I stared at the yellowing ceiling as I lay on my couch. The heat of the afternoon sun warmed up my body and the sounds of rushing water reached my ears. I slowly lifted myself and walked on the sandy floor towards the golden coloured marbled balcony. There were many peasants flooding the courtyard, some walked back and forth while others bargained at the nearby bazaar. I looked to my side and saw that the Nile was crowded as it usually was in the late afternoons. Sighing to myself I walked over to my copper mirror hidden under my couch and looked in it. My face was extremely red and the kohl around my eyes was smudged due to the fact that I had my arm over my eyes while I rested. It has already been 8 rises since I dropped into this time, and I still had no idea how to get back. I looked into the mirror again and stared at my grey eyes. They looked tired and strained and my dirty blond hair didn't help with it sticking out. Egypt has always been a favourite place of mine but I never knew that I would end up here around the reign of Samir and be treated as a guest in return of playing my violin. A knock on my door turned my attention away towards Mahado, the pharaoh's personal administrator. "Pharaoh would like for you to play the song that seems courageous in his view down by the throne room right now." Mahado quietly said, looking down at the floor as if imagining him self being one of the ants that crawled along it. "Very well, tell his majesty I will be there" I replied. Mahado bowed down letting his medium length black hair fall forward. He left the room and I checked one last time into the mirror. I re-fixed the kohl around my eyes and straightened my hair. The violin sat in a beautiful wooden box with different hieroglyphs on it made of muffet (red ink) and other colourful inks. I picked it up and ran out to the throne room.