Hey. y'all. First of all, I want to thank everyone who reviewed and faved this story. You guys are awesome.

Now, I know I said I would write a sequel to this story, and I will. The sequel will definitely be a BBRae story.

However, I decided I would write a prequel to Titans Reunited first. It's basically my idea of a season six. It's set after Trouble in Tokyo, and will cover the period between the movie and Titans Reunited. Several of the episodes will be based on issues of Teen Titans Go. Below is the first part of the first episode of the series, Ravaged Part I. It's based on TTG #49.

Jump City had its fair share of criminals. You could tell a lot about a criminal by his hideout. For example, Slade's abandoned and badly damaged lair, hidden deep beneath the city, had been filled with old machinery and had a definite clockwork motif, representing his plans coming together like clockwork, wheels within wheels, all of which could be stopped by a single, insignificant stick, or in Slade's case, five rather significant teenagers. Another fine example was the hideout of Control Freak: an abandoned movie complex. This perfectly illustrated the fact that Control Freak was one of the most stupid fanboy criminals in the city, possibly the world. Red X, on the other hand, kept the location of his home a very carefully guarded secret, and always blindfolded or knocked out any of his clients who wished to meet the famed thief in his abode. The current location of Professor Chang's current bolthole would not win any awards for its originality. Situated on a hill on the outskirts of Jump City, the abandoned observatory had once again been refitted for use by the professor. He had given up on his dream to control the city; his Xenothium powered superlaser lay rusting in pieces. Chang was once again only a supplier of black market goods, rare items such as handheld laser weaponry and other exotics. The professor sat in his office. He, like several other criminals based in Jump City, had leapt at the chance to join the Brotherhood of Evil and get revenge on the Teen Titans. Chang had sold several of his machines to the Brotherhood, including his special cryogenic imprisonment device and the army of robots he'd acquired after Slade died. The Brotherhood's plan had been simple: acquire one of the Titans communicators to track their movements, and then pick them off one by one. However, the plan backfired, and the members of the Brotherhood had been frozen by the same machine that had frozen their adversaries. They had recently been freed, but by who was unknown. What was known, though, was that in the resulting chaos, the Doom Patrol managed to capture the four leaders of the Brotherhood, and the rest had fled. Chang had been one of the first back to Jump City, and had managed to reorganize his henchmen and had retaken his old hideout. It had also been modified again: more heaters, for a start. It would be months before he got the chill out of his bones. Professor Chang shivered, and got back to browsing his contacts. Maybe one of them had managed to get their hands on that elusive DC-15s plasma pistol...

Some of Chang's henchmen were patrolling the nearby rooftops. One of them had taken of his helmet and was having a quiet smoke in the shadows. He had found it very difficult to smoke a cigar while wearing a hazmat-like suit.

The two-way radio on his belt crackled with static, followed by someone saying, "Hey, Keith, anything to report?"

Keith sighed and answered the call. "Nope," he said. "Absolutely nothing. Just like the last hundred times you asked."

"Hey, I don't make the rules," said the voice on the radio. "If you got a problem, bring it up with the boss-man." There was a click as the controller disconnected. Keith sighed again as he lowered the two-way, and shoved the cigar back into his mouth, taking a few vicious puffs. He exhaled, making a perfect smoke ring. In the distance, one of the shadows seemed to detach itself from the wall and moved. Keith grabbed his binoculars and scanned the area. He scoured the area and saw nothing. He was making one final pass when a face appeared at several times the normal size. Before he could open his mouth, something hard smacked his chin, and he fell onto his back. He looked up, and saw a boot flying towards him. Stars exploded in his vision, and then everything went dark.

Two more henchmen were guarding the observatory door. One of them was in the corner, fast asleep. His partner yawned, and tried to focus his bleary eyes in the early morning light. Hopefully, someone would remember to relieve him so he could have some breakfast and go to bed. However, events conspired against him. A shadowy figure swung down from the roof, planting booted feet at the base of his neck. The guard slumped forward like the proverbial ton of bricks, and the sleeping guard stirred. Something hard slammed into his temple, and he slid back into his original position. There was one improvement to the now unconscious guard: his snoring had stopped.

The mess hall was packed with Chang's goons. They were all grabbing trays and loading them with their breakfast, which consisted of large infusions of bacon, scrambled egg, et cetera. Not a single one of them noticed the cylinders that rolled under each of the tables. Each of the cylindrical devices emitted a single beep, before releasing huge billowing clouds of massive green smoke. Everyone in the room started coughing and hacking, spraying half eaten bacon across the room. Eyes rolled up until the whites showed as the sleeping gas took effect. People sagged down, landing on the floor, on chairs, on breakfast plates. A masked figure ran across the room at high speeds, vaulting over tables and unconscious henchmen.

A noise from outside his office captured Professor Chang's attention. The noise sounded suspiciously like the sound of an unconscious or dead body hitting a wall, then sliding down to a stop on the floor beneath. Chang picked up the energy rifle he kept for emergencies and gingerly opened the door. He looked first to his left, then to his right, swinging the rifle in front of him with shaking hands. He spotted a henchman slumped in an uncomfortable position against a wall. Chang approached with caution, and poked the man with the gun. He didn't move. Reluctantly, the professor rolled the man onto his back, and spotted the dart embedded in his arm. Chang abruptly stood up and retreated to his office, slamming the door shut and locking himself in. Once the final bolt slipped into place, he breathed a sigh of relief. No-one could get in here now...

Cold steel pressed itself against his throat, and someone grabbed his shoulder.

"Professor Chang, I assume?" The voice doing the asking was a female voice, and would have been pleasant if the voice wasn't as cold and hard as the blade being held against his neck.

"Y-y-y-y-," stammered Chang.

The blade was removed, and he was spun around and thrown into a chair. He looked at his assailant as she pointed the tip of her katana at his neck. The bad lighting shrouded the woman in shadows, but what Chang could see was that she was quite definitely not the kind to fool around.

"We need to talk."

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