"Die Trying" by Art of Dying

"Johnny!" Squee called out. His eyes glistened with threatening tears.

Johnny whipped around, his eyes showing fury, regret, and pain. "I'm sorry, Squeegee, but you know I have to go."

The two were in one of the many rooms of Johnny's basement. This room held many magnificent knives, hooks, and other weapons. On a table lay an open suitcase.

"That's the thing, Nny! I don't know!" the teenager yelled. Tears escaped his eyes. He looked down at his shoes, which were identical to Johnny's. "I don't want you to leave again.

Johnny stepped closer to Todd and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I don't want to leave and the last thing I want to do is bring back a painful childhood memory. But the reason you've become who you are know is because I returned. I've infected you with the Sickness."

"That's not true!" Todd yelled. He stepped back abruptly, causing Johnny's hand to slip off his shoulder. "It was Shmee and you fucking know it!"

"Lies! It was me and you have to admit it!" Johnny yelled back, his eyes hard and cold. His eyes softened before he spoke again. "If I leave, maybe you'll be an innocent little Squeegee again. I would do anything for that to happen, even if I die trying."

Author's Note: Well that sums up this story. It was fun writing these, but I don't like the time limit I have on these. Chances are I'm going back to make some of them longer and better song fics. I hope you enjoyed them :)