I'm baaack! And it feels so good. So I'm really sorry about the lack of updates. School is being a pain in the butt. So is my mom, but that is a whole other story. So congrats go out to MKBunny who designed this next villain. Remember everyone this is gonna be short, because this is a tiny intro to the villain.

Enjoy the teaser!


"Yo dude, you're gonna kill it next week at the Citywide Kung Fu tournament." T.J. said walking down the street with his best friend, Tyler. They both do Kung Fu, but Tyler is the better of the two.

"I don't know dude." Tyler said in a skeptic voice. "There are some pretty wicked fighters in the tournament. Who says I'm even gonna make it to the top 10."

"I say you are. Man you gotta stop doubting yourself. That's what's gonna keep you from winning."

"Actually," said an ominous female voice "I will keep either of you from winning."

The guys dropped their karate bags on the ground and get in their fighting positions. But, because of the nighttime darkness, they can't see a thing.

"Who's there?" said Tyler. But before either of them realized it they were knocked out from behind. Out of the shadows, came 2 shirtless burly guys in black pants.

"Nice job gentleman." said the same female voice, as the girl walked out the shadows. "But, these are not our only targets. We have more to get." She walked back into the shadows, with guys following her, while they dragged the unconscious bodies.


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