Salt on a wound.

Naruto was sat in the back of Kakashi's car; he was looking out the window entranced by the blurry lights passing by. He was so tired, physically and mentally it had been a hard week, all his hopes had been crushed in one moment and he blamed himself.


"Naruto" he was watching the television but not paying attention, he was just trying hard to ignore the person calling him. "Naruto look at me when I'm talking to you", Naruto swivelled his head at the dangerous low tone. Everything about Orochimaru made him feel sick, his pale skin that was always cold, his slick black hair that fell over his eyes and most of all; the crease he got in his nose when he smirked.

"I have to go out till seven, but I'll be bringing a few friends back so make sure this place is cleaned up" Naruto didn't make any sign of acknowledgement, Orochimaru grabbed his chin, looking him in his eyes, his thumb caressed Naruto's face."Such a nasty attitude for a beautiful looking boy, I treat you so well" he gripped a bit harder, "and yet you don't show me any gratitude".

Naruto dropped his gaze and Orochimaru kissed him, nipping slightly, "I'll see you tonight Naruto", and like that he left. Naruto gripped a cushion and buried his face into the sofa, the bangs and clicks of the many bolts on the door rang through the flat as he locked him in.

He must have fell asleep, because when he finally turned over it was 1pm, he'd been thinking of his childhood, and even though it wasn't the best he still had friends, he wasn't completely alone in a flat. He didn't consider Orochimaru or any of his "friends" company, most of the abuse he'd learned to tune out, it almost felt like an outer body experience that he was looking in on.

Jeremy Tyler played in the background as he began to tidy the living room, they thought they had problems! There was a loud knocking on the door, he stood still, Orochimaru had a key he'd never knock and all Orochimaru's associates never came here alone. He glanced at the time 1:45pm, shuffling to the peep hole he saw a man with spiky grey hair. One of his eyes was covered with a bandana and his clothes were smart casual, a shirt, jeans and smart black shoes. Naruto was unsure what to do, he didn't know who the man was, calling for help might compromise his safety, Orochimaru had broke his leg the last time he'd tried to escape.

Before he could decide the man pulled out something from in his pocket, it turned out to be a key and he inserted it into the door. Panicking Naruto hurried back into the room and behind the kitchen counter after grabbing a knife from the drawer. He heard the man enter and shut the door behind him, re-locking it completely. "Hello!" the man had called out, he knew Naruto was in there, the television was still blaring in the background. Naruto debated his options; he could come out and face the man or worse be found. He stood up slowly concealing the knife behind his back. The man smiled at Naruto his eyes curving upwards; somehow it eased him a tiny bit.

"Naruto?" Naruto stared blankly at the man, still cautious; he knew never to get comfortable. "Did you want to sit down? We'll have to be quick; Orochimaru will be back soon, no?" Naruto immediately tensed, the man realised his mistake immediately, "I'm not going to harm you" he said as sincerely as he could. Naruto snorted, "Who are you?" he kept eye contact trying not to show any vulnerability. The man himself sat down on the chair beside the television, "My name is Kakashi Hatake, and I'm with the police".

Kakashi looked at the boy of a mere thirteen years of age with such dullness in his big blue eyes. Naruto slid onto the sofa opposite the television; "Are you here to take me from him?" they both knew who he was referring to. Kakashi smiled slightly and nodded.

Kakashi considered his wording before he started chewing the inside of his cheek, unsure of how Naruto would take the information, "we have been watching Orochimaru for a while now" Kakashi stated. "How long" Naruto said feeling a mixture of emotions, if they had been watching why hadn't they removed him straight away? "I know what you're thinking" he paused "your safety is our immediate concern but there were other factors you have to understand". Kakashi was having a hard time himself, he'd battled with this case a while, he of course devoted to his job of protecting the public especially the venerable no doubt wanted to take Orochimaru out right away. But Orochimaru wasn't just a trafficker he was a notorious criminal, series of murders behind him and a major figure in the drugs trade. Kakashi's bosses saw it more as an opportunity and wanted him under surveillance to benefit them as much as possible. Unfortunately for Naruto they couldn't take him out without blowing their cover much to Kakashi's anger they saw him as necessary casualty.

"That doesn't matter Naruto, we have to focus on now" this sparked fury in Naruto, lit by the hope that he'd brought with him, "Doesn't matter! Doesn't matter?" he repeated, "You haven't had to stay in this hell hole! You haven't had to pretend like a piece of you doesn't die every time he touches you, kisses you, breaks you" he choked on his own words and fell to his knees "praying that somehow you'd be saved, that someone would hear your begging" he whispered the last bit, tears rolling down his face silently.

Kakashi kneeled beside the boy, "Naruto look at me" he lifted his gaze to Kakashi's eyes, they flickered with emotion. "Naruto I'm so fucking sorry, I should have pushed harder but I'm here now and we have to focus on that Naruto, It isn't over but just the beginning."

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