A/N: LOL YOU GUYS WITH A 101 INCH LODRIVER (dun think sick). This is my sequel to Mario Meets his Match, if you haven't read it yet, then it is highly recommended that you do. This is because it will be quite retarded (like me because I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 without watching or reading any other Harry Potter stuff, no joke.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Mario or its characters, 2401.

Chapter 1: Riddle of the Seven Stars

As the Mushroom Kingdom was celebrating (because Bowser never attacked them (even though the contract was broken) for two whole months) at the castle, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy were outside the castle. They were talking about the whole Stario incident that happened a few months ago. "You know, it's quite weird," Daisy said. Luigi nonsense:{What's weird?} Daisy continued, "Stario said that he was invincible, so how did he die, or is he even dead?" Mario nonsense:{I think I have made it clear that even if he did survive the thunder, he would not be able to survive the collapsing dome. Anyways, even Dimentio got killed while being invincible. Remember, good guys always win.}

A Toad ran out of the castle to Mario, "Mario! Some weird guy who speaks in riddles and rhymes, which is very epic, wearing a jester's costume and had a half black half white mask on clad in black and white just came in epically and demanded for Mario or else he would "transport this pink fortress belonging to the Princess to the domain of game overs", which none of us understands what he is talking about and I don't believe I finished this sentence without running out of brea…" the Toad fainted due to lack of air. (Yes, things like this do happen. NPCs should really learn how to keep their mouth shut.)

Mario nonsense:{Talk about the phantom! I thought Dimentio was well taken care of already. Never mind. Let's go!}

The heroes walked into the castle. "Mario, it is my utmost honor to meet you in person, again," Dimentio greeted them. Mario looked at Dimentio. Crap, this is impossible. Mario thought, how can Dimentio look so epic when he is no longer made out of paper? Mario nonsense:{How'd you find a way to get here? I thought you were made out of paper, how'd you get to have flesh and bone?} "Some secrets must remain untold,' Dimentio said, and then he did that evil laugh of his.

"I'm not here to pick up a fight, simply to pass you this message. The fight may come later. Ciao!" Dimentio dropped a letter and did the epic warp thing from Super Paper Mario just that it looked way more epic because Dimentio now can do magic and not crappy paper magic.

Mario picked up the envelope and opened it up.

Seven stars you must find

Use the secrets left behind

By great warriors

Now demons of black chests

To find out which is more superior

Life or Death, that is the quest

Mario pondered over the riddle. The handwriting was definitely not Dimentio's or any other bad guys whose handwritings he knew. Luigi nonsense:{Looks like we finally have another adventure, and please take me along with you this time bro!} Mario nonsense:{But who's going tostay and take care of the house?} (Duh, Luigi never gets any fun) Luigi nonsense:{Okay, but don't come crying to me just because there is a high ledge that your jumps can't reach but my jumps can. Good luck bro.} "Go Mario, we will be fine here," Peach said.

Mario did his epically famous jump, meaning that he would go look for the seven stars.

And with that, Mario is on another crappy adventure with crazy logic, fun filled courses, referencing to lots of Nintendo games, partners, new abilities, whacko enemies, old foes, new allies, etc.


A/N: Yes, I know. More Toads will die. Seven Stars… About that, I was playing Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars on an emulator and I realized that the title was quite unsuitable, if you get me. The story is about Mario getting the seven stars to rebuild the star road and defeating the Smithy gang, not really about the stars themselves. So I decided to come up with this seven stars story with lots of reference to a Mario RPG game that not many have heard of. This is, I presenting: Mario FF and the Legacy of Super Mario RPG, Legend of the Seven Stars!