The grand news upon the royal engagement had quickly spread around the entire palace, and soon all across Mars, causing great rejoicing. However the excitement was cut short by means of wedding planning. Crista and Marvin had been planning nonstop for about a week, and tempers were starting to flare.

Yelling erupted within the confines of Marvin's quarters, Crista, "Well what do you want me to do about it Marvin!?" Marvin, "I don't know! I don't hold all the answers! Can't you just leave out the decorations?" She retaliated, "Are you kidding me? That is the basis of the whole wedding theme! It sets the entire mood! How can you say, get rid of it?" Marvin, "Because it's worthless and not needed, this isn't Earth remember!" She turned around to look at him with a disgusted look on her face, "How dare you whip that in my face. You should be a little more considerate for my opinions, and how I think this wedding should go. At least I'm trying to compromise with your stupid Martian rituals, for all I care, they're a bunch of idiotic practices that can be done away with. Thankfully Earth is decent enough to accept others' opinions and not be hostile toward them." Marvin felt deeply offended, "Excuse me? Idiotic? Stupid?" She retorted, "Yes, idiotic and stupid, because that's what all this Martian stuff is to me, worthless nonsense."

Marvin felt rage bubbling inside himself. He hadn't felt that way in a long while, though at the same time, it was all too soon. He had the sudden uncontrollable urge to slap her and beat her to the floor, but he stayed himself. Marvin looking away, "I can't even look at you right now." She made her way to the door, "You said it!" And with that she slammed the door on the way out causing the room to tremble.

Crista was flaring in anger as she stomped up and down the halls, running over the scene again and again in her mind. Muttering to herself, oblivious to her surroundings, she didn't even notice Queen Tyr'ahnee coming her way. Tyr'ahnee, "Crista….Crista…..Crista! She snapped her attention to Queen Tyr'ahnee, "Yes my Queen." Tyr'ahnee, "What is the problem, what has got you so fired up?" Crista, "Marvin and I got into a fight about the wedding. Insults were thrown toward each other's ideas, differences of opinions were hurt, etcetera. So, I had to leave the room before anything else happened. Tyr'ahnee concerned asked, "Did he hit you?" Crista pouted, "Well no, but I could see he was holding back, trying to control his anger." Tyr'ahnee smiled, "That's wonderful!" Crista raised an eyebrow, "I beg you're pardon?" Tyr'ahnee, "Marvin almost never tries to keep his temper in check, he usually reverts to violence instead. But you just told me he held back! That's a very good thing Crista, a very good sign." Crista, "Really?" Tyr'ahnee, "Most definitely, Marvin has changed completely for the better. Even when you totally tick him off, he won't even dare hurt you anymore, can't you see how big that is!"

Crista looked downward, "Well if you put it that way…" Tyr'ahnee suggested, "Do you want me to plan the wedding for you? All I need is your ideas and his and I'll put them together to make one hell of a wedding." She smiled at her offer, "Thank you my Queen but that won't be necessary. How would we be able to handle a marriage if we can't come to a compromise over the little things?" Tyr'ahnee was proud of her wisdom, "Very good, now go make up." Crista grunted, "Alright."

Meanwhile in Marvin's chamber he sat on the edge of his bed contemplating the fight. He felt tremendously guilty of what he said, as well as terribly hurt at what she said. Furthermore he felt ashamed before God. Suddenly knocking sounded, "Who is it?" Crista, "It's me." Marvin jumped right up and shouted, "Come in!" She slowly entered in, avoiding his eyes. Marvin quickly moved toward her, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bring up Earth or insult you and your ideas. I should really just shut my mouth when I start to get irritated. Please forgive me I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm very sorry!" He reached for her hand and took it in his.

She smiled, tearing at his apology, "Marvin it isn't all your fault, I shouldn't have attacked you and offended you're ways. You're apology is accepted and, would you please accept mine?" Marvin, "Yes of course!" She continued, "Marvin your apology is the most sweetest thing I've ever heard someone give. You really felt so terrible about yourself and about what you said. And you didn't even cause half of it. You make it out like you killed my cat or something with that apology." Marvin looked at the floor, "I am just ashamed of my temper, and I felt like hitting you again. And that's why I feel so terrible, I could've hurt you again! I wouldn't be able to live with myself or even be able to approach God ever again if I did." Crista, "Ah! But you didn't, you could've but you held back, and that's the brilliance of our fight we just had. He tested you to see if you would continue to physically abuse me or to control your anger, and you passed." Marvin then cupped her face and kissed her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and succumbed. Ah, how sweet is the making up kiss. As they broke apart Marvin spoke, "A thought came to mind earlier on, you don't have any family to give you away now don't you?" She smiled, "Don't worry about that, I have it handled."

In sickbay the Dr. was tarrying to and fro fussing over any tiny misplacement on the charts displayed before him. Crista knocked on the door, breaking him out of his tizzy. Dr. hurriedly, "Yes come in Crista." Crista, "What up doc?" Dr. sighed, "I really should just do things myself." She hugged him from behind smiling up at him, "as you know Marvin and I are engaged." Dr., "Oh yes I heard about that, congratulations." She continued, "And I've been thinking, would you do me the honor in giving me away?" The Dr. stopped what he was doing and slowly turned to her, shocked by her proposal, "You want me to give you away?" She nodded, "Yes, you are the closest thing that is a father figure to me. And I thank you for being my guardian in my times of trouble and putting up with my irritableness and all my injuries..." Dr. shushed her, "Yes Crista I accept." She was gleeful at this, she kissed him on the cheek and dashed toward the door, then turned around and said, "Thanks daddy, oops I mean doc." He smiled after her as she ran out the door.