White Horse
A Sisters Grimm Fan Fiction
Chapter 1

Sabrina's POV:
I rolled over in my bed, pulling the blankets further over my face. It was the first day of summer break-and I was just going to sleep the day away, like I did most days.

The Scarlet Hand had been defeated-for almost four years. I was sixteen now, Daphne was twelve-Red looked twelve as well. Their little brother was now almost six-and his name was not Basil, thanks to me. I'd argued until I was blue in the face, and when my grandmother-after being saved from Mirror, of course-protested the name, Henry, my father, had had no choice but to name him something else. And the name he'd picked was Robin.

Speaking of Robin...well, nobody had seen or heard from Puck in four years. He'd gone, chasing dragons and had never come back. But, while everyone else figured he was dead, I figured he'd left Ferryport Landing. You see, the barrier had weakened in parts during the War. I'm positive it broke as well.

"Get up," My best friend, Faye-the daughter of Morgan Lee Faye-yanked on my arm, trying to pull me out of bed. "You are not sleeping the day of the end of school party away! We're juniors next year!" Faye cried in her heavy british accent. Just like her mother, she was gorgeous. She had short, chin length shiny black hair with two long strands framing her face-and they were dyed hot pink. Her skin was like porcelien and she had an angular face, pointed and sophisticated with bold features. Her eyes were a dark, smoky grey.

"Seriously-does she have anything cute to wear?" Gabriella-Glinda's daughter-sighed. I pushed myself into a sitting position and sighed. Gabby was a fashionista and she was going through my closet as she complained about my wardrobe. Her honey blonde hair was in a messy bun on the top of her head and I knew she was rolling her navy blue eyes. She had tanned skin and a round, little girl face with tiny features-matching her small frame.

"Of course not," I mumbled, crawling from my bed. "I'm Sabrina-remember?"

Ever since Puck had left, I'd become a dark, emo-resembling loner. He was gone-he'd taken the child-like, care-free, fun-loving part of me with him. I was back to how I'd been at the orphanage-dark. I'd just started to smile and laugh last year when Faye and Gabby had become my best friends.

"Then how'd you end up with Peter?" Faye asked, eyes full of envy, hands on her hips. I could be insulted by that, but I knew Faye-her sense of humor was dark and almost twisted. And, she was a boy crazy match-maker. Even if she thought Peter and I were a cute couple-which she did-she'd never let up the fact that she knew I was in love with someone else. And I'd never tell anyone about Puck. It was my secret.

Oh, and the Peter we're talking about? Is Peter Pan.

"Because he doesn't care about looks," I responded, pushing Gabby aside and grabbing my black and white skull-patterned two-piece simple bathing suit and a pair of dark wash cut off shorts with a Secondhand Serenade concert tee shirt and walked towards my bathroom-the house had been rebuilt and was bigger than ever. I quickly showered and then got dressed. I just pulled my hair into a ponytail, since it was a pool party. But, I did do my make-up. It was all waterproof anyways. It had to be, with how much I cried.

I framed my eyes with a dark black, thick eyeliner and then added a smoky eyeshadow job. I put on black mascara, making my lashes thicker than usual and walked back out towards my friends, who were waiting by the door.

It was so hard to believe we were friends, with our different personalities and styles. I was the depressed, quiet, brainiac girl who wore skinny jeans, cut-off shorts, concert tees and heavy sweatshirts with converse. Faye? She was the boy-crazy, gorgeous girl with a dark and twisted mind and a sarcastic attitude. Her style was whatever was the latest trend. And Gabby was the girly, perky girl in every way.

Now, I'm not the only one who's changed. Daphne? Sweet, humorous, fun-loving and childish Daphne who was so girly and loving...well, she became the tom-boy. She was the biggest jock of the sixth grade. Red, that shy little girl, had become the class clown.

"Hey! Faerie," I called to my puppy. She was one of Elvis' puppies. She was also a mix of a chocolate lab, and had most of the lab looks. That was why I loved her so much. Daphne had picked the puppy that resembled Elvis the most, and named him Win. The other puppies had been given away, since we could only hold so many dogs in the house.

There was one oddity about the new house. Puck's room had never been destroyed when the hand had attacked. The adults had put his room in the house, figuring he'd come back. But he hadn't. And right now, I tensed as I passed his room. The room I'd searched non-stop, day after day, practically living in it, until I'd realized he wasn't there. Because, he was the magic behind the room, just as Peter Pan was with Neverland. The chimpanzees had left, the sun had stopped rising, the waterfall froze, and the temperature dropped. All of the flowers had died.

"Are you ever going to tell us what happened?"Faye asked with a sigh.

I thought for a second, speeding up as we passed his room and started down the stairs. "No," I whispered.

"Why not?" Gabby whined. "Friends share secrets! It's what keeps us close!" She crossed her arms angrily.

I sighed. Not this secret. Nobody could know that the reason I stayed in my room all day, with my headphones in, was because I didn't want to get my hopes up every time I heard a thud. Puck wasn't coming back and I needed to realize that. Nobody could know about Puck-or my feelings for him. Because saying them aloud, made them real.

We walked outside and I gasped, as Faye and Gabby jumped back. Just as we put a foot on the porch, a large, jet black and violent purple dragon landed-with a tall, dirty blonde haired boy with a rounded, boyish face and a crooked, mischievous grin on top. He wore ratty, torn up dark denim jeans with a ripped up green hoodie and black converse that were falling apart. I gulped-even though he was much older, I knew who he was.

"Hey Grimm,you miss me?" He asked. And that was when everything I'd worked for, fell apart.