Chapter 4:

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Recap: So many things were going through Naruto's head; it only made his headache more painful. Nobody had said anything about Kakashi and the others nor Orochimaru, was this good, bad? He'd only known Kakashi a few hours and it pained him to realise he already had forged a connection with the man, the others too. He felt so conflicted, angry that Kakashi had come into his life and made weak but slight hope that things would get better ... he was beginning to feel again.

Tsunade put Naruto's medial file on her lap and looked up at Naruto. "Just tell me" Naruto whispered, he fiddled with the edge of the blanket that was covering him. Tsunade studied him carefully, "nobody died" she informed him looking directly into his eyes. If asked he would barely be able to describe the wave of emotion, as if someone cracked an egg over his head; the warmth spread right through him, never before had he felt such relief.

Tsunade would swear on her sapphire pendant that she saw a light in Naruto's eyes, just for a second then it was gone. "What happened?" Naruto enquired trying in vain to keep all feeling out of his voice. "Perhaps you can wait until Kakashi comes along? He said he was intending to visit you, I would like you to get some sleep first" she half asked half stated. Naruto just nodded, he was exhausted. In a matter of minutes he was sound asleep Tsunade stayed a while just watching him but soon had to leave after getting beeped.

Around five hours later Naruto got woken by the sound of voices, he kept his eyes shut listening to their conversation. "How is he?" asked the voice he recognised as Kakashi's, "It's hard to say" replied Tsunade. "Physically he should recover within a few weeks; mentally it could take years ...if ever" she sighed deeply "the amount of trauma the poor boy has went through...and then we don't even know the full extent of his story". Naruto didn't want to hear that pitying tone in Tsunade's voice; he didn't want nor ask for it. He sat up slowly like he'd only just woken up, and turned to face them.

"Naruto!" Kakashi moved to pat his shoulder but then though better of it, his hand hovered for a second before dropping it and he grinned from ear to ear. Naruto didn't say anything his face was blank too the sleep had helped him compose himself a little and he had retreated into his shell somewhat. The officer who was keeping watch in the corner noticing the tension in the air ruffled his paper a bit and coughed lightly, "Doctor, could you show me where the vending machine is?" making his excuse to leave with Tsunade and give them some space.

Kakashi closed the door behind them softly and dragged the chair over from the corner, over to the bed with some difficultly due to supporting himself with crutches also. Naruto watched and suddenly felt a memory come over him.

((Mini flashback))

A three year old beautiful blonde boy stood with his red haired and equally beautiful mother outside a corner shop. She had a tight hold of the boys hand and held a cigarette in the other taking a last drag as she threw it to the floor and stood on it. "Come on Naruto" she told the boy leading him down the road to a busy intersection. It was there she began to approach strangers asking for money using Naruto as and enticement, "please, we have no home" she pleaded with passerby's.

A few yards away an old lady fell her shopping spilling everywhere, nobody around moved to help her, "Just look at that Naruto" his mother said tutting. Hurrying over with Naruto she lifted the old woman to her feet, picking up the items that had dropped out of the bag, and as if it didn't happen at all, Naruto witnessed her slipping the pensioners purse into her coat. Naruto didn't say a word as the woman thanked his mother and patted his head before they departed; taking his hand again she took off down the street.

((End Mini flashback))

Naruto could feel the shame weigh down on his chest at the recollection, letting no emotion through, he kicked his covers off and hopped of the bed, taking the chair from Kakashi and moving it himself he firmly reminded himself he wasn't his mother. Surprised at Naruto's behaviour he stepped back and allowed him to help, "Thank you Naruto, but get back into bed you might be concussed" Kakashi's voice was full of concern.

"Don't", was all Naruto said making his feelings clear to the both of them, he didn't need anyone caring at this point he'd gotten on fine without it. Naruto got back into bed allowing Kakashi to settle himself in the chair, "I guess you want to be filled in" Kakashi finally said.

Naruto didn't say anything mentally shutting himself down for the news. "Do you want the bad news or the good news first?" Kakashi asked trying to keep Naruto engaged and stable throughout the conversation, he needed to gauge how he was feeling through what he said because his face wasn't giving anything away. "The good I guess" he answered back trying to be patient, "Right well, the good news is we got you out!" he tried to lift the air somewhat, failing miserably "and nobody was seriously hurt thanks to our bulletproof vests" he smiled.

"And the bad?" Naruto asked trying to get back onto track, "right well, we lost Orochimaru, through the commotion Kabuto got a car around and they made a quick getaway... we had people after them but they were more clued up on the streets and we lost sight".

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