Okay, well I got this crazy idea from SugarBubblegum333 who got this from Yami Amethyst Rose. I hope you enjoy this, and it makes you laugh. I'm sure it won't though.

I own nothing besides my characters.

Yami Amethyst Rose's Crazy OC Meme Remix~

Jamie N. Black

Arabella V. Black

Damien H. Black

*In a dark room somewhere in South Park, Colorado, three original characters find themselves in front of a TV crew. An unseen narrator is asking them questions; they are sort of complied to answer. *

-Two siblings at the same time or maybe three.-

1) What's your name?

Jamie: "James, but I go by either Jamie or Nero."

Arabella: "Arabella!"

Damien: "Damien."

2) How old are you?

James: "I'm fifteen years old."

Arabella: "Thirteen years old!"

Damien: "Thirteen years old."


Jamie: "-grumbles-, I'm 5'3, but I'm going to grow eventually."

Arabella: -stares at her brother before laughing- "I'm 5'4!"

Jamie: "You suck!"

Arabella: "Whatever shorty!"

Jamie: "I'm going to kill you!"

Arabella: "Bring it on!"

-Curses and crashes could be heard in the background. -

Damien: -stares at his fighting siblings- "I'm 5'4."

4)Any bad habits?

Jamie: "Now that, that is over, I'm a bit to possessive for my own good."

Arabella: "I have lollipop in my mouth 24/7."

Damien: "I really don't use effort when I do anything."

5) Are you a virgin?

Jamie: "Of course I am." -light coating of pink could be seen on his face-

Arabella: "What the fuck ever, the way you make sparkly eyes at the Anti-Christ. It's debatable. I sure am!"

Jamie: -glares- "Don't test me Bella."

Arabella: -smirks- "Whatcha you gonna do about it, shorty?"

-More curses and crashes could be heard in the background. -

Damien: -sigh- "I'm a virgin too."

6) Who's your mate/spouse/lover?

Jamie: "Alexander of Macedon, be jealous of my conqueror boyfriend."

Arabella: -stares in disbelief- "How is that even possible? He's been dead for quite a few centuries..."

Jamie: "Damien introduced him to me in Hell. I bet he could introduce you to someone too, unless they were Mormon."

Arabella: "You think he could introduce me to Heath Ledger, perhaps Uchiha Itachi?"

Jamie: "An anime character and the Joker?"

Arabella: -nods- "They are all kinds of sexy!"

Jamie: "I agree."

Arabella: "So…"

Damien: -stares at his siblings- "Why? Whatever, no, neither Bella or I have a significant other."

7) Do you have any kids?

Jamie: "I'm a fudging virgin, how would I have kids? I want three though."

Arabella: "Nope, I plan to have two."

Damien: -sighs- "Too much effort."

8) Favorite food?

Jamie: "Baked Fish with lemon!"

Arabella: "Scorpion Lollipops!"

Damien: "Spaghetti."

9) Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Jamie: "I don't really like ice-cream, but I do enjoy coffee flavored ice-cream."

Arabella: "Mint and Vanilla with gummy bears and scorpions."

Jamie: -raises eyebrow? "Scorpions? You're weird."

Arabella: -smiles- "So, the pot says to the kettle."

Damien: "Simple vanilla."

10) Have you killed anyone?

Jamie: -winks- "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Arabella: -coughs into hand- "I couldn't be held accountable for my actions."

Damien: "Why am I stuck with the crazy siblings?"

-Narrator glares- "You're supposed to answer the question!"

Damien: -sigh- "No, I haven't killed a person."

Arabella and Jamie: "He lies!"

11) Do you hate anyone?

Arabella and Jamie: -eyes dilated in rage- "Eric Cartman and Craig Tucker! They must die!"

Damien: "I hate lots of people."

12) Do you have any secrets?

Jamie: -blinks- "Yeah, I do. It wouldn't be a secret if I told you though."

Arabella: "I do."

Damien: "I have lots of secrets."

13) Tacos?

Jamie: "Sort of."

Arabella: "They aren't as good as scorpion lollipops."

Damien: "They are okay, you should talk to Clyde though."

14) Have you slept the whole entire day?

Jamie/Arabella/Damien: "Yep!"

15) What is your eye color?

Jamie: -flirty smile- A sexy dark blue.

Arabella: "Psh, whatever. My brown eyes are to die for."

Jamie: "Blue!"

Arabella: "Brown!"

Jamie: "Blue!"

Arabella: Brown!"

Jamie: -growls- "Bella!"

Arabella: -returns action- "James!"

Damien: "Not again, whatever, my eyes are a boring grey."

16) What is your hair color?

Jamie: "An seductive blood-red."

Arabella: "Dark blond."

Damien: "Dark brown and blood red."

17) Are you fat, average, or slim?

Jamie: "A very slim boy."

Arabella: "Pretty slim."

Damien: "Same as my crazy-ass siblings."

Jamie and Arabella: -huff- "I hate you."

18) Rain or Sunshine?

Jamie: -excited gleam in eyes- "I love the rain, thunderstorms are the best to see the beautiful rain. It's totally calming and cleansing. I want it to rain!"

Arabella: "My dear older brother, you are delusional. Clearly the sunshine is the best weather possible."

Jamie: "Rain!"

Arabella: "Sunshine."

Jamie: "Rain!"

Arabella: "Sunshine."

Jamie: "Sunshine!"

Arabella: "Rain!"

Jamie: "Ha!"

Arabella: "You suck!"

Jamie: "My dear sister, I believe that's you." -sticks tongue out.

Damien: "I like neither."

19) Pool or Beach?

Jamie: "I like the beach, more guys to trick and to stare at." -flirty smirk. -

Arabella: "I would have to agree with you dear brother."

Damien: "The beach, all the hot girls lusting after me."

Arabella and Jamie share a look. Arabella raises a skinny eyebrow. "Damien, are you okay?"

Damien: "Fine, why do you ask?"

Arabella and Jamie share a nervous laugh: "N-No reason."

Jamie whispers: "I'm getting Daddy after this."

20) Camping or staying at home?

Jamie: "I know a place where you never get harmed. A magical place with magical charms. Indoors, Indoors, Innn-dooors… Take it away penny!"

Arabella: "Yeah….Camping, fresh air is good for your health."

Jamie: "Fuck whatever crazy girl."

Damien: "Indoors."

21) Dog or Cat?

Jamie: "Cats are the best."

Arabella: "How about a liger?"

Damien: "Cats, they are independent creatures. They don't rely on you at all."

22) Do you believe in aliens?

Jamie: "Yeah, there's a large alien satellite in Cartman's disgusting butt crack."

Arabella: "Yeah, we know there are aliens. Have you seen the talking taco alien that can poop ice-cream scoops?"

Damien: "There are aliens."

23) What do you do to relax?

Jamie: "I play my cello or violin."

Arabella: "I watch re-runs of Bizarre Foods."

Damien: "I stare blankly at my wall."

24) Car or Ship?

Jamie: "Car."

Arabella: "I get sea-sick."

Damien: "Ship, I find the waves very calming."

25) What is your job?

Jamie: "Working part time at the History Museum. The dress code is sucky."

Arabella: Blackmailing Jamie... Jamie, I have pictures of you and Stan. When were you planning to tell Daddy?"

Jamie: -blushes hotly- "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Arabella: "Really?" -flashes pictures-

Jamie: "What do you want, you devil?"

Arabella: "Your clothes for my theme."

Jamie: "Never."

Arabella: "Daddy..."

Jamie: "Fine!"

Damien: "My job is separating those two."

26) Any unusual things about you?

Jamie: -smiles proudly- "I'm a sexy cross-dresser."

Arabella: "I have two gay parents."

Damien: -shrugs- "I have a piercing on my cock."

27) Boy or Girl?

Jamie: -raises eyebrow- "What do you think?"

Arabella: "Look at my awesome boobs." -points at her chest.

Damien: -cough- "Again, I have a piercing on my cock."

28) Favorite place?

Jamie: "In my Daddy's arms."

Arabella: "In my Dad's arms."

Damien: "My local library."

Arabella and Jamie: "You were supposed to say something sweet."

29) Do you like pancakes?

Jamie: "Yummy."

Arabella: "I want some, I mean yes!"

Damien: "I agree with my siblings."

30) Favorite movie?

Jamie: "Spirited Away, best movie ever. Hands down."

Arabella: "In your dreams, obviously the best movie ever is the original Nightmare on Elm Street."

Damien: "Omen."

31) Any last words?

Jamie: "I want to thank all my lovely fans. My authoress apparently doesn't appreciate my awesomeness. I mean seriously, who can't like me?"

Arabella: -sticks out tongue- "Damien! Anyways, I was wondering does anyone want a scorpion lollipop? They are so very yummy."

Damien: "I'm going to sleep."