Tony didn't want to do this. Well, actually of course he did. He just didn't. He never did.

He hadn't shown up for work at all today- no call in or e-mail. His boss was probably sending out a bolo on his car while his senior field agent stood here, sobbing like a child. DiNozzo's never cried. It had been beaten into him on several occasions, but he'd broken that rule once a year for, oh god, ten years.

It had been ten years since his world crashed down around him and it still felt like it had just happened. Did it ever get better? Sometimes he thought so, but as he looked around at the memorial, realizing how largely depleted the crowd was this year, despair threatened to crush him. He looked to the sky, raindrops fell into his eyes. He couldn't help but think how the weather was appropriate.

How quickly people forget.

Tony's eyes were drawn back to her name, etched forever in the gorgeous marble and his vision blurred again from the tears. Sometimes he wished he could just forget. Simple. Easy, right? But he just couldn't forget her. Not her.

The ring weighed one thousand pounds as it dangled listlessly from his neck.

Tony never really kept track of how long he'd stand here each year. Each year on the night she'd said that one word that had made him the happiest man alive. The day she'd said yes. Surrounded by the hundreds of names. That's all they were was names. There was nothing left of these people. Nothing else to prove that they'd lived, breathed, laughed and cried. And out of all of them- so many- he only recognized one.

He ran his fingers over the cold surface, feeling the grooves. Her name was the only proof that she had ever existed. The only proof that Anthony had ever loved someone more than life itself.

Tony swallowed and walked back to the car, the ring's chain threatening to choke him.

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