He's fast and strong. But I've been training against the Sabretooth sims in private for months. I know how he fights, how he thinks. And I know he doesn't know what I can do.

My body ripples as I change and suddenly I know exactly what I'm turning into and I feel a little spark of 'Yeah'. Sabretooth seems slightly thrown off by the fact he's now facing a Siberian tiger in its prime.

I leap, twist in the air and land on his back, pinning him down. I've been trying to get that move for weeks. Only this time I manage it perfectly, my weight keeping him from moving. Time for being violent.

I grab his head between my paws, raise it, then slam it right back on the metal floor. There's a dull 'thunk' but I do it again. He growls, so I whack his head down again. It takes twelve more head injuries, some of which I put enough force behind to kill a normal person. But finally he stops struggling and I'm going with unconscious rather than dead, so I go for my belt and the metal ties. I've shifted back and have just managed to tie his feet to his hands when Spider-Man comes down.

"Whoa… That guy actually gave me a run for my money, what with all the jumping and whatnot…"

I gulp.

"Where's Isaac?"

"He went on ahead? Why, is something wrong with that?"

"Let's just say that Magento's 'special students' normally end up wanting to kill him."

"So… It was a really bad idea to let Isaac go off on his own?"

I just stare at him and he nods.

"Yep, bad idea."

Then I shoot off, trying desperately to find Isaac's scent trail in the snow. And I don't. I do find Magneto's though. I charge along after it, ignoring Spider-Man's "Wait for me!" and hoping he'll be able to keep up, especially when I'm on all fours in my more cat-like body. I can go a lot faster than my frankly rather hopeless more humanoid form. Right. Left. Left. Straight. Straight. Right. And I'm at a large, wood-panelled door that knowing Maggie (can you see I've been spending too much time around Wolverine?), will be metal inside. I could slam through it, but I don't. Instead I just turn the handle and step inside. And freeze.

Isaac is standing over a kneeling Magneto, hand tightening around the Master of Magnetism's throat.


He doesn't respond so I leap, landing on his chest and struggling to pull his hands away, stop him choking Magneto.

"Get off me!"

"I'm sorry…"

And I jerk my hands, there's a sickening crack and Isaac staggers backwards, both wrists broken. I shake my head.

"There's been enough death in this fight already. I'm getting sick in my soul. I just want out. I'm not cut out for this Isaac. And neither are you. Look at you! You're worse than he is! At least he has a reason! Even if his methods are really, really dodgy! But all you want is revenge! That's no reason to try and kill him! And if you do, what then? How do we find out? You kill him, the New Mutants won't happen! You know as well as I do that he'll be redeemed! Maybe… But he needs to be alive to do that! No more killing. It's destroying us both…"

And Isaac's eyes are unreadable.


I looked down, my wrist hanging uselessly at my side. I wait a couple of seconds as my wrists knit themselves together. Bekah's words rang in my ears.

"What you've said Rebekah, it's true. I am worse than Magneto. But he made me into what I am today! And why should I let him live? You know as well as I do he'll kill hundreds of people before he turns around. Are you willing to have their blood on your conscious?"

"You don't have to be what he made you! Be yourself. And as for Magneto, you aren't the one to decide whether he lives or dies. You aren't God!"

"He gave me these powers for a reason."

We stood in silence.

"We're both turning into monsters in different ways," Bekah said.

"Apart from one very big difference. I embrace the way I am and exploit it. You fight it Bekah. Why don't you just give into it and be a monster like me? It's not like you've actually killed someone yet."

"I'm losing control. One day I'll turn on my friends and I won't be able to control it. That's why, while I still have my own mind, I'm going to fight it with all my might."

"Well, you just got that out straight out of a novel."

"Diary of a Mutant, page twenty three," she said grinning.

"I still feel the same way you know." I said.

"I'm not going to stand by and let you kill him."

"I figured you would say that," I said with a small smile. I blasted Bekah into the wall with my optic blasts. I really didn't want to hurt her after we'd finally had a conversation that didn't result in us trying to kill each other but she had broken both my wrists so I figured she would forgive me eventually. I bent down to pick up Magneto who was still coughing feebly. Bekah slammed into my side.

"Looks like I'm going to have to break more than your wrists this time."

"Sorry Bekah but that's not going to happen."

I teleported no less than fifteen times in a row. When I finally stopped Bekah was dizzy and retching on the floor.

"I truly am sorry Rebekah," I said. I turned around as Magneto raised his hands.

"I'm not going to let you take me," he said. As I thought, the walls were full of metal. They bent and buckled and they all floated up.

"You know that won't work with me right?" I said. "I'll just phase through it."

"I know, but what about your friend?"

Before I could do anything Rebekah was wrapped in steel tendrils.

"Use this," Magneto said, producing an injection. "If you don't I'll kill her. It'll block your powers. Not permanently of course."

"And why do I care?" I replied.

Magneto blanched for a second but the smiled. "I call your bluff," he said. Bekah groaned as the metal squeezed. I heard a crack as one of her ribs broke.

"Stop! I'll do it alright," I said. Magneto chucked me the injection. Before it had left his hand I was already in slow time. I sped towards him, caught the injection mid-air, and jammed it into his throat.

The metal crashed to the floor immediately, along with Bekah. Magneto wailed.

"Stop moaning. It will wear off in a couple of days."

Magneto didn't stop moaning so I kicked him in the face. It felt so good. Annoyingly, that was the time Spider-Man appeared. He webbed my hands to my legs.

"What did I miss?" he asked.

"You can let me out of this. I'm not going to kill him. I was just knocking him out."

"Sorry pal, even I can't get out of my own webbing."

"Damn. I forgot about that. So how long am I going to be stuck like this?"

"An hour at most. Don't sweat it."

I rolled my eyes. "Just check to see Bekah's all right."