Hello! It is me, back from the place of writer's block! Well, actually, I have a book full of ideas. But have trouble putting them down (read: I was being lazy). Now here it is!

"Daniel's a pouf! Daniel's a pouf!" some boys chanted, cornering Danny. His mother was always taking him shopping, and he would occasionally wear a shirt with a tiny bit of pink. The boy's finally took notice of it, and they started teasing him.

"No I'm not! Stop it!" he cried out, almost tearful. But they kept going, with another boy chiming in.

Let's just say Jemima was outraged. (And you know what happens to someone with as much power she has when they're angry.) Her eyes brightened. She put her lunch down and stalked over to the ever increasing crowd.

"Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!" she cried.

No one listened.

And she blew a fuse.

Her eyes glowed and a purple beam of energy shot out of her hand, knocking people away. She made her way forward, with two balls of energy still glowing in her hands.

"Leave. Him. ALONE!" She growled.

"It's not OUR fault! We're just stating the truth!" said one of the older, braver boys.


"Oh yeah? Prove it!"

"Fine. She said calmly, in a way which truly frightened the boys. She went over to the cowering Daniel and swept him into a huge kiss.

After they broke, Jemima looked at the boys with one eyebrow raised.

"He can't be a pouf if he's my boyfriend can he?"

The boys just stood there until Jemima made two glowing balls once again, appear in her hands, but this time they were green, Jemima's happy color. The boys, now realizing her true power, just ran.

"Uhhhh, thanks? I guess?" Daniel said, still in a daze.

"Jemima shot a smile at him and was about to say something, but then the bell rang.

"Talk to you at home!" she said, and walked away, with a little bit of pep in her step. Daniel just stood there, still shocked.

"Yeah. At home." He whispered to himself.

"Jem?" Daniel asked as he walked around the corner into her bedroom.. "Yeah? Oh, it's you!"

She said and turned around in her swivel chair.

"Well, I wanted to ask you about earlier…"

"Um, yeah?"

"Well, when you, um, you know, kissed me, and um, called me your, uh, boyfriend, you were acting, right?" Daniel said, with the smallest hint of sadness only Jemima could pick out.

"Well, it was kind of spur of the moment, and yeah, I know you're no my boyfriend, but… the kiss was real. And I do kid of wish we were dating…" she turned away from him. She had almost never told anyone about her real feelings than she just did. For the second time that day, Daniel was utterly bewildered.

"Really? Well then, if that was your way of telling me you like me, then I want to tell you I like you too, Jemima Tiggelar!"

Jemima whipped herself around.



And for the second time ever and second time today, the two shared a fierce kiss. Then they walked out of the room hand in hand so they could go get some strawberry ice cream from the kitchen.