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Chapter 1: The Reincarnation of Lord Sesshomaru

Deep within the Forest of Death, the Chunin-hopefuls of the late year were taking the second part of their Chunin Exams; the survival part. Hopefuls from all across the Elemental Nations were being pitted against each other in a competition of cunning, skill, and survival for the mere chance of being promoted through the ranks; not to mention the change to bring honor and prestige to their home village in the bi-annual Chunin Exams. All of the other villages, including a reluctant Hidden Cloud Village, had sent their Genin teams to compete. Hell, even smaller shinobi villages such as Grass, Star, Rain, Waterfall, and a new village by the name of Sound sent the best of their genin to bring honor and attention to their villages as well.

Because Konoha was playing host to the exams this year they too had many Genin teams eagerly trying to prove their merit and hopefully get a promotion to Chunin rank.

One such team was Team 7.

Sakura Haruno who was named Kunoichi of the Year at the academy. She was known for her brains, but not much else sorely. However, she was also known for beating down Naruto, asking Sasuke for dates, and planning a long-term rape plan on said Sasuke along with several other girls she went to the Ninja Academy with.

Sasuke Uchiha was the titled with Rookie of the Year in this late year's graduating class. He was also one of the two survivors of the grisly fabled Uchiha massacre, though the other survivor, his brother, was said massacre. He was best known for being the village's only super-emo, since all other Uchiha had either died, or left the village.

And then there was young Naruto Uzumaki, the well-known Deadlast of the Academy, and Jinchuriki of the famed Kyuubi. He was a loud-mouthed moron who would sell the shirt off his back for the next bowl of ramen he saw. He regularly fell face-first into traps, and could practically trip over dangerous and not say hello, or apologize for the incident. If it weren't for luck and an unbreakable spirit, the boy probably would have snapped and killed everyone around him with his unchecked power, or killed himself off years ago and left the world to the claws of the Kyuubi once it reformed. In fact, if he were to die without children, then there would be no one who could hold the Kyuubi prisoner ever again, since an Uzumaki child was needed for the sealing of the most powerful of the Tailed Demons.

All of this has led up to the fact that today was just not Naruto's day, that his life suck, and that everything about him was completely disastrous as he struggled against the stomach muscles of an overgrown snake summon. Seriously, that Grass-ninja chick couldn't have sent a cute little puppy to devour him? Why was it always snakes that ate him? Why? His fifth birthday and every one there after? A snake. His last check-up at the hospital which was three months ago? A snake. While he was in the park last Tuesday? A snake! While he was eating ramen just this morning before the Exams? A goddamn SNAKE! Seriously, this was worst that his last C-rank mission in Wave, and that had a sword-wielding maniac with no eyebrows, a girl that said she was a boy, but everyone could tell she was a girl, and a midget terrorizing a country and sucking it dry of its money worst than a whore on Thursday! When he had come back home and told the others, they each took it the wrong way (he still never found what a fetish was), or they thought he was making things up. Thankfully Iruka-sensei had come bursting in to congratulate him on turning Zabuza good at the last second, and killing that midget Gato. After that Hinata fainted because he had been sleeping in a field and totally rape-able without her nearby, Ino because he had been in mortal danger from a girl with gender-confusion (oh, and because Sasuke was nearly killed too), and Kiba because Naruto had got a peek at a girl before him. Shikamaru, Shino, and Choji had only shook his hand and told him, "Better you than me", which he still didn't understand. Oh well, back to the matter at hand…

"Let me out, you overgrown garden hose! I'm gonna be the next Hokage, and when I am I'll kill you for this!" Naruto yelled as he tried to keep the muscles from crushing him. If only he knew more jutsu, but someone didn't teach him any! Oh, when he got out a list of people were gonna pay, and they would wish that he only turned all their clothes pink and yellow again.

"Come on! It's really cramped in here, and it smells like the back end of a horse!" Naruto yelled, and as if the large snake summon had heard him, and been offended by his words, the muscles compressed top him and pushed him to lay on his stomach on the floor of muscular flesh.

Naruto could practically feel the air being crushed out of his lungs. His vision blurred, even if all he could see was muscles contracting and dripping with stomach slime, but his vision blurred all the same. He began to panic, flailing about and clawing at anything he could just to move, to get out, to be at the ramen stand once again and find that it had all been a dream. He… needed… to get… out…

His vision faded, his eyes closed, and his body stopped it's clawing as he laid still on the floor of flesh. This was the end… of Naruto Uzumaki. Eaten by a giant snake… Oh well, it could have been worst… he could have been killed by Sakura…

Wait… he wasn't dead. No… he wasn't dead just yet, because his throat was being crushed like it was trapped under a boulder. Naruto tried to open his eyes, but found that he could only clench them shut in the intense pain that was upon him.

"Is this what has become of me? A worthless human, and an incompetent one at that. How far down have I fallen?" A calm, cold, and sneering voice said from just in front of him. It was so close that Naruto's eyes had to snap open to find this new person that could help him.

Except, this new person was the one chocking him, and insulting him. The person was clearly one of those nobles that Naruto would always have to deal with when the Old Man wanted him to come to or stay in his office. The person before Naruto was a man dressed in the clothes of a war-fought noble. He wore a white kimono with a red honeycomb pattern on the edges, a large black breastplate connected to a spike pauldron on the left, and what looked to be white fur on the right, matching white Sashinuki Hakama that he wore for pants. His feet covered with pointed black boots. On the man's waist rested three different swords, which Naruto had no doubt were capable of being used against him and used far better than a simple "well" could suffice. The guy's face was that of a male, even if it was slightly girly. Markings on his face in the form of two purple streaks on each cheek reminded Naruto of the Inuzuka clan and a matching purple crescent moon atop his forehead all framed by silver hair that fell towards his waist. The thing that sent shivers of unease up Naruto's spine was the golden orbs that he stared into too deeply, as if the guy was looking directly into his soul and freezing it under a blizzard.

Though the thing that really had Naruto on edge was the somehow familiar the aura coming off the guy before him was. It was almost the same as his own, but he could practically feel the cold indifference in the man's aura, where as his own was said to be warm and compassionate.

After what seemed like an eternity of just staring at one another, the man tightened his vice-grip on Naruto's neck, and it was only then did he notice that the guy had actually relaxed it before trying to get Naruto's attention again by retightening it. Naruto stopped staring at him long enough to realize that he was lifted off the ground.

"I can't believe that the Gods would dare insult me like this. It was probably a practical joke, making me into a fool. What is your name, boy?" The calm voice demanded with authority as he relaxed his grip so Naruto could speak.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto answered as best he could with the man's hand around his throat. He spoke without any fear or stuttering as he began to glare at the man. The man raised an eyebrow at the cold glare the boy gave him, and allowed himself a small smile before he glared right back at the kid. Perhaps he wasn't as worthless as he had first thought…

"I am Sesshomaru Taisho Inu, Demon Lord of the Western Lands, and you, young Naruto Uzumaki, are my reincarnation. As such you will cease that foolish and detestable act of life now." Sesshomaru commanded as threw Naruto from his hand as if the boy were trash.

Naruto, thanks to years of ninja training, was able to recover half-way in midair and flipped to land on his feet as he slid across the scene. Naruto's blue eyes lost their warmth and became as icy as the winter while he glared at the way Sesshomaru treated him.

"Listen here, Ses-shockaru. I don't know what you're talkin' about, or what a reincarnation is, but no one treats me like trash!" Naruto yelled at Sesshomaru as the man merely returned to glaring at the boy. Did his stupidity know no bounds…?

"You're a fool for wanting the attention of these humans, and for living among them as such a fool." Sesshomaru said calmly, hoping the boy would suddenly grow a brain and catch on to what was happening.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Naruto yelled in confusion as Sesshomaru actually let out a sigh of annoyance. Apparently not…

"You've allowed those pitiful humans of this era to turn you into a moron that knows little to nothing without their help. You're weak, and as my reincarnation I shall not allow that!" Sesshomaru snapped as Naruto almost flinched back at the cold sneer the man was speaking in.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked, his voice coming out as a whisper as he lowered his head. He had always been called an idiot, weak, and even pitiful, but for some reason the words of this guy were getting to him where he had not let the words of others get…

Sesshomaru then raised his hand at Naruto from across the way, and Naruto stood on guard incase Sesshomaru had a long-distance attack. It was then that a bright white light encamped his vision as Sesshomaru spoke.

"It will take far too long to tell you. So, you'll just have to remember and relive!" Sesshomaru said as the light completely took over Naruto's being.

In the light he saw it all; from beginning to end. His entire life up until the point of Sesshomaru's light attack. He watched his entire life in third person view. He saw his birth from his mother, who was named Kushina and was the previous Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. He saw his father, how was apparently the Fourth Hokage, fight the Kyuubi down to his last second of life. He watched as his parents' last words were to him, and how much they loved him. He watched as the Old Man fought with the council and the villagers about not killing him while he himself was in a crib sleeping like nothing was going on. He watched as he was almost killed multiple times before he was even two years old. He saw the ANBU protect him like he was family. He even saw the Old Man jump into action a couple of times. He watched it all. He watched Itachi kill his family on the orders of Danzo, behind the Old Man's back, and how Itachi's final words in the village was for Naruto and Sasuke to "grow up and be happy". He saw how Kakashi would hold him during his younger years and talk about his father since when he got older they wouldn't be able to in public. He watched how Asuma would take him out to eat when he was four, and how many other ninja; who all apparently knew Naruto was the son of the Fourth, would do similar things. He even saw how one of the back ninja blocked his memories of those good times saying, "demons don't get happy endings", and how all of the attention and love had to stop once he turned six years-old. He saw it all, and he dropped to the floor crying as the light faded and returned him to his place in front Sesshomaru.

"I really was an idiot…" Naruto said as he dried his tears with the back of his sleeve. Sesshomaru merely nodded, not offering any comfort at all.

"Yes, but that will stop today. No, right now." Sesshomaru said harshly as he fully turned to Naruto instead of watching him from the corner of his eye. He had turned away to not watch the boy cry. He hated such weakness, but for now he'd allow it just this once.

"You were a fool for wanting their pitiful human attention through practical jokes when you could have focused on gaining it through your power, intelligence, and noble actions." Sesshomaru berated Naruto as the boy didn't even defend himself.

Now that he thought about it, Sesshomaru was right. Instead of pranking the crap out of people, he could have been doing things like he did in Wave country since the very beginning. Who knows just how powerful and smart he could have been if he hadn't been screwed over by most of his teachers (all except Iruka and a few others), or by the "ninja" that wanted to show him some "really advanced stuff". Hell, he mastered the Shadow Clone Jutsu in one night, what else could he have accomplished if he had applied himself to his studies and such.

"Don't waste your breath, dog. Once I'm free, he'll be nothing more than a smear on the ground. The best he could ever hope for would be to become my vessel of destruction and mayhem." A dark and gruff voice said from the side of both males as a red glow became to appear. It continued to grow and morph until it took the full height and form of the Kyuubi.

Naruto gasped as he looked up at the giant fox demon, but then took a look around and realized that the entire time he had been inside his own mind. How could he have not noticed that before? Was he really that much of a complete moron. A small voice in the back of his head said yes, and he replied for it to shut the hell up.

Sesshomaru merely glanced back at the Kyuubi as he turned to it somewhat. This was the demon sealed away inside his reincarnation? While not as powerful as himself, or even that of his father, the fox demon was still far more powerful than his half-breed mutt of a brother. It would seem that his reincarnation would be even more powerful than anyone could have thought…

"Be silent, fox. I'll deal with you in a moment." Sesshomaru said as he turned back to Naruto.

"You do not command me, dog! I am the Kyuubi! The Nine-tailed Fox Lord! Master of all Foxes, and Lord of the Eastern Lands back in those times!" Kyuubi shouted out as Sesshomaru turned back to him.

Naruto wasn't sure what was going on still, but when Sesshomaru's aura started to pick up, and became visible, he knew that the Kyuubi was about to be on the receiving end of an ass-kicking. The white of Sesshomaru's eyes turned blood red as his eyes turned dark blue almost purple color as he glared at the Kyuubi. The markings on him became even more visible and his nails turned to claws as he held up a hand to show them.

"I said be silent, fox, or should I silence you by ripping apart your throat?" Sesshomaru said in a dark snarl as the Kyuubi made a sound.

Naruto's eyes widened as he realized that the sound was a whimper, and not just any whimper. The fox had affected him his whole life, so he knew more about animals and the like more than even the Inuzuka clan of his village. He easily recognized the whimper as one of complete submission under an alpha. He didn't exactly know why he knew, but he'd stake money on the theory that it was because he and the fox were tied at the soul.

The Kyuubi didn't say another word as it slowly began to morph once again. Naruto was sure that it was going to recede back into the depths of its cage where it once was, but he was completely shocked when he was it was transforming into a female. That was, if the breasts were any indication. Sesshomaru must have caught Naruto's evident confusion, not that it was that hard to miss, since he spoke up.

"Kyuubi, as both a fox demon and Lord of them at that, is able to change its gender depending upon the gender of whoever is the more dominate in power. This is in order to mate with the more powerful being to ensure its own survival and that of its race." Sesshomaru informed Naruto as Naruto merely nodded, still entranced by Kyuubi having boobs.

"So… Kyuubi's a girl now?" Naruto asked as Sesshomaru shook his head.

"The Kyuubi and all demons of its nature never had a definite gender. The Kyuubi stayed male this long because it was the most powerful being around, and as such would be male and domain whatever females were in the area. Since I am male, and more powerful than Kyuubi, it became female in order to submit to me and my dominance." Sesshomaru explained further as Naruto nodded again.

"Well… are all the other tailed beast like that?" Naruto asked as he remembered overhearing someone talk about a One-tailed demon in the Chunin Exams while they were walking to the Forest of Death.

"Yes, each of them is of that nature, except they are different than you. Those humans which contain the tailed demons aren't tied to their soul. Meaning that their demons can affect them far more or less than Kyuubi does you. The first few may or may not be able to affect the gender of their hosts, but that is for you to find out." Sesshomaru said calmly as he pondered the thought. He was sure that each demon could change the gender of their host, all except for maybe the Eight-tails, but he wanted the boy to have something to do after he returned. And what better thing to than domain several hosts that spontaneously became female.

"What are you?" Naruto blurted out as Sesshomaru gazed at him. He realized that he was still letting a fraction of his power out and so he repressed it once more and turned back to normal.

"I am a Demon Lord, the highest class of Demon. We were also known as Daiyokai or Great Demons. A daiyokai is a very powerful type of demon that is much stronger and smarter than the common demons. Most daiyokai have extremely long life spans, some are even borderline immortal less slain in battle. The most defining characteristic of daiyokai are our ability to remain calm in battle even if the situation is dire or their life threatened." Sesshomaru explained as Naruto grew more curious, stepping closer to Sesshomaru as he spoke.

"And yokai?" Naruto asked as Sesshomaru sighed in annoyance once again, but this time more at the fact this knowledge wasn't common anymore rather than Naruto not having it.

"They are meager common demons. Nothing really special about them since most have no intellect, and blindly follow their instincts. Some of them are smart, but compared to the likes of me they are fleas to be flicked off my fur at any moment I so chose." Sesshomaru said as Naruto stood directly in front of him, gazing up at him with curiosity clear in his eyes.

"Are there other races, or clans, or whatever?" Naruto asked as Sesshomaru nodded.

"Yes. There are half-breeds, like my younger brother. There are also spirits, holy beings like monks and priestesses, normal humans, and many more sub-categories, but we shall not dive into them since most of them have long since died out." Sesshomaru said as he turned from Naruto and gave the boy a sideway glance. He felt very uncomfortable with the boy piercing him with the warmth of his curious cerulean-blue eyes. It felt too much like Rin when she had been young and carefree…

Naruto, however, was wondering why Sesshomaru had sneered out the word half-breed like it was a poison. Had his younger brother been against him or something? Or perhaps Sesshomaru was just against mix bloods, or something like that?

"Hey, you said that you had been the Demon Lord of the West. What did that mean?" Naruto asked, trying to get away from the uncomfortable silence that hung over them.

"Back in the feudal era of my time, which was about 9,000 years ago, there were very few ninja and many more demons than today. I took over the western lands of the continent I inhabited, and so I was proclaimed as the Demon Lord of the West. The other area, besides the South and Central lands were ruled by one being or another. The East was ruled by Kyuubi back then as the Fox Lands, The North was ruled by a powerful holy monk named Saint Hakushin. The South was not ruled as a whole because of the various Warlords and territories held there, so no one wanted the job of uniting them. It was ruled, however, by a powerful Alchemist named Tousen, but he was killed by his most trusted servant Gin Ichimaru. The Central lands were a place of neutrality. We of the Lords would wage war there or in the Southern lands if we ever fought, but those were few and rare between times." Sesshomaru said as Naruto nodded, only understanding the basics of what Sesshomaru was talking about.

"Now-a-days, those Lands have fallen into what they are today. The very land your village is built on was once mine, but my region was split somewhat in two by an angered Water God. Now, your land is that of the East, but it was once all part of the lands west of the ocean." Sesshomaru said, his voice of indifferent reminisces as Naruto watched him.

It was then Naruto had a thought. If he remembered correctly then reincarnation was the rebirth of a being. That made him Sesshomaru, and Sesshomaru him. Then that made Naruto a… d-demon, even if it wasn't Kyuubi.

Naruto lowered his head as his expression became that of depression. They were right about him… they were right all along…

"What's with that pathetic expression?" Sesshomaru inquired as he glanced at Naruto from the corner of his eye.

"The villagers were right about me… I am just a demon after all… Naruto said sadly as Sesshomaru scoffed at him. Naruto's head jerked up as he looked directly at Sesshomaru's raised brow.

"Don't you ever compare us to those filthy pests! We are far above them, and stand almost to the height of the heavens in comparison to those filthy humans as well. Don't ever be a fool in my presence again by such feeling sadness over the fact that you are a demon. Just because you're a full Demon Lord now doesn't mean you're comparable to that trash they know to be demons, or that which they think you are. Be proud, stand proud, and embrace that which you are." Sesshomaru said as Naruto stood there, shocked that a man like Sesshomaru would give him a "pep-talk", even if he covered it well with his talk of pride and nobility.

"Thanks, Sesshomaru…" Naruto said as Sesshomaru scoffed at him once more.

"I was only speaking the truth. You are me, and I am you. I will not have my reincarnation walking about feeling depression over that which he should be proud of. Those humans and half-breed mutts should feel thankful and blessed to even have the chance to kiss at our pure demon-blooded feet." Sesshomaru said with a ghost of a smile on his face.

Naruto gazed up at Sesshomaru with more respect and admiration than he did most people. Here was a man that would be proud of anything that he was, and would work hard to improve himself if he wasn't. Naruto's respect for the man grew in leaps and bounds just from his words. Naruto could tell that just because Sesshomaru was a demon, and probably killed way more than his fair share, that the guy was alright. He seemed kind, to an extent, smart, brave, and even compassionate if you knew how to see it. Naruto was sure that if he had been one of the people to serve under Sesshomaru, because he was sure that there were very few categories that Sesshomaru had besides servants and mutts, humans, and other Lords, that Sesshomaru would have treated him with respect and fairness, again to a certain extend.

Naruto then noticed that, as he looked at Sesshomaru's whole, that the ends of Sesshomaru's clothes were beginning to fade into specks of light. Sesshomaru himself must have noticed it to, because the Demon Lord cursed aloud as he narrowed his eyes at the part of him that was fading.

"Damn, I thought I had more time. Naruto, I am fading. I don't have much time, but know this. We are not exactly the same being even though you are my reincarnation. You have your soul and I have mine. My soul is leaving, but once I completely fade you will have everything that I once did in life. That includes my memories, intellect, abilities, powers, and weapons. Everything that was me will be you, but you will still retain yourself. Meaning that you won't become anymore like me than you want to." Sesshomaru said as nearly all his bottom half had faded.

"But wait! We just got talking, and now you have to go! Why can't you stay?" Naruto asked as Sesshomaru smiled at him; actually smiled broad and kindly as he gazed down at Naruto. Naruto guessed it was merely because he'd be going that he actually allowed himself to smile so openly.

"You don't need me, young Naruto Uzumaki. I am you, and soon you will have everything that was mine. You'll find companions, servants, and maybe even a few good females to mate with." Sesshomaru said as Naruto blushed slightly at his last words.

"Yes, Naruto, you will mate, and with more than one. You can have as many as you wish to limit yourself to. I myself had but only five while my father had thirty-seven. You will have an alpha-wife, such as my mother with my father, but after her you can have any female you wish to; demon, half-breed, or even human if you wish. My first and alpha-wife was a human woman by the name of Rin and the others were demons, so don't feel discouraged by my views on most."

"…okay, but… will I ever see you again?" Naruto said. He liked Sesshomaru, and if he could, would have wished the man to be his adopted-father or at least elder brother.

"No, but like I've been saying for the past few minutes; I am you, and you are I. I have… faith that you will become someone I would be proud of. Become the person I could not be, do the things I could not do, and love all those you hold dear to you as I could not. You are Naruto Sesshomaru Uzumaki, and you will be a great reincarnation, young and unpredictable Naruto." Sesshomaru said as his head faded, his last words echoing as he disappeared, "I believe in you…"

"I will be great, Sesshomaru! You just watch! I'll raise our legacy once more, from this moment forth! I am Naruto Sesshomaru Uzumaki, and I will become just as great as you were! I will be the Demon Lord of the East!" Naruto declared as he watched the last particles of Sesshomaru's being disappear. He smiled with new found determination to become every bit as great as Sesshomaru.

Suddenly there was a blinding light that filled his vision before everything went into a blackening darkness.

Naruto Sesshomaru Uzumaki would become a name and man to be feared…