Prologue- the cloud of dust that was me.

My breath came quick and fast, I could hear my heart hammering, bad um bad um, quicker and quicker in my chest.
The click click of my shoes echoed off of the stone walls. Flecks of moonlight hit the wall next to me, the shadow of the barred windows formed a prison around me.

I looked back behind me and scanned the dead corridor; it was empty save for the wind and the ever present spirits. My breathing stayed laboured, with a shaking hand I griped the cold iron handle, I pulled open the great door, it groaned in protest.

I slid through it, like a breeze threw a window. The night's sky embraced me coldly as I stepped into the court yard. I walked hastily through the courtyard on the balls of my feet.

The windows looked down at me like eyes, they twinkled having caught me. The walls that surrounded me seemed to be getting closer and closer, trapping me, and drawing me into the middle.

I pulled my cloak tighter around me, if someone saw me know they wouldn t know it was me, they wouldn't know whether I was a living being or one of the ghosts. I quickened my steps, my bags taped against my side, the silver buckle winked in the moonlight, encouraging me.

A horse whined not far away, it was soft but in the nights silence it was deafening. Nearly there nearly there, was my chant, my promise.

The arch was in sight, my feet begged to run eager to get there quicker. Adrenaline coursed threw me hat and fast.
I expected shouting, it never came, I expected guards to run at me, but the sound of clinking armour never came. I expected relief, but that too evaded me. I rounded the corner breathing fast.

Tied to the wall was my horse, she raised her head as she saw me approach, her leg tapped the floor impatiently. I jumped on, readjusted the stirrups. I took a deep breath, a small feeling of safety washed over me. I held freedom in one hand.
I dug my heals into her sides and clicked my tongue, she reared up slightly and then bolted. Dust flicked up around me, leaving a visible cloud. I didn't care if someone saw me now; I will be gone, far far away before the cloud has even settled.

A small part of me wanted, itched to turn my head around and say good bye, but I had already done that, I have already put a full stop to that story. I'm embarking on a new one now, this will be my story, it will go how I want it to, I shall write it not somebody else.

I have cut the stings that pulled me; I am my own puppet master now.

I wanted to laugh, really laugh out loud; freedom does some funny things to people. I was drunk with it. But that would be only kidding myself, I wasn't safe, I was away but not safe, as long as I stay in England safety is but a dream. I refuse to let go of my one handed grip on freedom.

But for now I am away, and I dint look back, I will never look back.

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