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One – Draco POV

It was far too hot in here, and my head hurt like hell from all the flashing lights and thumping bass lines. To be honest, nightclubs weren't generally my kind of places…unless of course I was suitably drunk or accompanied by one or two lovely ladies. Tonight though, I was neither and thus was most definitely not in the mood. I'm not even sure how Blaise managed to persuade me in the first place, I'd have been happy staying in with a bottle of firewhiskey personally. Yes, Blaise, it was totally his fault, first of all for dragging me to this shit hole to begin with and second for buggering off almost the moment we made it through the door, obviously preferring the company of some leggy blond witch instead, bastard!

Casting one more cursory glance around the dimly lit, hazy room and finding absolutely nothing to pique my interest, I decided it was time to call quits on this bloody awful night, thankfully while I was still sober enough to Apparate without fear of Splinching myself.

I strolled out the front door, breathing in deeply to clear my head. Fresh air was so good…it was a lot colder than it had been earlier, I looked up at the sky - watching my breath mist in front of me as it swirled chaotically into the air - it was completely clear, hmm, it would probably be frosty in the morning. Brilliant, there is nothing on this Earth that can beat an early morning broom ride in the chilly morning air, it's invigorating.

Wrapping my jacket around myself a little tighter, I walked around the side of the building, hoping there would be a decent spot to Apparate from. As I walked, I became aware of several voices…female voices; hmm, maybe there was still a chance to salvage this dreadful evening yet. I heard them again, laughing raucously from around the next corner. Picking up my pace, I approached where they stood, but thinking better of walking straight over and announcing my presence, I peered around the corner first; I had to know what kind of ladies I was dealing with here, right, they could all be completely mental for all I knew?

I could see three women, standing with their backs to me, one blond and two brunettes. The woman in the middle looked quite promising, with long wavy hair, tall, and with truly magnificent legs, a slim waist and a mouth wateringly pert arse, which I have to say, was barely covered by the shimmering purple dress she wore. Yes, this could work; it was time for the legendary Malfoy charm to work its magic again.

I sauntered closer, eyeing the ladies with my sexiest smirk. It was when I was about fifteen feet away that I noticed a fourth woman, facing the other three. Even from here I could tell that she was absolutely wasted, barely able to stand straight as she wobbled precariously on her stilettos. I looked her over carefully, just as I had done with the other three, she really was quite pretty, under different circumstances - like when she was sober perhaps - she probably would have been my first choice from this little group.

Mahogany curls cascaded down her back and across her shoulders as they escaped the silk headband she wore. A tastefully short black dress showed off her curves, emphasising her ample breasts. My gaze finally travelled up to her face, it was heart shaped with full pouty lips and a cute button nose, deep chocolate…oh shit! I knew who this woman was, it was fucking Granger. What the hell was she doing here...we weren't in a bloody library, and how was she so drunk? I couldn't help but have a little chuckle to myself; well, wasn't she just full of surprises, who knew that Granger could act like a normal person in their early twenties every now and again.

I shook myself from my thoughts just in time to hear words come slurring out of Grangers pretty mouth. "You're no…no betterer than me. Why dos yo…you people always…always have to be rude to me, just 'co…'cos I'm not a fuckin' super model. At least people actually li…like me." Her audience just laughed hysterically in her face, making her forehead crease as she frowned back at them, clearly confused.

Admittedly I found the whole scenario quite amusing too, but probably for a completely different reason than any of these girls. Just seeing Granger so out of her normally composed ways was hilarious, their taunting of a clearly very inebriated girl…not so much.

"Bet yous ca…can't do this…" We all watched her fumble around down the top of her dress; what the hell was she doing, did she have some party trick that involved her boobs? I admittedly became a little more intrigued at that thought, hmm. A couple of seconds later she pulled out her wand…fucking hell Granger, seriously, her wand, how was that going to help her situation?

"And what the hell do you think you're gonna do to us with a stick you moron?" The blond haired woman questioned. Granger pointed her wand at the girls face, quite unsteadily, with a look of sheer determination plastered across her own. Sighing, I made a quick decision, I had no choice; it was clearly time for an intervention, she really was being a moron if she thought brandishing her wand in front of Muggles was a good idea.

I jogged quickly towards the group. "Oh baby, there you are, you had me so worried wandering off like that. Is everything alright?" I snaked an arm around Grangers waist; she looked up at me with glazed, chocolate eyes, obviously trying to focus.

"Mafloy...Malfoy; pretty boy!" A hand reached up towards my face, but she wasn't steady enough to actually touch me. Grabbing hold of the swaying limb, I rolled my eyes and turned to look at the truly shocked faces of the other three girls.

"Excuse us ladies, but I think I it's about time to get my darling girlfriend home, don't you? Come on babe, time to go." With one more dashing smile in their direction, I wrapped my arm more securely around Granger, half walking, half carrying her back towards the club.

There was a decent size area in front of us, housing the clubs rubbish bins, and to my utter delight it was completely deserted. I was still supporting Granger's almost dead weight, and thought that it was probably wise to physically try and get her home myself, rather than rely on one of those muggle taxi things. "Granger?" I shook her gently. "Hello, where do you live?" Nothing, great, she looked like she'd already passed out. Fine, she'd have to stay at mine, just what I fucking needed.

I Disapparated with a crack, clinging onto her semi-limp form tightly as we landed in the back garden of my modest, three bedroomed, detached house. "Come on Granger, wake up will you." I shook her a bit harder, and she slowly turned her face in my direction, squinting her eyes as she tried to focus again, before promptly spinning back around and vomiting all over my lawn. "Charming. Thanks for that woman." With a quick Scourigify, I hoisted her over my shoulder and entered the house.

As I stood in my hallway I was having an internal debate about where to put her, the lounge, or the spare bedroom? I decided on the latter, partly thinking it would be more comfortable for her…but also mainly because she wouldn't be cluttering up my living room when she inevitably slept in late and potentially threw up her stomach contents again.

Grabbing a bucket – as a precautionary measure - from one of the cupboards, I made my way up the stairs with a slightly gurgling Hermione Granger; I could never have imagined this scene in a million years, it was utterly surreal. Once in the spare bedroom, I pulled back the cream duvet cover, laying her down carefully onto the bed. Her hair splayed out across the pillow framing her face, one hand resting lightly against her chest, the other up by her face. My breathing hitched slightly, she looked considerably better than she had at school, or even just yesterday…not that she'd ever been ugly or anything; far from it actually, but she was truly pretty tonight…well, more like breathtakingly beautiful…if you could ignore the snoring.

Shaking myself out of my reverie, I placed the bucket beside the bed and proceeded to remove her shoes; how women walk in these things I'll never know. Pulling the duvet up around her sleeping form, I couldn't help but have another glance at her before I left the room, retiring to my own bed.

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