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N/A: Hi guys, you probably know that my English is a sucks, but I need to try. I was listening Simple Plan - Gone too soon, and this song reminded me Mike and Connie, and how much she is away from him now - truth be told every song reminded me Mike and Connie. I need to admit that I cried when was reviewing this story, cause reminded me my best friend, I love him so, but he don't knows, it's a shame I know - sometimes I think he is gay. Okay, it's on Mike's POV. I hope you enjoy, cause I loved write this. I love you guys.

Why she did it? How could she do it with me? How could she leave me and not say anything? She changed my life and now I'm alone and I feel so lost without her.

Was like a blink of an eye, I never had the chance to say goodbye to her. Was so fast. Why didn't she tell me that was leaving New York? She was part of me… And now I just know I'll never be the same without Connie.

On my darkest day, she was there to guide me. She always was there, when I lost, when I won, when I cried, when I smiled, don't matter the reason, don't matter why, she was there with me, now she doesn't and I'm alone. I miss her, and I hope she knows than her memories will always be with me and how much they mean to me.

She is gone and I never told her what I feel. I didn't know I was gonna fall in love with Connie, it just happened, and happened really, really fast. I hope she's happy, no matter where she is, if she's happy, I'm happy, even away from her, now is time to face the truth; I'll never be with her. Well, I need forget her and move on, but this is something so hard to do. I mean say her eyes and her smile, she's perfect... I-I broken a rule, my rule, I-I fell... I fell in love with Connie and I can't tell it to her. God! Love is a bitch. Come on, I'm Michael Cutter, I live in New York and Connie is in LA now, forget her and move on. Oh God! This can be pretty hard, but to be happy I need do this. I need forget her pretty face and move on, is the best for myself.