Hi! I know that I technically finished this story a few days ago, and I wasn't intending to do an Epilogue, but this came to me the other day, and I thought it worked, so yeah, here it is.

AN - Nope, it's not mine, well, the plot is, but does that really count in the grand scheme of things...probably not :-)


Three years later – Hermione POV

"Ginny!" I yelled, close to tears again as I knelt on the hearth rug, my head thrust into the fireplace. My best friend ran into her living room, looking slightly cautious, but a smile on her face none the less. The smile slipped though when she looked more carefully at my tear stained cheeks.

"Hermione, what's wrong this time?" I pulled myself through the incandescent flames, and straightened my body a little shakily.

I swallowed thickly past the lump in my throat. "He told me I looked beautiful."

Ginny's eyes widened at me in disbelief. "So you're crying?"

"Yeah." I looked at her, wanting her to respond the same way she normally did, to call him an arse hole to make me feel better…even if she no longer meant the words.

Shaking her head, she sighed. "Sorry, I'm obviously still failing to see how Draco telling you how beautiful you are made you cry."

My tears stopped as I glared incredulously at the red head before me. "Because…" I practically growled, "…he's clearly lying."

"And you came to this conclusion how exactly?"

"Well look at me…" I turned on the spot slowly.

"Yeah, I'm still not really seeing it Hermione."

"Are you being bloody obtuse on purpose? I'm the size of a bloody hippogriff."

"So, that Hermione is called being seven and a half months pregnant." Folding my arms across the top of my protruding stomach, I sat indignantly on her sofa. "You're just letting your hormones get the better of you again."

I was mumbling swear words under my breath. "Fucking weather, it's too bloody hot, and being pregnant is a load of bollocks anyway; it's so damn…..grr!"

"Feel better now?" She was patting my back soothingly.

"I just can't understand why he'd say it."

"Now you're the one being thick. Men love it when their wives are pregnant." I rolled my eyes. "Seriously, when I was pregnant with James, Harry couldn't keep his hands off me. He used to do this thing…with his fingers…"

I quickly shoved my fingers in my ears, no doubt blushing furiously. "La la la la la…shut up, I seriously do not need to hear about it."

She laughed quietly at my embarrassment, but the moment was broken when I heard a voice. "Hermione?"

The voice was masculine, and it was emanating from the other side of the room. I looked down, there was a blond haired head bobbing in the fireplace. I tried to smile apologetically, but he wasn't looking particularly happy.

"Fucking hell woman, I try paying you a compliment and you run off crying."

"Sorry Draco, I'm coming home now, so don't worry." His head disappeared, so hugging my friend quickly; I stepped back through the fire, nearly running into my frustrated looking husband.

"Draco, look…" He folded his arms across his chest, muttering something about daft woman, running off and worrying him. He could still be pretty childish sometimes, and it made me love him even more for it. "Look, I'm sorry I ran off, okay. These bloody hormones are affecting me a little more than I'd care to admit."

"All I said was that you looked beautiful." He was pouting now.

"Ha!" I laughed out loud. "Whatever Draco."

His eyes narrowed as they zoned in on my face. "Since when have I ever lied when giving an opinion…you know me, I'm a 'to the point' kinda guy."

"Hmm, you are normally pretty blunt…but personally I cannot see the word 'beautiful' being associated with me at the present time; 'blimp-er-rific' maybe I can see."

"You do know that's not even a word don't you?" He smiled gently at me, pulling me against his chest, as he wrapped his arms around me the best he could with my enormous belly sandwiched between us.

I shifted my body sideways, burying my nose into his neck; his scent was washing away any anger or upset that I'd been feeling only minutes ago. I can't believe it still had this effect on me, even after all this time. It left me with a wonderful feeling; it was like coming home.

Draco obviously felt me smile against his skin and decided that I was in a better mood, because as he swayed our bodies from side to side, he began whispering in my ear, his voice growing huskier with each word.

"You know, I can call you 'blimp-er-rific' if you want, but I can think of many other fitting adjectives for you my dear."

"Hmm…" My eyes were closed, listening to his voice reverberate through his body, calming me further.

"How about stunning…gorgeous…amazing…adorable…sexy…" he punctuated each new word with a kiss to my head or cheek at the same time as his hand stroked up and down my spine. His hands became more urgent as he kneaded my arse, before slipping between our bodies to rub teasingly at my trouser covered crotch.

I grabbed his hand, pulling him forwards, up the stairs towards our bedroom. "Come on then, show me how beautiful I am."

His eyes sparkled with lust as his lips descended onto my own. He pushed us backwards through the door, kicking it closed with his foot.

Six weeks later – Draco POV

"Can you come and hold my hand please Draco?" She said it in such a deceptively calm voice, that I almost crossed the room. But looking carefully at her flushed face, framed with sweaty, straggly curls, I remained where I was.

"Not a chance, sorry, but I'm not about to have my hand broken again, it's still throbbing from earlier."

"I did not break it last time, but if you don't get your arse over here now, it's not your fucking hand that you should be worrying about." Her pained eyes flickered pointedly towards my groin.

Cautiously I edged closer to the bed. We had been here nineteen hours so far, and there was still no sign of the baby…apart from the apparently bone crushing contractions that Hermione was suffering through.

After her first attempt at breaking my hand, I'd implored with the nurses to do something, anything. Surely we witches and wizards had come up with a way to speed the whole process along a bit. I'd been given an ego denting, stern look, and told that childbirth was not something that could be rushed, especially by a man.

I took her hand in mine, stroking it with my thumb and bracing myself for the pain to come…ah, there it was, and it bloody hurt. Another contraction racked her body just as the Mediwitch walked in. Popping her head under the blanket briefly, she came back up, beaming at us. "Looks like we're finally ready, you okay to push in a minute?"

I sighed with relief, earning another glare from my wife. "It's not over yet Draco. What? Did you think you could just push on my belly, and 'pop', your son would come flying out?"

I kissed her sweaty forehead. "I didn't mean anything by it, but at this moment; honestly, if I could, I would." I squeezed her hand comfortingly as she squared her shoulders, preparing to push.

An hour of pushing, panting and swearing later; and not just from Hermione, the most heart wrenching and ear splitting sound filled the room, emitted from the tiny red blob writhing in the nurses arms…our son.

I looked down at Hermione, my beautiful, albeit bright red wife, silent tears or relief and exhaustion rolled down her cheeks as she stared unblinking at our child as he was placed carefully in her arms.

Together we watched his tiny eyes blinking up at us, his fingers flexing uncontrollably. "Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy" she whispered.

"I like it." I mumbled into her hair, a smile on my face.

"Hmm…I like you."

"You only 'like' me?" I smiled again.

"At the moment?" She asked teasingly, her deep chocolate eyes moving to rest on mine.

"Well, regardless, I love you, so…" I trailed off, kissing her tenderly on the lips. "I love you both so much."

She smirked at me. "Well aren't you just turning into a soppy old git?" I raised an eyebrow incredulously. "For the record though, I love you too."

So hopefully this didn't ruin it...but let me know what you thought either way.