"Well, Destiny, it would seem that you are truly no match for my might." Sepulchure's mouth twisted up into a wicked grin as he stared down into the defiant hazel-green eyes of Destiny Evingar, the DragonLord of Light, at long last rendered powerless before his throne. He had been waiting long for this day, the day when she would finally be his. The darkness of his fortress seemed to enhance her beauty more than anything else ever could. Even in the lack of light her golden armor glinted, her winged cape glowed, and her mahogany hair shone, and though she was defeated she still held herself tall and proud. The shadows outlined the soft curve of her cheek, the harder edge of her dragon-wing pauldrons, the lines of her face which were drawn into the fiercely determined expression she was known for. She always seemed to have that certain air of courage about her, and it was rather admirable. "I must give you some credit, though. You were a worthy opponent while you lasted."

"I'm not done yet," the brunette countered. "Though I may be powerless here, my friends are not, and Lore will never fall as long as there are heroes like them to defend it!" She balled her hands up in order to resist the urge to blast him. It would be a waste of mana and she knew it. She almost shuddered at the memory of how he had toyed with her in their previous battle, prolonging it as long as he possibly could until she could fight no longer, while he was not even injured in the slightest. Even Aura had felt the sting of the defeat, her Light power having been rendered almost useless against the DoomLord. Said dragon, knowing that she had no more chance than her mistress as of now, resorted to a cold glare with her sky blue eyes and the occasional annoyed twitch of her tail.

"Hahahaha!" Sepulchure's bone-chilling laugh sent shivers up Destiny's spine. "You've always been the spirited one, haven't you?" He descended the stairs in front of him and stopped only when he was directly in front of her and she could just see under his helm. For the first time, she could discern the color of his eyes, a startlingly bright blue with a touch of crimson radiating from the pupils, possibly from his corruption. She could see how they were sunken far back into his skull, see the lines and scars that marred what must have once been a noble, handsome face. Her heart was suddenly crushed with sympathy for the man standing before her, a man who had at one time been like her, a warrior for good and a defender of the Light. A part of her was shocked at herself for feeling anything but hatred towards Sepulchure, but a larger part overruled that, arguing that even if he wasn't entirely human anymore he still had emotions. Somewhere underneath he was still hurting from the loss he had suffered that had caused him to turn to the darkness in the first place.

"You're still suffering, aren't you?" she asked, the compassion in her voice causing him to waver for a second. "From the past?" In the next second he slammed her against the wall, one hand on her chest all that was needed to keep her suspended a few inches off of the ground. She could hear Aura roar in anger as she struggled for air, both of her hands attempting to pry his clawed gauntlet away.

"What do you know of my past, DragonLord?" he hissed.

"I- I know that... *cough* that y-you lost someone- *gasp* someone important to you." His grip lessened slightly as he stared at her in shock. "S-someone you loved. And- I know th-that you... *gasp* wanted to get po-*cough cough* power to make sure... make sure it didn't happen again." How on Lore? He took a few steps backwards and released her completely, and she collapsed on the ground, gasping and coughing violently. Aura rushed to her side and nudged her cheek gently, then assumed a protective stance in front of her, small Light-empowered flames shooting from her nostrils as she growled menacingly.

"How DARE you!" the dragon roared. "How DARE you touch her that way! You... you DEMON!" She flapped her wings and leaped at Sepulchure's face, claws outstretched, but he simply raised an arm and wordlessly batted her away into a nearby minion's grasp.

"Aura!" Destiny's voice was strained, and she was powerless as the DoomLord grabbed her wrist and forced her to her feet. Only when he started directing their path to a pedestal near the corner of the room did she begin to struggle against him.

Suspended above the small platform was the Necrotic Sword of Doom. And she knew exactly what he was planning.

"Let me go! No, you can't do it, I won't let it happen! Let me GO!" Out of the corner of her eye she saw Aura break free from the undead holding her and begin to fly over to them, only to be stopped by an invisible barrier, most likely erected by Sepulchure himself. As they inched closer to the wicked sword she could feel the dark power emanating from its core, the evil spirit inside yearning for the host that she now knew she was intended to be. Destiny's struggles grew more frantic, but it was futile against Sepulchure's iron grip, and though she tried she couldn't stop him from placing her hand on the hilt of the sword. Only then did he release her, but the darkness spirit was already beginning its takeover, whispering its poison in her mind and rendering her immobile.

"Aura!" she screamed in Draconic, knowing that she had only seconds before she was lost. "You have to get out of here! Get Artix and the others! They'll figure something out!"

The dragon hesitated, reluctant to leave her mistress behind. "But, Des-"

"GO!" the girl screamed again, and then all that could be seen of Aura was a metallic gold blur as she shot off towards the exit. Sepulchure let her leave; she could do nothing for her mistress now.

Suddenly, a bright light from where Destiny was standing forced him to shield his eyes. It quickly turned into a dome of darkness, and when it died down, the woman standing there was not the Destiny that Lore knew. Her golden DragonLord armor and cape had been replaced with the dark red armor and cloak of the DoomKnight, and her normally bright eyes were shrouded in shadow. His mouth curled into a smile; his plan had worked perfectly. Her soul was as pure as he had first thought, and the spirit that had taken residence in the sword had migrated into her body and taken over completely.

"This girl..." She spoke softly, and the voice was still Destiny's. "She is so pure, so... powerful. So much raw power contained in one small vessel." She looked up at him, a dark smile on her face. "The perfect host. You've chosen well, Sepulchure."

"I've had my eye on this one for quite some time." His own smile widened. "When I first saw her power, I knew that she was the one of the prophecy. And now, it is fully broken." Both let loose with wicked laughter which reverberated off the walls and through the halls of the fortress, sending shivers down Aura's spine to the tip of her tail as she shot out of the exit to retrieve the ones who were now Destiny's only hope.

Disclaimer: Sepulchure, Artix, and everything else related to DragonFable © Artix Entertainment, LLC.
Destiny Evingar, Aura © Kyasarin Jakkusan (me)

Yes, I'm back (and I had a bit of trouble with the genre for this one, so bear with me). This time introduces Destiny Evingar, my first DF character ever, and probably my most developed. I've put her through hell and back practically, if this story doesn't tell you that already. Poor girl hasn't quite been able to grasp the fact that she's the hero of the prophecy. This also introduces her dragon companion Aura, who is usually very sarcastic and witty until faced with situations like this one. Then she goes all World Destroyer Dragon, "RAWR, DIE!" The timeline of this is during the two Final 13th quests which run you through Sepulchure's new fortress, a trap-filled tower located north of Willowshire, in an effort to stop him from combining the 8 Elemental Orbs into the Ultimate Orb. This was an old, old idea that had been sitting on my computer for ages, and the war was just too perfect a place to implement it into the overall storyline. It's also kind of a background story for if/when I get the full DoomKnight package for my account.

In the next chapter, will Artix and the others make it in time to rescue Destiny? Or is she lost forever?