White Horse
A Sisters Grimm Fan Fiction
Chapter 10

Sabrina's POV:

I shook my head as my father loaded his bags into his car. I crossed my arms as I leaned against the doorframe of the house, knowing full well that my little sister was crying, wrapped in my mother's arms while her eyes were red rimmed. Somehow, this whole Lost Fairytale thing had torn about my entire family. But, I couldn't find it in me to be sad...to cry and act miserable. My eyes were narrowed and my mouth formed a scowl. My heart was covered in ice and my expression was hard. I was disappointed and bitter, but I wasn't sad.

"He's really leaving," Uncle Jake whispered as he joined the small group behind me.

"What does he think he's proving? He's just going to make himself and everybody else miserable," Granny Relda said.

I agreed with that. After his lecture to me about responsibility and selflessness, he was going off and leaving us all because he was selfish. He didn't want me to be with Puck, so he was leaving because that was easier than just letting it happen. The divorce papers had been signed and full custody had been granted to my mother. My father would soon be just a distant memory for Daphne and I, but for my little brother? He'd never know of his father, which was probably a good thing. Nobody wanted to know that their father was a coward.

"You can't just watch this," Puck whispered softly. "It's just going to make this harder. Come on, Marshmallow, let's go-all of you guys..."He sighed.

I could hear everybody's footsteps as I was left behind to watch my father leave me behind.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Puck whispered, wrapping an arm around me.

"Yeah...I think so," I nodded, leaning against him as his other arm came around to wrap me in an embrace. I smiled as i turned around to hug him back, just as my father drove away.

"You sure?" He asked again, whispering into my hair.

"No..."I shook my head, finally allowing just a little bit of my sadness to enter my voice. "But I will be," I said boldly, turning around to face the driveway. I watched as my father backed out of the driveway and turned away from the house, never to return again.

But, that was okay. I'd have my other family. I had my mom-my strong, loyal, independent mother who could take care of herself. She didn't need a man, she just preferred having my father's company. But she'd be okay, because she was capable of surviving. She was a survivor. I had my little sister, sweet, loving, innocent Daphne who never wanted to see the bad in anything or anyone. She believed in magic and happily ever afters. She was always able to find that little bit of faith, trust, and pixie dust found in every day life. I also had my baby brother, little Basil Jr. who was capable of anything. He went by Robin, a truly Grimm name, and he was just as involved in this fairy tale life as I was. We shared a bond that couldn't be broken. And he needed to me to be strong, and that gave me the courage I needed. My Uncle Jake would step in to take the place of my own father figure. That's what he had been since I'd met him, even if neither of us had ever realized it yet. He understood magic and my difficulties with it. He knew what it was like to love somebody whom you could never rarely be with, and then something awful must happen before you can actually receive your true love. Granny Relda would be there as well, watching over me carefully to make sure I didn't get too ahead of myself when it came to one of my crazy schemes. She'd always be there to make sure I acted with my head rather than my heart. Mr. Canis would keep me safe, no matter the cost, because that's what he did. That was his part of this family-to look after us and protect us. But it wasn't him that was doing the protecting. He taught us all how to stand up for ourselves. He taught us to take care of ourselves. Red would be there as well, to remind me that no matter how things got, they could always be worse. She'd make me realize how lucky I was to have what I did have. She would never let me take the friendship, the family, the love, everything I had for granted. Even Elvis played an important part n my family, reminding me that somebody could always cheer you up when you needed a reason to smile. If life gave me a thousand reasons to cry, Elvis, that sweet old dog, could give me a million more reasons to smile. Sure, sometimes he could get obnoxious and sometimes he was just in the way, but he was the only thing in the world that could cheer me up without any words or actions. Just him being there made me smile. And then were was Puck.

Sweet, loving Puck who made me want to be a better person. I thrived to somehow think that I deserved somebody as amazing as he was. He made me act a little more mature, a little smarter, and much nicer. But, he was also my savior. He was constantly saving my life and he would continue to do that for years to come. We had an eternity, after all. Puck had already saved my life in a way I could never properly thank him for. He'd given me back the childhood I'd been robbed of when my parents had disappeared. He'd given me a little bit of laughter and reasons to be happy. Sometimes he got out of hand and he was just as stubborn as I was, so I could never expect an apology, but he was doing me a favor that I could never repay him for. And everyday he allowed me to behave like I was a little kid for just a little while. I loved him for that.