The Question:

"Whatcha got for me Duck?"

"Hello Jethro. I was just about to tell our guest here a tale …"

"Not interested in fairy tales Duck…unless you want to take a gander into my love life."

"Jethro, did you just insult me? Gander? I am a Mallard that means I'm a drake, which is neither a goose nor a gander."

"Not trying to ruffle your feathers, Duck." Gibbs says.

"Mmm...well as to the petty officer here, he died of natural causes." Ducky's eyes take on a teasing glint as he thinks of an imaginative way to get back at his friend.

The Wager:

Gibbs stares at Ducky in disbelief. He'd been asked down here to make a wager? He starts to leave but turns to look at his friend and says, "What's the catch?"

"Oh there is no catch Jethro. A few weeks ago you asked me a question. Today I have an answer for you and it can be encompassed in two words. Of course, the wager is whether or not you think I can tell you what I think is wrong in only two words."

"You're not known for your brevity." Gibbs warns.

"Twenty dollars too rich for you?" Ducky asks.

Lip Service:

"Is it a bet then Jethro?" Ducky leans back in his office chair, his eyes twinkling as he looks up at his best friend.

"Sure Duck." Gibbs smiles imagining the easy twenty dollars he's going to win this time.

"Lip service." Ducky says and Gibbs stares at him in confusion.

"You spend more time and exude more passion building a boat and tearing it apart again than you do in complimenting or talking to your bed partners."

Gibbs thinks about the three ex-wives and the numerous love affairs and groans as he hands over twenty dollars to a grinning Ducky.