This one is where Kevin is Wendy's boyfriend and Julie is the one that died on the coaster. The one I am writing is the school scene, I'll probably write more later. Enjoy and comment nicely. I do not own anything about Final Destination 3.

As Wendy walks down the stairs to her locker. She looks out the window with a depressed look on her face. When she makes it to her locker she opens it. She pulls all of her books out of her locker, she pauses, she sees a picture of her sister, Julie, and herself hugging. She snatches the picture down. She turns and sees a memorabilia of the kids that died on the roller coaster. But she only spots two pictures one of them is Jason, her sister's boyfriend, and Julie. She can feel the tears coming down her cheeks. She look down and sees one of the candles blow out without any of her breath being blown on it. "That's weird", she thought. She goes to the trash can and throws all of her books and the picture of her and her sister away.

Kevin, her boyfriend, comes to her sight in the hallway. Wendy walks away. "Wendy! Babe, hey Wen, he exclaimed! As Wendy walks out the front doors of McKinley High School, Kevin runs behind her." Wendy! Babe, where you going, he asked? "I'm going home", she said."So you're not going to graduation ", asked Kevin? "No", Wendy answered. He grabs Wendy by the arm."Baby, look you're not the only one in a fucked up place. God, I thought it'd be good for you to be somewhere where other people feel the same way", said Kevin." Where, at graduation? No thanks, I think we've had enough funerals", said Wendy sadly.

She walks away, but Kevin stops her." Then do it for your sister and J", he said." Do what? I mean if you die then there's nothing then they're just dead and they don't know. But if they are up in heaven with Lincoln and Gandhi, you actually think that they care about our high school graduation? No, I am alive and I don't care. Right when I get out of that parking lot, I'm getting out of McKinley. Without Jules, what's here for me", she asked herself."I'm here, I'm your boyfriend and I'm supposed to be the one to take care of you", Kevin said.

Wendy puts a hand on one of his cheeks and rubs it. Kevin smiles, and she smiles back. " I know you will. You're all I have left. When I get out of here, I think that you should come and stay with me for a while", she said happily. She kisses him on his lips and walks away. As she gets closer to the parking lot, she sees most of her classmates at the picnic tables. She hears Ashley calling for her and her best friend Ashlyn behind her. They get up from her table and they walk towards her covering their heads with their tablets. "Wen? Um, were ready for graduation tonight . We're gonna go to the tanning salon after this, and we are so cool if you wanna come with. Kevin can come to if he wants to. We're sorry about what happened to your sister. We can talk if you want. Here's my cell. I already have your number.

She hands her a piece of paper with her number on it. As they walk back to their table, Wendy crumbles up the small sheet of paper. She continues walking with tears nearly falling down her eyes. As soon as Wendy makes it to her car, Kevin is behind her."You're not alone", he yells. "Okay, I appreciate everyone trying to help."Ok, I really do", she said." No, its happened before. I went online looking for an explanation about….", he says. Wendy closes the door on him. He knocks on her window."Babe, can you just listen, please", Kevin asks.

She rolls down her window to listen to her boyfriend."Alright, I went online looking for an explanation about what happened and found out about a high school French class from New York. Six years ago, they went on a trip to Paris, but when they were boarding a kid had a vision, just like you did, that the plane was gonna explode. He started to freak out and seven people got off the plane. Just like us. On take off, Flight 180 blew up. Over the next several months, everyone who got off he plane started dying in weird accidents. They all died the order they would've if they had stayed on the plane. Unless someone intervenes, and it skips them", Kevin explained.

"Just meet me at my house, Kevin", said Wendy. She drives away. Kevin tries to stop her, but fails."Wait, babe! Wendy! Wen! HEY!, he screamed. As Wendy leaves, Kevin is left in the rain breathing heavily.

I hope that my story was good. Later I will probably write the police station scene, or some death scenes. Comment nicely, please.