Algernon Moncrieff sat the plate of orange slices on the garden table. "Cecily, dear," he said, "would you care for an orange?"

"Yes, my dear," she replied, "but only if it is that you would have one, also."

"Very well," replied Algernon taking an orange slice and biting into it. Cecily took one and did the same. The juice from Algernon's orange dripped down his chin. Cecily giggled. "What are you laughing about?"

"Nothing, it's nothing." Cecily replied, composing herself.

"Very well…" Algernon continued to eat his orange. More of the juice dripped down his chin. Cecily flat out laughed.

"What is it that seems so bloody funny?" asked Algernon, slightly irritated.

"Let's just say you need to wipe your chin," replied Cecily pulling her handkerchief from her pocket and wiping his chin. Planting a kiss to his lips she grinned and leaned back into her chair.

"Cecily, dear, I think we might go and have some apple slices now."