1 Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer

To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake

The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound's the sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep

By: Robert Frost

Miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. She kept repeating to herself. She had to if she was ever going to make through this. THIS, how in the world did she get herself into it? One minute she was plain old Elizabeth trying to get her life back and the next she was killer, a thief, a criminal on the run, and she didn't know how to get out of it. She thought about calling Sonny but he had enough of his own with this new guy in town threatening Carly, Alexis, Michael, and everyone that was important to him. Sonny shouldn't have to clean up her mess too. Even though it was because of him she was in this trouble a little voice in the back of her head said to her. "Shut up it's not his fault he didn't kill that man that was me all me." But the man was Sonny and Jason enemy and he was looking to hurt you to hurt them. "Would you just shut up, I'm the one that left him dead on the floor of Kelly's I could have called Sonny, but I- I- you panicked. "So what if I did I just killed somebody." Then explain the car you stole and police chase. "I had to get out of town I didn't have a car and the Taggert just shows up saying they got a call from someone saying they heard a man screaming, I had to get out of there fast. "Yeah, but you just take off running and steal that lady's car that pulled up to Kelly's when you ran out. "Okay so I didn't handle the situation well." You can say that again. "Would you just shut up. GOD. Great now I'm talking to myself."

Elizabeth pulled up to the motel on the outskirts of a little town in Tennessee. Tennessee wow I can't believe I made it all the way to Tennessee. Elizabeth's stomach grumbled. God she was hungry. She got out of the car and walked into the motel office. The man behind the desk looked to be about 48 years old. He had gray hair that was just below his shoulders, that was mated. He definitely looked like he belonged here. She approached him and rang the bell he didn't even look up from his bass master magazine. " Um, sir excuse me I would like a room." Still no movement from the man he just continued read his book. Elizabeth was not in the mood for this asshole today so she decided to try again using a little more finesse this time. " Excuse me but if you could get your fucking face out of that for 2 minutes and give me a god damn room you can continue to read that 3rd grade level magazine." Finally the man looked up from his magazine and looked at Elizabeth with eyes that were emptier than any she had ever seen. " How many days you be stayin," the man asked. " Two." " Fill this out," he said giving her a piece a paper that required a name and address. " Um, okay."

Elizabeth quickly filled out the paper and signed using Morgan Bowen as her name, paid for the room and started collecting her things. " Is there any fast food places to eat around here?" The man just continued to sit there. "Fine don't answer me."

" Up the road about twenty miles," the man said without looking up from his magazine. " Twenty miles Jesus, well thanks."

Elizabeth found her room, open the door, and turned on the lamp. It was florescent and casted a light that made everything look grurder than it was. She sighed and sat down on the bed. God what she would give to lay down and sleep for days, but she could because people were after her. Not just any people, the police and the mob. Elizabeth was sure the mob was going to want vengeance she just didn't know when and how they were going to come after her and the wondering was killing her. Of all the people she should be afraid it like the police she wasn't. What scared her more was the mob getting a hold of her and using her to hurt Sonny or Jason. She couldn't let that happen. She wouldn't. She had to think and plan her next step if she was going to get out of this.

Elizabeth didn't know how wide spread the story was and the news in the state didn't have any coverage on the murder which gave her hope of escape. Maybe just maybe she could get underground before the police or the mob had any solid leads on her. She hoped she could because if she couldn't there were a lot of people that could get hurt. People that Elizabeth didn't want to get hurt like Jason or her grandmother. CALL SONNY!!! I can't call Sonny, don't you think I want to I would give anything to call him, but I can't. Tell him he deserves to know the truth. I can't what I'm I suppose to say oh, hi Sonny I just killed the right hand man of your enemy and to top it off I'm being chased by Roscoe and need you to protect me and everyone else too. Oh yeah that just great. I can just see reaction to that. I can't do that I have to figure this out on my own.


Sonny was pacing his living for the past two hours waiting for information on the where bouts of Elizabeth. Sonny was concerned would be putting it lightly he was more like a caged animal ready to pounce on whoever let him out or didn't give him the information that he was looking for. He let a long breath " What the hell is taking so long! How hard is it to find someone that just left town five hours ago in stolen car no less." Sonny yelled to an empty penthouse. Just than Johnny entered " Benny's here with the information you were looking for," he said without waiting for a reply to send Benny in. " Benny you better have good news for me," Sonny growled.

Benny nervously fingered the file that was in his hand. " Well sir we found the stolen car about fifty miles out of town looks like she hitch until she got out of state and that's were we lost her. There's no trace of her after that." Sonny looked his account up and down to see if he was holding something back or if they really didn't know anything. " That's it, so what your telling me is we have nothing, absolutely NOTHING! "

" Well sir once she moves or checks into a hotel we'll be able to find her don't worry." Benny said. " Do you really think that she's going to use her real name when she rents a room for the night? Jesus Benny she dated Lucky Spencer for 3 years and is Jason's friend, she's learned a few things along the way you going to have to dig, look for alias. DIG Benny." " Yes sir I'll get right on it." Benny said while backing out of the penthouse. He was scare of Sonny for the first time in a long time he had never seen Sonny this worried and that scared him even more, it meant Sonny was making decisions based on emotion and that was never good in their line of work. He just hoped Sonny knows what he's doing. " Oh and Benny." "Yes." " You better have something more than that next time." " Right bye boss."

Benny shut the door and Sonny was once alone again. He had to call Jason. He knew he did but he couldn't bring himself to do it. To tell Jason he had failed again. DAMN IT! This was all his fault he knew who the man was that was found dead in Elizabeth's room. It was Roscoe's right hand man and that meant Roscoe going to want revenge and that means Elizabeth in danger. DAMN IT! He had to do something and that something was calling Jason. Sonny knew if anyone could find her it is him. He walked over and picked up the phone and dial this is it ready or not.


Jason's cell phone again the third time in 10 minutes. " Jason just pick up the whoever it is really wants to talked to you." The brown hair girl said. " I'll just be a minute." Jason said apologetically to the girl. He walked outside and answered. " Morgan this better be good."

" Jason it's me Sonny."

" Sonny what's up."

1.1 " So much man. Have you seen the news today?"

" No why?"

" Roscoe's right hand man was killed stabbed eighty-two times."

" What! How. Who."

" Elizabeth."

Jason blinked it just sounded like Sonny said Elizabeth but that was impossible Elizabeth wasn't capable of murder.

" Elizabeth"

" Yeah man the police got a call earlier from someone saying they heard a man screaming from Kelly's. Taggert took the call and when he got there Elizabeth came running down the stairs covered in blood. She ran out and stole some lady's car that had just pulled up. She's gone Jason and I can't find her."

Jason was having trouble digesting what Sonny just told him Elizabeth murdering a man. The only reason Elizabeth would kill someone if they were trying to rape her. He closed his eyes no, no don't think like that she's fine a voice in his head said.

" How long ago did she run?"

" 'Bout five hours ago."

" Five hours ago and your just calling me now!"

" Jason calm down I wanted to see if I could find her before I called you." Sonny said in a defeated voice.

" You should have called me sooner Sonny this is Elizabeth were talking about she could be hurt or scared or god knows what. Jesus you should have called sooner."

" I'm sorry Jason just please find her, she has to be alright." Sonny had been feeling very worried more worried than he thought he should be. He knew something was wrong all night and when he found out about Elizabeth the knot in his stomach and heart only got worse.

" Oh I will count on it."

" I'm going to Jason believe me."

" I'll call when I've found something, bye" Jason didn't wait for Sonny to reply he just hung up. He couldn't deal with Sonny's guilt right now he had to find Elizabeth.

" Chris hey it's Morgan I need some help finding someone that doesn't want to be found…"


" Bye." Sonny said to no one as he hung up the phone. He walked over to the door and opened it. " Johnny I need you to go and find Zander get him here yesterday."

" No problem." Johnny said going over and hitting the elevator button.

Sonny went back inside and walked over to the wet bar he needed another drink. Five minutes later there was a pounding on his door. " What the hell?"

" Sonny let me in its Alexis." Sonny heard from the other side of the door. He rushed over and opened it.

" Alexis what's wrong?" he said after seeing her disheveled appearance.

Alexis walked into Sonny's penthouse and over to the bar to pour herself a drink.

" Alexis what's wrong." Sonny asked again.

" Well I don't if you would consider it wrong I just found out that the child I have at fifteen that I thought was dead isn't she was given up by Mikkos and the hospital records were made to look like my daughter was still born."

Sonny blinked shook his head. No I just didn't hear Alexis say she thought her daughter died at birth. Not after everything I shared with her about losing my children she wouldn't keep this from me and not share this.

" Sonny did you hear me?"

" Sonny."

Sonny finally snapped out of his daze. " Y-You had a child at fifteen that you thought died?"

Alexis swallowed the huge lump in her throat this is where all the explaining would come in. She looked over at Sonny. He looked mad, hurt, confused, and betrayed because he had told her about losing his children and she never once ever mentioned having or losing a child. She didn't do it because she didn't want to share on the contrary she wanted to tell him so bad it hurt sometimes. But how-how do you tell a man that has lost two children that he not only lost two but three. How was she supposed to tell him that they had meet a life time ago, and connected for a moment, a moment long enough for them to create a child together? How did she tell him all that when he didn't even remember who she really was?

" Yes." " A daughter."

" W-Why didn't you tell me."

Alexis took a deep breath. "because I didn't want you to feel guilty for not being there to stop it."

Sonny was confused and it showed on his face. " Why would I feel guilty I didn't even know you then."

" Yes you did you just don't remember."

" What?" " I knew you then." Sonny asked with disbelief. He looked at Alexis really looked at her remembering the way eyes would narrow when she was thinking. The way she twirled a lock of hair around her finger when she was working. Or the way she hyperventilate when she got nervous, or when she was scared the way her eyes would shine with unshed tears that she never let fall. Just then something hit him a memory stored away that he hadn't thought about in 20 years.


Sonny was 15 and sitting on the boardwalk when he felt someone sit down next to him. He looked over and found a pair big blue eyes looking at him. "Can I help you?" he asked. She just looked at him.

"If you're lost I could help you I know my way around." He tried again.

Finally speaking the girl replied "Can you, some-someone is looking for me I-I need to hide."

Sonny looked at the girl that couldn't have been more than 14. She looked scared and hungry and here blue eyes shone with unshed tears. She had long dark brown hair that reached just below her shoulders and a petite figure. "Sure I know the perfect place come on."



"Thanks Mike. The names Tasha."

"Nice to meet you let's get out of here."

End Flashback

"My god Tasha." Sonny breathed out.

Alexis smiled. "Then you do remember."

"My god it's been 20 years."

" 21."


"It's been 21 years."

" Oh. Whatever it's great to see you. Wait." Alexis first words enter his mind.. I just found out that the child I have at fifteen that I thought was dead isn't she was given up by Mikkos and the hospital records were made to look like my daughter was still born. 15 years old. 15 years old. Alexis was 14 when they meet that day in spring on the boardwalk. 15 years old. "The child you gave birth to it's…"

"Yours" she finished for him.

All for a sudden Sonny's face twisted in anger. "How could you Alexis? How could you keep this from me I have a daughter a daughter Alexis and you didn't tell me." Sonny was yelling know at the top of his lungs.

Alexis flinched she knew Sonny would be hurt but it didn't matter because Alexis had found their daughter and that's what matter. "Listen to me Sonny."

"No I will not you betrayed me Alexis you keep something so important from me."

Alexis was mad now fuming. Betrayed him, betrayed him she did no such thing and she never would. Yes, she kept the fact that he lost another child a secret. Kept the fact that they knew each other before a secret, but how was she supposed to tell him, she saw the way he reacted when he lost Carly and his baby it nearly destroyed him. How was she supposed to do that to him again.

" I DID NOT betray you Sonny. I just couldn't bring myself to tell you. You had already lost two babies I couldn't tell you. Please understand Sonny. I saw what happened when you and Carly lost your baby how could I do that to you too."

Alexis eyes shined with tears but she wouldn't let them fall she never did when Sonny thought about it, she never let them fall. Sonny couldn't stay mad at Alexis even if he tried. They had a daughter. They had a daughter. It just kept rolling over and over in his head they had a daughter.

Alexis watch as the different emotions played across his face everything from anger, fear, happiness, to sadness over losing 20 years of his daughters life, and then settled on awed when he asked if they had a daughter. She smiled softly and replied.

"Yes Sonny we have a daughter and she's alive." Alexis couldn't hide her happiness and nerves at knowing their daughter was alive.

"I have to find her, we have to find her Alexis she's our daughter and we've missed 20 years of her life."

"Sonny I found her, she's here in Port Charles." Alexis could barely hold in her excitement.

"You what, you found her how, no wait it doesn't matter who is she, where is she."

"It's Elizabeth Webber." Alexis squealed in happiness over Elizabeth being her daughter.

"Elizabeth, Elizabeth's our daughter?"

"Yes Sonny what's wrong you seem disappointed."

Sonny went rushing over to the phone he picked it up and dialed. "Benny, you have to locate Elizabeth now, she in danger. She's my daughter. Understand. Good. Call me as soon as you have anything."

Sonny set the phone down now he was the one with some explaining things.

"Listen Alexis something has happened to Elizabeth."

"What is it Sonny is she hurt. Oh god no we haven't even gotten to tell her yet, Sonny you have to protect her. What happened?"

"Okay first calm down and I will explain everything…."