that we'd be wasting time and energy trying to persevere. Absolutely exhausted from what felt like a day's worth of work, we settled down and began chatting animatedly.

"I wonder what our friends are doing right now," Amy11 sighed.

"Hopefully they're looking for us, or perhaps they're looking for someone to help," I suggested. "I mean, that's what I'd be doing if any of them were in this situation." Amy11 nodded.

"If they're not looking for us, or if they are looking for us but they're doing it unsuccessfully, we're probably doomed," she groaned. "It'll take ages to move these rocks without additional help." She looked upwards in the direction of the hole we'd fallen through. "Is there any way we can get through there without having to scale it?" she pondered. "Can we use magic to levitate up there?"

"I don't think so," I admitted. "It would take quite a few runes to levitate that sort of distance, and I don't think either of us have that many runes. We've used quite a bit trying to shift those rocks. The incantation would be pretty complicated... we can't afford to made ridiculous mistakes now. Besides, neither of us have the magic experience to cast it anyway. When I had the God Rune, I had to levitate over Falador. The God Rune gave me the rune magic, the knowledge, the experience and the energy necessary to cast that sort of spell. I can't remember the incantation or anything else involving what had to be done to cast the spell."

"That was quite a battle," Amy11 said, smiling bitterly. "There was so much war... so much bloodshed... it would never end. It was like a sea... a sea of sorrow. The battling must have lasted hours upon hours... I hurt so much that day... and it was all because of Master Samuel." She scowled suddenly. "That scumbag almost took everything I cared about from me that day," she growled. "He would have gone further than Falador and my parents probably wouldn't have survived. I'm glad he received his comeuppance that day because of you." I nodded in agreement, blushing slightly when she mentioned my victory.

"Fiend has taken Master Samuel's legacy and seems more than capable of handling it. We don't know what he will do... it scares me. I have nightmares merely thinking about it," I shared with her worriedly. "He really puts our other enemies into perspective. I mean, Madrey1 would never succeed to rob the Wizard's Guild without the God Rune, but Fiend did. Heck, I don't even think the Demon Clan would have a chance."

"You mentioning Madrey1 reminds me of something," she chuckled. "The first time I met you was when you saved me from Madrey1, who was being a brute and was trying to take me away. You threw his helmet in the river, if I recall correctly." I burst out laughing as I thought about Madrey1's helmet floating in the River Lum. "The first time you met me was the first time you saved me from trouble," Amy11 said slowly, edging closer to me. She took my hand and squeezed it, and a shiver ran down my spine as her skin came into contact with mine. My heart accelerated as she looked into my eyes, a smile playing on her lips.

"It's always been my pleasure," I said slowly, spreading every syllable out. "I'm positive that you'll return the favour one day." Time felt like it was slowing down; every moment seemed to drag as I stared into the deepness of her blue eyes.

I felt myself growing warm as time passed. She stared into my eyes unwaveringly, almost as if she was posing me a challenge of some sorts. The air grew thick with tension as we both waited to see who would make the first move. I longed so badly to tell her how I'd been feeling for all these years. I was positive she returned my feelings, and I grew more and more certain of that as we continued holding our eye contact. After all of the monsters and foes I'd defeated, I still hadn't developed the nerve just to share my feelings with Amy11. It wasn't hard; talking to her was almost as easy as talking to Osrie1, or Capablanca, or any of my other male friends. Why was I now struggling? Surely telling her the truth would remove a weight, relieve the tension and cause no lasting harm? We seemed to be growing closer. I steeled myself; I knew that it was now or never.

"Amy11," I said. "We've known each other for years upon years. We've been the best of friends. We've shared many moments, regardless of whether they were during battles, during meals, or simply during conversations, either in a group of people or just the two of us. But there's something that I've held inside without truly releasing. Perhaps my outward expressions have given you reason to believe things, but I've never told you what I've been harbouring.

"Amy11… you are the most beautiful person I know. I'm not putting you alongside the other good-looking women I've met; I am telling you that you are literally the most beautiful person I know. Even now, when you've been sleeping in a cold, dark, dank cave, sleeping in dirty wolf-skins and working perpetually for hours upon hours… you are still beautiful. Your dazzling blue eyes are enchanting and simply holding eye contact with you for the past few minutes has put me in a trance not even the God Rune is capable of putting me in. Your hair shines like the sun and your figure could attract even the truly well-controlled men.

"You are not just a beautiful person with regards to your outward appearance… you have a personality of gold. As I've previously said, I've known you for years, and after getting to know you and travelling with you, I can honestly say that you have the most beautiful personality. Those rare moments we used to share... I savoured them when they came. That moment in the New Year's Eve party, when we kissed… that made me realise the true extent of my feelings. That moment, in the gardens of Falador… these are my feelings for you.

"I am not a scholar. I am not knowledgeable. I can't understand the complex nature of magic… heck, I hardly understand the more basic nature of magic. I am not a bard who understands the concept of love and can write pieces based on that same understanding. But I can say that, as far as I am concerned, this is love. I think I love you, Amy11, and I've kept it to myself for far too long."

I finished talking and I watched her expectantly, trying to gauge her reaction. She seemed to consider something for half a minute before finally coming to a conclusion.

"Mainiac97…" she breathed. "Thank you. Thank you for telling me that. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Thank you, Mainiac97, for putting my fears to rest. I love you as well, Mainiac97. I have for a long time… and, if the past is anything to go by, I will continue to love you for a long time." There was a stunned and momentary silence before we both bent forward and our lips met.

This kiss was very different to the other kisses we had shared. This kiss has a feeling of certainty in it, something which almost strengthened the passion of the kiss. A sense of unity was prevalent as we both shared and enjoyed the moment. There was nothing to interrupt us this time, no giant moles, no Demon Clan, no Madrey1, absolutely nothing.

We separated, breathing heavily. I stared into her eyes again, but this time there was heartfelt affection and passion in the eye contact. I was elated and euphoric; even the damp closeness of our little prison couldn't bring me down. We kissed again and fell asleep together, embracing each other as we did so. I sank into a treasure trove of pleasant dreams as I slept with nothing on my mind except the thought of Amy11's warmth in my arms.

We were awoken by what sounded like a muffled crumbling noise. I stared around me for a second, confused, before remembering what had occurred before our sleep and moving forward to embrace Amy11 again. She giggled, and we were about to kiss before the muffled crumbling noise happened again. It seemed to be coming from the direction of the cave-in. We ran towards the rocks and we could faintly hear voices. We yelled for help. The voices faltered and we could hear the crumbling of more rocks.

We began investing all of our energy into shifting as much rock as we could by magical means. The more rocks we cleared, the clearer the voices became, until we could distinguish part of what they were saying. My eyes widened as I realised that there were people on the other side of the cave-in. They widened even more as I realised that these people were saying our names! We worked away tirelessly until we could hear what was being said a bit clearer.

"Is anyone there?" the familiar voice of Osrie1 shouted.

"We're here, Osrie1!" we shouted. "We're behind the rocks!"

"There's still quite a bit of rock left to move," Osrie1 told us. "Aaron's going to call for help." A howl filled the air; it was so loud that we could very clearly hear it behind the cave-in. We continued working for a bit longer, working at a slower rate so we could reserve our energy. We suddenly heard what sounded like a strangled cry of victory before something large and heavy hit the other side of the cave-in with a dull thud. The thudding repeated until I realised that the majority of the rocks must have gone. With a final yell, I cast a spell at the top of the cave-in which created a small opening. We heard a final thud before the whole cave-in collapsed and we could walk through.

We saw Osrie1, looking dishevelled and tired but still very pleased to see us. We saw Aaron in his werewolf form; he was distinguishable because of his brown fur. But there was another werewolf there; a massive, bulking, black werewolf stood there, staring at us with very cold eyes. This werewolf was much bigger than Aaron, something which almost scared me. Aaron bounded forward and began licking us, panting with what seemed like joy. I stepped forward and gave Osrie1 a manly embrace.

"They can't transform back into humans here, because they aren't wearing any clothes and would be naked upon transforming back," Osrie1 told us, smiling like a Cheshire cat. "The black werewolf there is called Harry, and he is the leader of the clan. He'll tell you more about himself and the clan another time. When we lost you, we spent quite some time looking for another way to reach you, before we decided to go to Catherby; thanks to Aaron's smelling skills we were able to find you, but the problem resided in moving the rocks to get to you. The cave-in had swallowed up half of the tunnel, so, even with the help of werewolves it took time to get to you. Why, you were so far down, it would be too risky to try and follow you down, and when we yelled for you, you couldn't hear us. But you're free now, and that's all that matters at the moment."

"How long have we been gone?" I asked incredulously.

"About a day and a half to two whole days," Osrie1 told us seriously. "If it weren't for the help of the werewolves it'd be much longer." I nodded seriously. "But you must be exhausted. Let's get you back to Catherby." Amy11 and I gathered our things, and we left the accursed cave we'd been trapped in.

We walked along a system of tunnels, led by Harry, the apparent werewolf leader. A sudden wave of tiredness overcame me; we'd tired ourselves in our repetitive attempts to shift the rock. We finally left the caves and appeared somewhere in the White Wolf Mountain. Thankfully, we were relatively close to the entrance from the mountain into Catherby, so it took us no more than ten minutes before we arrived. Catherby's appearance barely registered with me, due to my enveloping exhaustion. I could see a beach, sea and houses. We were taken into a house and I was shown to a bed by Osrie1. I sank into the bed thankfully, preparing myself for a long rest filled with pleasant dreams.

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