I've made quite a few stories and been thinking to myself why not Loony Tunes. This is of course a romance story with the lovable Marvin the Martian. I will be having my character in it her name is Suzan and she is human, very petite, plain looking woman, stands a few inches taller than Marvin. Reddish/Brown hair, brown eyes, dresses like a lawyer etc. This will be taking after the Duck Dodgers cartoon. Enjoy please :D

Alone flying in the middle of a scorching junk filled desert is 23-year-old ghost hunter Suzan, in her small rented pea-pod of a ship. She has been a ghost hunter for five years and has failed miserably. She's been seen as a lunatic who believes that she can catch a ghost on film. Her family disowned her for their names sake and now she is completely alone, trying to revive her name.

Suzan, "I know today will be the day I catch a ghost and restore my career and name…ok maybe we won't go that far but it's nice to plan ahead."

Suddenly a Martian cruiser glides overhead and grabs hold of the rental ship.

She began to panic looking down and all around, "What's happening!? Did my mouse trap of a pod grow a mind of its own or am I dead and going to heaven?"

She looked up to see the Martian ship that held her in its clutches.

Suzan, "No way am I being captured by the Martians!" She slammed her palms on the side of her hull, "I thought we settled this over tea!"

Looking down she saw a ghostly mist cloud cover the junk yard.

"Oh come on! You owe me for costing me my career!" She threatened as she ascended up into the belly of the Martian vessel; blackness quickly engulfing her.

Waking up with a jolt she looked down at herself and found that she was strapped to a chair, on display directly in the center of the bridge.

She mumbled incoherently, "Who ever are you, come yourself show. Cost you my ghosts did you."

Suddenly her attention snapped awake and her focus cleared as a small black form crossed her sight.

"Oh finally you're awake."

Suzan, "What's happening here…I thought I paid back the money!"

It ignored her and, "I am Commander X2 or known as Marvin the Martian, and I'm bringing you back to Mars for my Queen."

She was trying to break free from her bands when she heard this. Freezing in place she whipping her head up to look at him as she began to ramble:

"We're in space heading for Mars? Oh no, no no no no nooo, I don't do well out of my comfort zone…I get home sick…People will be looking for me…The FBI will kill you…Release me now!"

Marvin, "Silence ignorant human you have no room to object, besides we are here."

The frank nature of his tone was ridiculous.

As the Centurions landed the ship down onto the vibrant red surface of Mars, Marvin loosened Suzan from the chair and held his gun to her back.

He barked, "Walk!"

She walked in front being guided to a giant, pristine, red mansion. They entered through a couple of doorways emerging in front of Queen Tyr'ahnee.

Marvin, "Kneel!"

She crossing her arms, "No I only kneel to my King! And seeing there is no king here so…no." She stamped her foot.

Abruptly he gave her a swift kick forcing her on her knees and she fell forward with a grunt. The Queen was too engrossed in Duck Dodger's picture to notice what was happening.

Marvin had noticed this, soon becoming irritated, "Your Highness!"

She snapped out of her daydream, "What?…Oh hello Commander what have we here?"

He seemed to glow at her as he responded, "My beautiful Queen this here is something I had picked up on my trek to Earth: an ignorant human being."

Suzan, "Hey I am not ignorant I'll have you know I went to Yale for 7 months-"

Holding the gun close to her face he barked, "Silence!" Giving his attention back to his Queen he continued, "I have brought her here for your entertainment value. We can torment her, put her though grueling, fatal tests, as well as extract information from her about her planet's weaknesses all for your pleasure."

Tyr'ahnee, "Yes Marvin that will do perfectly, good work Commander."

He blushed, "You are most sincerely welcome your Highness." Finishing his statement with a bow.

Suzan cut in, "Uh hello! What am I suppose to do?"

He snapped out of what he was doing and turned his gun to her and shoved her forward down a hall.

Walking a little ways she stopped abruptly causing Marvin to crash into her.

"Keep moving or I'll blast you!"

She turned to him with arms crossed and a plain look, "Oh and with what weapon?"

He looked down at his hands quickly finding nothing in them. Looking up, he saw her vanishing around the corner.

Boiling with fury he yelled, "Seize the foolish human!"

She ran for her life. Looking back momentarily she smashed into two giant guards.

"Hey fellas how's it going?" She said coyly with a giant smile spreading across her face.

They grabbed hold of her.

Suzan, "Oh ok you work out, I see."

Stomping their way through the palace halls they went down and down coming to the dungeon. Opening a nearby cell door they threw her inside, discarding her like last night's trash. Marvin entered before she even landed on the ground.

Marvin, "Stupid of you to think you can escape!"

He snatched his gun back.

She mocked, "Me stupid? You can't even keep track of your own gun! What a honorable commander you are!"

She shifted her weight while giving him a condescending look down at him. He was fuming at her, the look, her words, her earthly smell! Without even thinking he cocked his gun and shot her in her right shoulder.

The impact caused her to stumble backward on the stone bed that jutted out of the wall. Her eyes widened in shock as she sat back terror stricken.

He snarled, "Keep pushing me and see what happens."

Making a statement he slammed the iron door concealing her within the dark.

She cradled her shoulder. Looking up from the spilling blood she took in her surroundings. It was a very small and cold pit; stone floors and walls darkly surrounded her. A small, steady water stream poured from the ceiling. She noticed glass shards glittering on the floor before her. Picking one up she looked into it.

Suzan, "Well at least I have mirror."