Hi again! Random oneshot. Enjoy!

"Nice day for a date!" I said with a smile. My Sam and I were eating ultra-recyable sandwiches underneath an oak tree.

"It sure is," replied Sam, putting her hand in mine. "I'm sure glad Tucker knows you love me. After all, he inspired this dream sequence, didn't he?"

"Wait… Tucker knows about my secret crush on you?"

"Didn't you know? He's recorded every blushy moment that we've ever had. Isn't-" Sam morphed into Tucker-"Isn't it obvious?"

"!" I screamed, bolting upright. I banged my head on my shelf. Tucker knows? He's recorded every moment? HE'S KISSED MY SAM! Whoa, where did that thought come from? Maybe it just sounded good on paper. Anaways,

"I'M GOING GHOST!" I raced over to Tucker's house and went through his window, my eyes bright yellow. I made a sound proof wall so his parents wouldn't hear me yelling. (Um… new ghost power? It wouldn't make sense otherwise… I'm just gonna leave now…)

"TUCKER!" I shouted in his ear.

"AAAAAAAAH!" screamed Tucker. He rubbed his eyes and looked at me. "Why are you over at my house? In my room?"

"Well," I growled, "apperantly coughaccordingtomydreamcough you know I like Sam in a overly friendly way, you recorded "blushy moments", and-" I paused, wondering if I should continue. It was just a random thought, right? Might as well test it. "AND YOU KISSED MY SAM!" Tucker blinked.

"First of all, I suspected your crush on Sam, but-" he smiled slyly-"now I know for sure." My face turned beet red. "Second, I ne- Okay, I've kept track of them on my PDA. Hey, it might come in handy!" I glared at him. "Or not… Finally, where in the world did you come up with that? I've only kissed her once!"

My eye twitched. "Once?"I said, raising my voice. "YOU'VE KISSED SAM?" My eyes turned a very violent yellow.

"DUDE, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!"shouted Tucker. "Remember the flour sack project?"

"Yes,"I huffed.

"Well, I got a little carried away with being a parent. I literally thought she was my wife and I kissed her and-"

"Did she like it?" I spat, shuddering at the thought.

"NO! She said ' Let's prentend it never happened.' She's all yours ,dude!" I sighed, relieved.

"Thanks. Now I can get some sleep." I flew out Tucker's bedroom.


I sighed. What a night. Evil Danny and confessions.

"It's a good thing I recorded it!" I said out loud.


The end…

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