Okay, this here is my first story. I decided to do a TT fanfic, cuz I reckon that show is plain awesome. So, this is set five years after the Teen Titans were founded, everyone's a little older, but not neccesarily wiser. Starfire left a few years ago to help her people in their war against the Gordanians (the aliens from Go!), and she gets captured, and her younger brother Wildfire arrives on earth to ask the Titans for help. That's it in a nutshell. Main pairing is RobStar, others mentioned include BBRae, CyBee, Flinx, JeriKole, Speedshire, AquaTerra, Redtha, and Wildfire and an OC. Something for everyone! If you don't like the pairings, don't read the story. Simple. Also, if you're going to say that I suck, give me a reason, eg bad grammar, out of character, etc. Otherwise, just leave. That's it.

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Chapter One: With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

The Wayne Enterprises Tower was one of the tallest buildings in Jump City. Security had been strong to begin with, but had been increased considerably when a certain hero was blackmailed to break in for a criminal mastermind. The current security force made most would-be thieves stick to banks and cash registers, but an experienced (or foolish) thief would still try and break in. The object most sought after was a powerful but dangerously unstable red liquid called Xenothium. This could be used to power up mechanical devices and greatly amplify the energy output. This is what Dr Light planned to use it for. He believed he was one of the greatest villains ever to walk the earth, but this claim was usually ignored due to his lack of success. He walked up to the main entrance of Wayne Enterprise, and the two armed guards recognized him and raised their weapons. Two brief flashes of light signified their defeat. Dr Light blasted the door down, and proceeded to incapacitate every guard and security system in sight. He advanced through the skyscraper, completely ignoring the concept of subtlety.

Unbeknownst to Dr Light, three figures followed in his wake: two men and a woman. One of the men was wearing a red bodysuit and mask, with yellow gloves and boots and a lightning bolt insignia on his chest, the other had green skin, hair and eyes, pointed ears and fangs, and wore a white bodysuit with red sleeves, flanks and boots. The woman had pale grey skin, pink cat-like eyes, and hair the same colour as her eyes, which she had left down. She wore a stylized version of a witch's outfit. The Flash, Changeling, and Jinx. They were the Titans West. And they were after Dr Light. Yet again.

Dr Light had arrived in front of a door with a radioactive material sign and a biohazard sign adorning it. He carelessly blasted said door to pieces, and entered a room full of glowing red vials of Xenothium. Selecting one, he attached to the recently added charger on his back, designed specifically to channel the Xenothium into the suit he wore. As he did this, a disk of pink energy flew towards the nearby wall. The energy flowed through the wall, causing the metal to instantly rust away. Dr Light's head whipped around, and instantly recognized the three people behind him.

"Y'know, your method wasn't very subtle, Doc," said the Flash. "You really should've tried to get in to the HIVE Academy, at least just for Stealth 101. Jinx here would've shown you how to be, at the very least, a half-decent villain."

"Except, of course, for the fact that I'm now a hero," she replied.

"And now, we're taking you down," said Changeling, who had battled (and defeated) Dr Light several times before.

"Titans, GO!"

"You can't stand up to the brilliance of Dr Light!" he said, as he fired a blast of red-tinged light from his hand, scattering the Titans. He smashed a window and jumped through to the streets, which lay almost deserted at this time of night. The Flash raced after him, his super-speed allowing him to catch up in seconds. Dr Light fired wildly as the fastest man alive literally ran circles around him. Eventually, the Doctor got lucky, and hit the Flash with a solid blast in the chest. The Flash flew down the street, crashing into a wall that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. By this time, Jinx had caught up, and started firing hexes at Dr Light with extreme prejudice. Avoiding most of them (and suffering two or three bruises from the hits), he fired a blast of light at Jinx's feet, knocking her down. He had no time to recover, as Changeling quickly morphed a wolf and pounced on him. The green-furred wolf snarled as he knocked down Dr Light, his snarling jaws held back by the Doctor's hands. He let go long enough to fire a blast at Changeling's chest, sending him flying. He de-morphed as his smoking body travelled down the road, stopping only when he hit a silver metallic leg.

"You okay there, green bean?" said Cyborg as he reached out his hand to his best friend. Changeling took it gratefully as he was pulled up.

"Same as always," he replied. He looked around at the other members of the Titans East. Bumblebee was helping Jinx to her feet as the twin Spanish speaking speedsters Más and Menos ran up with the Flash in tow. Red Arrow, one-time protégé to the Green Arrow, lay down covering fire for the two remaining members of the team, the Atlantean man known as Tempest and the young Geomancer woman Terra. Her eyes glowed yellow as she raised her hand, causing a massive slab of rock to rise up, which the ten heroes gladly took shelter behind.

"Dr Light, again?" asked Cyborg incredulously. "Doesn't he ever give up?"

"Apparently not," said the Flash, as he leaned against his wife for support.

"He's stolen some Xenothium," said Jinx. "It's powered his suit up and made him harder to deal with than normal."

"I didn't think he was that tough," said Tempest.

"That's because the last time you fought him, all the Titans were working together to take him down," replied Red Arrow.


Terra looked at Changeling and rolled her eyes, giving him a look commonly known as the "my-boyfriend's-a-dork-but-I-love-him-anyway" look, bringing a smile to his face.

"Are we gonna sit here all day, or are we gonna take Light-bulb down?" asked Bumblebee.

Cyborg grinned. "Let's do it."


"Titans East―"


Cyborg transformed his right arm into his signature weapon, the sonic cannon, and he joined Red Arrow in laying down cover-fire. Bumblebee took to the skies and fired her electric stingers at Dr Light. A cheap shot from Red Arrow's bow caused a fire hydrant to explode, sending water everywhere, which Tempest promptly redirected into the Doctor's face. Terra concentrated on shoring up the impromptu barricade, while Más and Menos tried to sneak up on Dr Light's left, as Changeling morphed a hawk and snuck up on his right. Jinx and the Flash took cover, still recovering from the beatings they had taken. Dr Light fired several shots over the earth wall, dodging sonic blasts, electric shots, water and explosive-tipped arrows. He charged up his hands, and fired a massive red-tinged light blast at the wall Terra had created, causing a massive explosion, which sent the Titans hiding behind it flying.

"¡Más y Menos, sí podemos!" yelled the twin speedsters as they linked hands and charged Dr Light. He calmly fired a light blast at the twins, sending them flying. Changeling morphed a tiger and pounced. He was in mid-air when Dr Light turned around and fired, sending the green-skinned man flying. He skidded to a stop as Dr Light took aim once more.

"Goodbye, vermin," said Dr Light. His hand glowed with an eerie red light. There was a massive flash. Changeling flinched away. This is the end, he thought. Suddenly, the world darkened as a transparent black wall of energy appeared out of nowhere, and the light-blast bounced off harmlessly. Changeling opened his eyes in time to see the black wall transform into a massive black bird, and then into a familiar, pale-skinned woman, wearing a black leotard, a jewelled belt and a blue hooded cloak.

"Raven?" whispered Changeling.

"Nobody hurts my friends," said Raven. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she yelled as she fired a blast of dark magic at him, knocking him down. The young woman turned around and ran back to where Changeling lay.

"You okay?" she asked as she knelt beside him.

"I think so," he replied. "A couple of bruises, maybe, but de-morphing healed most of the injuries."

Dr Light staggered to his feet, his good mood spoiled. He could survive against one team, cause trouble for two, but he knew he had absolutely no chance against an extremely angry Raven. He turned around to flee―

―as a blue and silver bird-a-rang came out of nowhere and hit him on the back. He went down again, hitting the pavement hard. The bird-a-rang was caught by a man with spiked up black hair, a black mask, a black bodysuit with a blue bird emblem on the chest, and silver gloves, boots and utility belt.

"Dr Light, you're under arrest," said Nightwing, as he slipped a shiny pair of handcuffs on him and retrieved the Xenothium. "Again."

Sirens blared, and a police car pulled up just in front of him. The door opened, and out stepped none other than the Commissioner of the Jump City Police Department.

"Thank you for stopping Dr Light again, Nightwing," said the Commissioner, as two police officers hauled the captured villain to a waiting police van. "Although I thought you were staying in Gotham City."

"Well, I guess I couldn't stay away from this town," the hero replied as he handed over the Xenothium. "Or my old team."

"Yes. I assume you'll be staying awhile?"

"You assume correct, sir."

"Well, good luck keeping the city safe. And welcome back."

"Thanks. It's good to be home."

The Commissioner got back in the car and shut the door. The police car drove off, followed by the van containing Dr Light. Nightwing turned around to see the two teams of Titans walking up.

"What took you so long, buddy? I thought you never wanted to miss a fight," said the Flash.

An injured look appeared on Nightwing's face. "I didn't miss this fight."

"Or any between here and Gotham," muttered Cyborg, and everyone laughed.

"Who's hungry?" asked the black-clad superhero. "Pizza's on me."

On a small island just off the coast of Jump City, a tower had been built in the shape of a capital letter 'T'. This was the Titans Tower, the headquarters and symbol of the Teen Titans, now known as the Titans West. A second tower had been built in Steel City for the Titans East, a third in Wing City for the Titans North, and a fourth one was located in Obsidian City for the Titans South. Each tower consisted of a gym, security centre, various offices and living quarters, evidence rooms, garages for each team's T-Ship and other vehicles, and a giant command centre-slash-living area. This is where the two teams of Titans had decided to eat the pizzas they had ordered from the local pizza parlour.

"Took those pizzas long enough to cook," said Wally West as he grabbed a slice. In the security of the Tower, which had been designed by Cyborg himself, the Titans were free to remove their masks and be themselves.

"That's because not everyone has super-speed like you do," said Richard Grayson.

"Tell me about it. Still, they are the best pizzas I've ever had."

"And since you've been everywhere, that's saying something."

"Yeah. So how was Gotham?" asked Wally.

"Well, apart from the various villains with their crazy schemes, it was good. I spent a bit of time in Bludhaven."

"So, what's Bludhaven like?"

"Think Gotham, but ten times worse."

"Is that even possible?"

"Apparently so."


"So, how have things been here?"

"It's been fairly quiet while you were gone. We had to deal with the HIVE Five a few weeks back."

"How'd that go?"

"We just let Jinx loose on them."

Richard winced at that thought. "And they're still alive?"

"In intensive care, but alive," said Wally. "I'm not sure what some of those explosions were, though."

"Probably Billy Numerous clones."

"Probably. So now that you're back, are you going to stay here?"

Richard sighed. "I don't know," he said. "Maybe."

"We'd like you around," said Wally. "This place is so quiet without you."

"Even quieter, what with Kori gone and everything," said Richard.

"Yeah," said Wally. "Why'd she leave, anyway?"

"She had to go back to Tamaran. Her adoptive father, Galfore, the Grand Ruler, was killed in the war against the Gordanians."

"And Kori's the princess, right?"

"Right. Her older sister Blackfire was banished a while back, so she was the next in line to the throne."

"So now she's the ruler of Tamaran?"



"That's one way of putting it." Richard sighed. "I hope she's okay."

Victor Stone reached for a slice of a pizza that was completely covered in meat, as his best friend, Garfield Logan, looked on aghast.

"How can you eat that much meat?" he asked, his own vegetarian pizza forgotten.

"How can you not?" Victor replied.

"I've said it before and I'll say it once more: I am a ve-ge-ta-ri-an," said Gar, emphasizing each and every syllable in that last word. "By definition, that means I don't eat meat."

"Yeah, whatever," replied Vic airily.

Gar smiled. "So how's life been in Steel? Any trouble yet?"

"Nah, nothing serious has come up. Roy's gotten his butt kicked by Cheshire a few times."

"Is there some sort of love/hate relationship going on between those two?"

"Probably, although it would be a good idea to stay out of that sort of thing," said Vic.

Gar shuddered. "I second that emotion. But while we're on the subject, I heard that you and Karen are finally together."

Vic grinned. "Yeah, we're going out now. We were actually planning on staying around for a while."

Gar nodded. "So who's going to lead Titans East while you two are down here?"

"I was thinking we could let Tara lead," said Vic. "She has Garth to help her, and the twins aren't as hyper as they used to be."

"So she'll just have to worry about Roy."

"Pretty much, yeah."

The two friends were silent until Gar reached for a piece of vegetable-laden pizza. Vic grinned evilly.

"Meat's better," he said.

Gar shook his head. "Tofu," he replied.





And so, the ongoing argument between Vic and Gar, eaters of meat and tofu respectively, continued.

Lorraine Moore sat by the window. She was soon joined by her friend Karen Beecher, who was carrying a slice of pizza in each hand.

"Thanks," said Lorraine as she accepted the piece she was offered.

"No problem," Karen replied.

"So has Victor finally manned up enough to ask you out?" asked Lorraine.

Karen laughed. "Yeah, and it took him long enough. And, no, you can't have my man back."

"I don't want him anymore. We're ancient history now," said Lorraine. "Besides, I have my own now." She showed Karen the wedding ring Wally had given her.

"Yeah, I heard. Sorry I couldn't make it. Brother Blood got out of jail and we didn't want a repeat of what happened at the HIVE Academy."

"Yeah, I did not enjoy being brain-washed, thank you very much."

"I had it worse. He took over the Titans East when we were first formed. He had us under his complete control. I was trying to stop myself but it was like someone else had control of my body. It was horrible." Karen shuddered. "It was a good thing Vic's immune to Brother Blood's powers. We would've been screwed if he wasn't."

"Yeah," said Lorraine. She turned to look out the window.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Karen.

"The HIVE," said Lorraine. "What we did was wrong, and those guys were pretty hopeless, but they were still my friends. It was hard to betray them."

"I know. How did all the villains get unfrozen anyway?" asked Karen.

Lorraine smiled. "I don't know, but Gar said the Doom Patrol was in Paris when they were unfrozen. They managed to stop the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge and General Immortus. Everyone else managed to escape."

"Do you think the Doom Patrol released the Brotherhood of Evil, just to take them down?" asked Karen.

"I don't know," said Lorraine. "What do you think?"

Raven stood on the roof of the Tower, staring out over the city. She had no idea how much she had missed this place. She had spent the last few years in her home dimension of Azarath. Azarath had been razed by Trigon the Terrible, almost five years ago, before he came to Earth. Fortunately, he had been defeated by Raven. She had returned to Azarath in the relatively quiet period that followed the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil and their "vacation" in Tokyo. To her surprise, some of the people of Azarath had survived Trigon's wrath, among them her mother. They had asked that she stayed and help them rebuild. She had agreed, and the long process of rebuilding had begun. It had taken a long time, but Azarath was once again a flourishing city, and Raven's work was done.

The sound of footsteps broke her out of her reverie. She turned around, seeing a blonde haired woman with dark blue eyes walk through the doorway.

"What are you doing here, Terra?" asked Raven.

"Is it a crime to stand out here?" said Terra.

"If it was, it would be the least of your crimes."

Terra winced at the reminder of her betrayal. "I know I did the wrong thing when I became Slade's apprentice. You don't have to remind me."

"How did you get freed?"

"I'm not sure," said Terra. The blond woman had grown a lot since Raven last saw her; she was far less lanky than she had been, taller, and walked with more confidence. "When I was turned into stone, I couldn't do anything―except think. I thought about all the crimes I did, everything I shouldn't have done, and it nearly drove me insane. I didn't care how I was freed, I was just so glad to be able to move again."

"I might actually have been the one who freed you," said Raven.

"What makes you say that?"

"About five years ago, the demon Trigon came to Earth. He turned almost everyone on the planet into stone."


"Everyone except for me and my friends. Eventually we managed to beat Trigon and I reversed the spell he used to turn everyone into stone, and it must've released you too."

"Oh," said Terra. "Well, thanks."

"So what happened to you after you were freed?"

"Well, I managed to get myself set up with a place of my own, went to school, had a normal life. After what I had done to you, I wouldn't have been able to go back. You would never trust me again. That's why I lied to Beast Boy."

"So, why are you a Titan again?" asked Raven.

"That white...thing was after me, so I used my powers to stop it. Beast Boy and Robin were tracking it and arrived in time to see me beat it. Robin told me I could be a part of the team again, but I refused. Beast Boy suggested I should join Titans East."

"So are you and Beast Boy...?"

"We both moved on. I totally destroyed his heart and there was no way we could be together again after something like that."

Raven blew a silent sigh of relief, without quite knowing why.

"And I'm going out with Tempest now."

Raven's confusion must have shown, because Terra said, "He couldn't be Aqualad forever, could he?"

Raven smiled.

"It's amazing," said Terra.

"What is?"

"That we've been talking for more than five minutes and we haven't killed each other yet."

"Well, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder," said Raven.

"So, you've forgiven me?" asked Terra. "We're friends again?"

Raven paused for a few seconds. "Yeah," she said. "We're friends again."

Terra grabbed Raven in a massive hug. What was amazing was that Raven hugged her back.

So, there you have it, folks, the first chapter of Titans Reunited. My favourite scene for this chapter? That's kinda hard, cuz I like all of it, but I'm really proud of the Raven/Terra bonding scene. I figured that after getting a few years perspective on the matter, they could be in the same room as each other and not kill each other, eventually becoming friends again. And this proves I don't hate Terra. She doesn't really star much in this story, but I may do a few AquaTerra or Terra-centric fics in the future.

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Leave a review and you'll make me really happy. Next time, I'll be explaining what Starfire's been getting up to, but you'll just have to wait for that. I'll see you some other time.