Deeper Love


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A Little About The Present

Its been a few months after Ash Ketchum found out his mother died, and he is an emotional wreck. And when I say that, I mean it.

Instant changing mood swings, where he's angry for a second and then burst into tears, crying himself to sleep every night.

One snarky comment, and he's holding back tears...but lets not blame him. His mother died afterall, and the poor boy already lost his dad after he mysteriously went missing when he was six. He doesn't have anyone left.

Oh, besides his new girlfriend, Misty Waterflower. She was probably the only good thing that happened to him in the past few months. They started dating at his birthday party when she'd confessed to him.

Unfortunately, no first dates, making out, or walks in the park occurred afterwards, because the following day he got news about his mother.

Now, he's holding onto Misty like she's the only person left in the world. Yes, a bit overprotective.

Still, he has gotten better then the first few weeks when he found out about his mom's death. First, he didn't believe it. Nope, he was too scared, too hopeful to believe it. He continued to tell himself and everyone else that his mother was just on a small vacation and would be back soon.

But that ended when he came to her funeral. Then, he started blaming himself that he should have came earlier and been with his mom at the hospital, even though he couldn't have prevented it, he still believed it was entirely his fault.

Afterwards, he started praying to god, yes you heard me, that to please bring his mom back, even though deep down, he knew it was no use. After that, he went into a depressed state. He felt numb. He stayed in his bedroom, cried, didn't go outside, and barely ate.

Now that its been a few months, he's started to recover a bit, and he finally let his friends convince him to go back on his journey to cheer him up. Pokemon usually succeeded in cheering Ash up.

They said goodbye to Dawn, as she said that Kenny offered her to travel with him, and she couldn't possibly say no. Her and Misty became pretty good friends, and promised to keep in touch, same with May and Drew who were going back to Hoenn again.

Brock also left, and all though his was sad to say bye to Misty and Ash, he had promised his girlfriend Erica to help her out at the gym, and also get in a bit of breeding practice in at the same time.

So, Ash and Misty were now travelling alone, not that they minded. It gave the some good time to be alone and work on building their relationship. Unfortunately, they were pretty much travelling around randomely catching pokemon, because Ash wasn't ready to compete for badges yet.

"Hey Ash, look its a Milotic," Misty said happily, pointing to a beautiful sea creature swimming in the ocean below them. They were standing ontop of a cliff, taking in the salty sea water and fresh natural air.

"Whatever," Ash droned, staring at the sea, but you could tell he was somewhere else. Misty gave his hand a comforting squeeze, and he turned his head slightly and gave her a small smile. "Sorry Misty, I've been a pretty bad boyfriend, huh?"

Misty's aquamarine eyes widened. "No!" she said fiercly, "Your the best boyfriend in the world Ash!" she insisted. Ash chuckled. "Kinda boring though,"

"Its not your fault," she sighed, "You've been through a lot,"

He bit his lip hard from crying again. He was tired of crying. "Yeah, but lets...lets...try to..think about the future instead of the past," he murmered sadly.

Misty looked at him surprised, and her face lit up. "Yeah! I was thinking...we should get married!" she blurted. Then she blushed. I'm probably gonna scare him off. she thought in disgust.

Ash laughed heartily. "Yes, we should," he nodded, a faint pink streak appearing over the bridge of his nose. Misty felt relieved. "Have some kids too," she added hopefully.

The raven-haired boy's brown eyes widened and then he smiled. "Yeah...future pokemon masters.." he thought, "They'll have to beat me first though!"

Misty looked at his admiringly. "I'm sure you'll become a pokemon master someday Ash," she said.

Ash sighed a bit, then gave her a small grin. "Yeah, and you'll be a Water Pokemon Master!"

Misty's face brightened, and then she chuckled. "Shoot, if we do have kids, their going to be surrounded by papparazi,"

Ash laughed at that, but he quickly became quiet. "Um...Misty...I've been meaning to ask you this...but I don't know if it would be too awkard..." he said, turning slighly red.

Misty kissed his forehead. "You can tell me anything Ash," she said softly.

Ash rocked back and forth on his shoes. " see...after mom's dead, right?" his voice cracked a little, and his eyes got teary, but he composed himself, "I was wondering...I don't have a place to I wondering if I could stay at the gym...when I'm c-coming for breaks," he asked sheepishly.

Misty's mouth parted.

"I mean, in the guest room of course! Yeah, in seperate rooms...wayyy on the other side of the hall if you wish!" he stammered, looking flustered.

Misty giggled, nudging him. "Sure you can stay, I trust you," she winked.

Ash breathed in relief, putting his arm around his girlfriend. "I love you," he whispered in her ear, "Please stay with me forever,"

Misty sighed contently. "I love you too. I will forever," she assured him.

Ash leaned in and kissed her on the lips. It was light, and a quick one, but Misty had been craving it for weeks now.

She didn't want to pressure him or anything, because of all the drama and all, but she had wanted to kiss after their kisses at his birthday party.

Misty moaned pleasurably. "I definitely love you," she said, leaning in a planting a quick kiss on his lips back.

He flushed slightly, and grinning. "Good,"

Author's Notes

I KNOW I KNOW! SHORT CHAPPIE! But, I kinda just wanted to introduce things to you. The next chapters will be longer. This was kinda to explain what happened since the party, in the first fanfic to this one, "The one that belongs," REVIEW PLEASE. This chapter isn't that interesting, because as I said before, its sort of an intro chappy. The rest will be more drama...and GASP some other guys will have their eye out for Misty! EEEKK! REVIEW!