Deeper Love

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Ash and Misty seemed to be getting phone calls every passing second, as the two teenagers scurried around Ash's house, finding the phone and pressing it against their ear to answer anyone that had called them.

Now that Ash's father, Jay, was back, Ash didn't stay at Gary's anymore, and had resumed to taking his break at his own house, although he was planning on leaving soon on his journey, as the past months had been a big break from pokemon training, and he really needed to brush up his skill.

Jay had took Delia's death better then Ash, mostly because he was trying to be strong for his son, and because not having seen her in seven years made it easier for him to get used to the fact that she died.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ash jumped from the couch, while watching television, and screamed, "I got it!" dashing over to the videophone in the kitchen, and turning on the screen. "Hi!" he said cheerfully, in high spirits.

Jake's face appeared on the screen. "Hey Ash," he smiled. "Oh, Jake!" Ash said surprised. "What's up?"

Jake's grin grew wider. "Things are going good," he exclaimed, "..Actually, I've got a job at the pokemon center...I'm working towards being a pokemon breeder," he explained.

Ash chuckled. "Ah, like my friend Brock...hey...I can give you his number, I think he could give you some helpful tips,"

Jake nodded. "That'd be nice...I've wanted to be a breeder for a long time...but I always felt like I had to work for team rocket..." Jake's face darkened, but he quickly smiled. "But thats over now,"

"Exactly," Ash agreed.

. . .

Meanwhile, Misty held her cellphone to her ear. "Mmm...hey May..."

"Hi Misty!" May exclaimed. She was oblivious to everything that had happened after Ash's birthday party. "Guess what?" she squealed over the phone.

"What?" Misty chuckled, twirling a peice of orange hair around her finger.

"Drew..took me out on this romantic candlelight was SO cute!" she gushed, going into the details.

Misty laughed. "Can I talk to Drew?" she asked.

"Sure," May replied. A minute later, Drew's voice cleared. "Hey...Misty, right?"

"Thats me," Misty said breezily, "So I heard you and my friend are in love," she teased.

She could practically see Drew blushing beet red. "Uh yeah.." she could hear the awkardness in his voice. Boys would never learn how to talk about love and crushes. Never.

RING RING RING. "Whoops, hold on, got someone else on the other line," Misty apologized.

"Hey Misty!" It was Dawn.

"Hey Dawn," Misty responded brightly. "What's up?"

"Greaat...actually...Kenny and I are going to compete in a couples coordinating contest!" she exclaimed.

Misty's mouth dropped open. " you guys confessed!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah.." Dawn squealed, "He was so nervous..but it was so sweet...eeek!" Well, Dawn would be the one to squeal over her boyfriend.

"So, are you and Ash going to go travel again together?" The bluenette asked over the phone.

Misty voice quieted. "Not really, remember I have to run the gym..." she murmered, "I only took that break as a vacation, and I extended it because of what happened with Ash's mother,"

"Oh.." Dawn said. "Did you tell him yet?"

"Yeah," Misty sighed, "He's sort of upset that I can't come, but he's going to try and visit more, and I'm going to try to get as many breaks as I can manage to go see him, so its not like we'll never see each other,"

"Okay, well I gotta go," Dawn apologizied. Then she added, "Kenny and I planned a make-out session today,"

Misty made a face, as Dawn hung up. Ewww... only Dawn would plan a make-out session with her boyfriend...

She quickly finished the conversation with May and Drew, and put the phone down.

She got up and made her way to the kitchen. She could faintly hear Ash finishing a conversation with Brock, and walked over just as he turned the screen off.

"Gosh," she exclaimed, resting her chin on his shoulder. "I never knew we were this popular...people have been calling us non-stop,"

Ash smiled, running his fingers through her beautiful long red hair. "Yeah, we haven't got much time to ourselves, have we?" he winked at her playfully, and she pulled away, smirking. "...and what's that supposed to mean?" she demanded through her smile.

Ash put his arms around her neck and kissed her lightly under the ear, before passionately kissing her on the lips. They broke apart, and Ash looked at her shyly. "With my dad around I haven't had much time to do that," he said quietly, and Misty giggled, her face flushing pink.

"...and with all these phonecalls too," Misty pointed out.

"Did you know..." Ash paused, "Nobody came to Giovanni's funeral,"

Misty sighed. "Paul would have," she shrugged, "But he's arrested,"

At the name of Paul, Ash's teeth gritted, and Misty sighed, kissing him on the forehead. "Good thing too," Ash growled. Later on, the couple had found out that Paul had shot Ash's mother, which was all probably a part of Giovanni's big revenge plan.

Ash suddenly blinked taking a step back, and a grin spread across his face. "Oh yeah! Misty! I totally forgot!" he exclaimed excitedly. Misty cocked her head, and Ash's heart melted. "Oh god Misty," he groaned, "Your too cute and pretty, I can't take it,"

Misty punched him playfully. "Okay, now what did you forgot?" she asked, blushing from the earlier compliment.

"A surprise.." his russet eyes glinted, "For you!"

Misty looked at him confused.

"See, you know...when I found out that Rudy forcefully kissed you on the lips...I wanted to apologize so I made this surprise for you...but then you got kidnapped and everything..." he exclaimed, "...and I totally forgot I have to show it to you still!"

"But then wh- waaaaaa," Ash grabbed her arm and raced out the door, running toward Professor Oak's place. "Aaaaash!" Misty cried, "Why are we going to Gary's?"

"I forgot it at his house!" Ash cried back, running up the front steps of the labratory.

"Oh, I feel so special," Misty said sarcastically, rolling her aquamarine eyes.

Ash rang the doorbell excitedly, and a few seconds later, Gary opened it. "Hey guys what are you - HEY!"

Ash dashed past him, not bothering to acknowledge him, and fleeted toward the guest bedroom, bursting inside with Misty close behind.

Misty leaned against the wall, panting. "This better be worth it," she huffed.

"It is," Ash promised, "Now close you eyes,"

Misty tried to protest but Ash demanded it, so she closed her eyes, crossing her arms.

A moment later, Ash said in a soft voice, "Okay, you can look now,"

Misty opened her eyes and her breath caught.

In front of her, was a large door sized painting of a beautiful lake and forest, and in the middle was her and Ash, perfectly drewn, standing and holding hands. The picture sparkled like it was real, and Misty almost felt like she could touch the water, it was so good. "H-how..h-ho.." she stammered, "I didn't know you could draw!" she blurted out.

Ash chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Ermm...I learned a few stuff from all that travelling with Tracey, ya know," he murmered, blushing pink above the bridge of his nose. "I know its not great but..."

"It is great Ash!" Misty gushed, "Its beautiful..I can't believe you drew and painted this!"

In the corner, scribbled in Ash's loose handwriting in black marker, it said, To Misty, my biggest dream fulfilled.

Misty smiled softly. "What about being a pokemon master?" she asked gently.

"That comes after, Mist," he said in his sweet voice, wrapping his arms around her, making the red-head girl feel safe and secure as she nuzzled her face against his chest. "Your the most important,"

"You were right Ash," Misty said quietly.

"Huh? Bout what?"

"We really were destined to be together,"

. . .

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