11/River fluff set between the Weeping Angels and Silence in the Library but with a future doctor that has come back to surprise the 'new Professor' River Song. Title from lyrics to Boston by Augustana, I was listening to it earlier and thought it really fitted their relationship.

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Eyes Are Red and Tears are Shed, the Worlds You Must Have Crossed

Her voice sounded hollow and lifeless. Even to her it sounded dull. Professor Song was surprised she was holding the attention of any of the students; talking about the most exciting events in history and she could not muster a seed of enthusiasm. River turned to face the tiered rows of spectators that somehow, surprisingly still looked half engaged.

It wasn't that she didn't love her job because she did. After years of (almost) constant entrapment in Storm Cage the open space of the lecture hall gave her an indescribable feeling of freedom. The air almost felt physically lighter than her enclosed cell, somehow she could breathe easier. The young, brilliant minds she encountered gave her hope for the future, excited at what they could achieve and her part in helping them.

Yes she did love her job but it was just this day. This day reminded her of how alone she was. The doctor's visits were becoming few and far between and each time he knew her a little less. That light that burnt so brightly in his eyes when he looked at her was slowly dimming, being extinguished. One day there would be no light there at all, only confusion and the hell of un-recognition.

He had made River's past so rich and full and worthwhile. Her future was the opposite. A life without the Doctor, it would kill her.

As the lecture came to an end the students began to filter out until she believed she was alone. A figure approached her as she collected her things at the desk; his voice was unexpected and made her jump.

"Sorry Professor I just, I just wanted..." The young man faltered and looked rather guilty.

"It's fine Karl, go on."

/ / /

The Doctor watched from his seat in the top corner of the room as the nervous looking student babbled away and River did her best to look interested. She didn't look interested she looked tired, bored but mostly sad and that broke the Doctor's heart a little. He knew they were approaching the end of River's timeline, she was out of prison and a Professor now – that meant it was only a matter of time before the library. He tried not to think about that. That also meant they were at the beginning of his time with her so he wasn't her doctor yet. Looking back he regretted how he had treated her in the beginning, he was cold and she deserved anything but that. He didn't understand her, what she was then but he could still see what he was to her and that scared him beyond belief.

He wanted to make that a little better so he had turned up today, an older him, a him that knew River completely. He rose and descended the stairs.

"I'm flattered Karl, really, but I'm your teacher. That is all." River said through clenched teeth, she was trying her dam hardest at this nice, understanding role model persona but all she wanted to do was punch him the hell away from her.

"Professor..." He sneered and curved a hand over waist.

Right, enough with the accepting personality back to no nonsense River. She turned to smack him but was greeted with a whoosh of cold air. The Doctor removed Karl by the collar of his jacket and pushed him towards the direction of the door.

"I think you need to learn when a girl is saying no mate."

"And who the hell are you?" The student yelled, clearly disgruntled to be interrupted.

He is my husband; River thought and just caught it on the tip of her tongue before it spilled out. Careful, spoilers.

"I'm her husband."

River turned to him, a look of complete astonishment on her face. Had he read her thoughts? Or had she really said it out loud after all?

Karl mumbled something embarrassed and almost sprinted for the door.


He strode over to his wife and kissed her gently but passionately. It was her first kiss with him since he'd returned her to Storm Cage after Utah and it couldn't have been more different from that. There was no flailing this time just a subtle, strong certainty. River moaned, in complete bliss, she was sure that her previous kiss with the Doctor had been her last and thank God she was wrong.

He pulled away slowly.

"Hello, sweetie." He mocked lightly.

"You're the doctor?" She asked, still in complete shock.

"Nice to see you still remember me."

"You're my doctor. Where are you from? How late are you?"

"Quite late. Late, late." He chirped. "Or early, in your case. You're young, still as insatiable and quite a bit more impressionable."

"And you're taking full advantage I'm sure." She smirked, his grip tightened on her waist as he leaned in to kiss her once more. She whispered into mouth, lips hovering over each other. "You're breaking the rules."

He pulled back slightly, frowning and replied:

"I just wanted to see you. I wanted to see you as you know me completely and I know you. Is that too much to ask?"

"Apparently so..." She murmured.

He kissed her again with a new found energy, invading her mouth with his tongue and burying his hands within the mass of curls that framed her face. He wanted to show her, tell her how much he loved her. Despite what an arse he was being each time he met her, he loved her.

The wood of the desk hit the back of thighs with a thud but he barely noticed as he led a trail of wet kisses along her collar bone. River guided his head with her hands, this felt good, she never thought she'd feel it again and it felt good.

"Sweetie, sw... oooh..." She moaned as he found the hollow space in between her collar bones and sucked it hard. "God that feels go... Doctor?" He rose his head and smirked at her lust filled eyes. "Maybe we should continue this in a nice comfy TARDIS somewhere?"

"She's parked out back. The whole of time and space, River, where d'ya fancy?" He grinned.

"Oooh surprise me!" She grabbed his hand and made a dash for the exit but he pulled her back, placing the lightest kiss on her forehead.

"Happy birthday Melody Pond." She grinned, so he did know. "Mels, Professor Song, River, my River..." He breathed out her names. "My wife."