As the noontime peaked, Crista suggested they go and relax on the beach. Marvin agreed, so he went to find a spot while she got herself ready. Walking along the hot sand he found a pair of lounge chairs under a canopy of palm trees. Setting up camp he was extremely eager to see Crista in her surprise bathing suit.

To pass the time Marvin began to study his surroundings: the clearness of the water reflecting the ice blue sky, the sand bleached white from years of sunbathing, and the tall trees vibrant with green life. He became so consumed in the beautiful scenery that he almost missed Crista's glorious entry in her stunning martian red bikini. He eyes couldn't leave the sight of her body, he was so starstruck by her captivating beauty.

She put her hands on her hips and smirked, "Ya like?"

Speechless, he only could nod in reply. She stooped down to kiss him then sat herself in the lounge chair next to him and lathered up in suntan lotion. He just watched her, adoring every move she made. He quickly looked toward heaven prayed a silent thank you then swiftly directed his eyes back onto her. But when she leaned over to put the suntan bottle down he noticed a noticeable slash across her elegant back; distorting the sleek gracefulness with its ugly scarring. He began to tear up at the recognition of it.

Unaware of all this she suddenly felt pressure applied to her back. Spinning around to see what it was she saw Marvin, teary eyed, placing his hand on the scar made by his whip oh so long ago.

She became moved for him, "Marvin dear look at me."

He did and she continued, "Now don't you cry for that mark, that is the past and this is now. You are new and different now. I have already told you I forgive you for everything and that I love you, don't do this to yourself."

She pinched his cheek smiling mischievously and ran toward the direction of the water. He smiled greatly and looked up to heaven again.

Marvin, "You're too wonderful to bless me with her."

He then dashed on right after her.

Slowing down in the midst of the crashing waves she found herself tackled by Marvin coming from behind. They tumbled into the sea and rising to the moving surface. Her attention was quickly caught by a large wave coming.

Crista, "Yes! Come on, today is the day you learn how to bodysurf!"

Marvin, "Pardon me?"

Crista, "Oh it's easy, all you do is face the shore and await the wave with your body in position ready to ride. "

She grabbed his hand as he replied, "Oh that's ok I'll take you're word for it."

She smiled looking behind, "Ready, one."

He tried to pull away, "No Crista that's ok, I'm kinda cold as it is."

She continued counting, "Two."

Marvin, "Crista Please! I am nervous with giant walls of water and I-"

Crista, "Three!"

Marvin screamed. The wave quickly washed over them, almost engulfing them both, however they still remained above water, riding the wave. Opening his eyes, his fear soon vanished as he saw that he was on top of the wave, gliding along with his love. The wave met the shore and so did Marvin, sliding into the wet sand.

He jumped up exhilarated, "Yeah! That was awesome! Come on! Who's ready for round two!?"

Settling down he searched around for Crista but didn't see her.

Marvin, "Crista? Honey where are you?"

No reply. Fear bashed into his heart much like the wave had done to his body.

"Crista where are you! Where are you!"

Completely unaware to what was lurking behind him, Crista leaped from the water and tackled him, catching him by surprise.

On top of him she shouted, "Ha! Got ya! I told you you'd love it now didn't I?"

He got up, held on to her, and kissed her. The force of his body and the gravity pulled them downward to the water, so for support she held onto him trying not to fall back into the water. And as the kiss continued she noticed how tightly he held his grip around her body and how desperate his kisses seemed. Not so much desperate as to think that 'I'm going to chain you up and never let you out of my sight', but more hopeless and lost.

As she pulled away she told him this, "Marvin I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to worry about me leaving."

Marvin, "But how-"

She smiled, "You're kisses told me."

Marvin, "How can I not be so worried? I mean I've lost one love before. She walked away to another man, Dodgers. He steals all that's mine, he might also steal-"

She stopped his rant, "Now stop this now! You should know that I would never leave you. Dodgers tried to break us up before, if you would call it that, but it didn't withhold. I didn't work then and it won't work ever. Do you really think so little of me?"

He answered, "No I truly don't….Never?"

Crista, "God willing."

He smiled kissed her and they both walked to shore, combined as one.

Reaching the beach chairs Marvin sat himself down first and pulled Crista down with him. She snuggled up against his chest, legs intertwined, sun beating warmly on the two. She closed her eyes as her hands rested on his body, using him as a pillow. He began toying with her hair, curling it between his bare fingers gazing on at the glittering white, her locks dazzling in the sun. She lightly caressed his chest as she tried to drift off. He moved his bare hands from her hair and ran it up and down her back. He reveled in the sensation of his exposed hand down her exposed back, surprised at himself that he didn't take his gloves off more often.

They sighed in bliss, resting this way for hours. Only when a volleyball abruptly landed on top of them broke up the tranquil moment. Looking over, angered by their rude awakening, a couple was waving over at them, taunting them to a challenge. Exchanging a wicked smile, they raced to the net, both too eager to beat this measly couple at their own game.

After a week or two of a well-needed vacation they were brought back to the palace. Upon arriving and entering into the outer court they over heard an argument taking place in the inner court, the Queen's court. Curious they both leaned in on the conversation.

Dodgers, "But I never cheated on you Queenie! She kissed me! She's always had eyes for me. That princess is one vixen of a dame. She was practically begging for it!"

Tyr'ahnee was seething, "Oh are you sure you want to stick to that story?"

Dodgers' answer wavered, "Uh um, yeah."

Containing her fury she replied, "Well your cadet says other wise!"

On screen came the Cadet saluting and apologizing, "S-sorry Captain, I-I had to t-tell the truth, she's the Queen of Mars and your-bde girlfriend."

Without a second's notice she clipped him off-screen.

Tyr'ahnee, "Correction, I was your girlfriend Dodgers. Now get out of my sight, you filthy animal, before I execute you for trespassing!"

The guards vigorously threw him out of her court and he soon was met with the faces of Marvin and Crista.

He smiled nervously, "Hey buddy ol' pal of mine! How's it been?"

Marvin, anger rising within him began, "I'll tell you how it's been my dear foe!"

He whipped out his gun and vaporized him. He sighed in relief satisfied by finally having won over Dodgers this time.

He sighed, "I finally won."

Crista smiled and hung on him, "Yes you did my dear. But let's let God give the revenge and revive him."

He was reluctant, "Ok, if you say so."

Turning to his weapon he reversed the setting and zapped Dodgers back.

A tad irritated he continued, "Well we can't just let him go, after what he did and said about you!"

Crista smirked, "Indeed you're right, I have something in mind."

She whispered her plan into his ear and he looked at her, "What happened to God's revenge?"

Crista, "I just held a quick counsel and He says that He'll allow it. Plus I have the power to permit it."

They wickedly stared at Dodgers and he gulped.

The setting was nighttime and we are met with the outer limits of the royal gate. Dodgers stood alone in the midst of nowhere holding a small stick.

Dodgers, "Hello? Anyone there?...Seriously guys, this is my punishment?"

Suddenly, as if on cue, a thousand Yunix attacked him at once. Battling for his dear life he crawled out torn and defeated soon plopping down unconscious.