Author's note: A poem in Varda's pov. Wow. I have no clue how that ever came to cross my mind. To write a Valar. Hm. ::ponders:: How did I ever dare!

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So stars weep

By Le Chat Noir

To lands afar, to foreign shore,

You went away forevermore

You chose your way, freedom to seek

On paths unknown; in darkness bleak

You followed lead to blind fire

Which by itself would expire

And already, the very start

Your hosts did split and ways did part

You came to Endor after much

Hardships and death and grief and such

You built your cities underground

Or in low dales; not to be found

And war you led against the Foe

Fëanor's words rang true to all

The glory gained in battles proud!

But already the shadow shroud

Veiled your path; and bitter were

The victories, which should be dear

To hearts weary of peaceful life.

To you yearning for righteous strife.

But as you go, however far,

Always on your path will shine stars.

And one by one, the kingdoms fall

I watch you from my tower tall

The children I had come to love

All wrought in doom; you fought and strove

To sustain life, to sustain light,

To sustain hope throughout the night

But in the end, the God's ire

Would drown out your faithful fire

The Valar's Curse you've come to hate

The choices you've learnt to call fate

But how could I for all your sins

Maintain my wrath on Elvenkin?

It was my name you called in pain

I heard your prayers in the rain

How could I despise such boldness?

The will that led you with firmness

Into warfare; into chaos

Into the war you all called for,

Revenge! Revenge! We heed your cry

And yet we let you go and die

The tears I've shed under my stars!

When first the battle raged afar

And kin was slain; and blood did flow

How could you Wises fall so low!

Fëanor the greatest of elves,

Has led his kin to where grief dwells,

Out of Aman into terror,

Out of Aman into horror.

I watch you from my tower tall,

As one by one, my children fall!