My first ever Phineas and Ferb fiction. It is mostly a Buford/Baljeet fiction so if you don't like it don't read. There are some slight Phineas/Isabella and Ferb/Gretchen and Candace/Jeremy everyone else is just kind of missing (excluding some of the parents). Anti Baljeet/Ginger and Buford/Adyson in fact, Adyson isn't even mentioned, she moved.

Summary: The end of junior year is here and this summer will be their last in high school before going their separate ways. This summer brings upon many glorious opportunities and changes, but will one change, specifically Baljeet's new boyfriend, leave everything broken? BSquared. Rated because of some language.

Disclaimer: I do not own P&F at all! Just a girl with a computer with a working keyboard and an imagination.

Baljeet could hardly contain himself. Three more days of school. Though it was sad that the year was coming to an end and the last three days were in fact half days filled with final exams from all six (eight for him thanks to his online classes), he was excited to start on his summer. He needed a break as much as he himself hated to admit it. The boy genies was already two years into his college years because of all of his online summer courses and extra credits and he could very well finish college in high school but who would ever want to do that? No. This summer, very surprisingly, Baljeet has bowed to keep his nose out of school work… For as long as his nerd body can let him. Currently Baljeet walked the halls of Danville High School home of the Fighting Falcons with their third win consecutive in football. Of course all those games were because of the quarter back and Baljeet's bully Buford Van Stomm. The bully most certainty has grown since they were children, Buford has as well, but the guy towered over the nerd, his six feet to Baljeet's puny five foot six. And he was no longer overweight either. Because of his sports, football, weightlifting, boxing and wrestling, he stayed ship shape. He was, arguably, one of the hottest guys in school, for wither it be popularity, his sports, his looks or his bad boy attitude, he was just one of the hottest guys, that and his best friend in football Guillermo 'Will' Santos, a Spanish jock that partakes in (obviously) football, soccer, swimming and weightlifting.

Anyways, Baljeet was walking down the halls when said bully, clad in army green pants, red sneakers and his red and white varsity jacket complete with the D over his right breast, the mascot on the back and his number (#1, he bullied the coach for that number their freshmen year) on his sleeves, came over with his footballers pack behind him. "Nerd." He grumbled as he pushed Baljeet into the lockers his binder filled with notes, paper and a pen pouch filled with pens, pencils and erasers, fell onto the floor, the loose leaf paper flying out from the said binder. Baljeet sighed heavily. He was too used to the torment to ever let it truly affect him. As he bent to pick up his things he looked back to see Buford and the football team intertwine with some cheerleaders. Baljeet rolled his eyes and stood once he was done picking up.

Baljeet looked down at himself to check to see if being thrown into the lockers ruined his clothing, a blue sweater vest with a white three-quarter inch sleeved shirt and grey skinny jeans with blue and white sneakers. Baljeet nodded sharply once to himself, glad that his clothing wasn't ruined before proceeding to his first class. There he saw his friends, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Gretchen, Irvin and Ginger. Phineas wore his typical orange jacket, not a varsity jacket just one of those regular old zip up jackets, with a white t-shirt and blue shorts and sneakers. Ferb wore his tan button up and purple skinny jeans and black shoes, Isabella her pink dress with a white cardigan and pink flats (her hair no longer contained that bow). Gretchen wore a tan sweater vest, red shirt and pleated brown skirt with red flats, Irvin a blue button up, tucked in, with blue jeans and a pocket protector in his shirt pocket (sometimes Baljeet wondered who was nerdier, he or Irvin). And finally Ginger in her purple short sleeved dress with purple flats. "Hiya Baljeet!" Phineas greeted first and Baljeet made his way over to his desk, front and center, just like in every class.

"Hello friends." Baljeet greeted back.

"Are you excited for summer?" Isabella asked.

"Of course Isabella." Baljeet answered. "But I am more excited for senior year."

"You and I both Baljeet." Irvin nodded his head whist grinning. "Finally, I'll be able to escape all the bullies and go off to become their bosses."

The group laughed. "Of course, you probably never see them again." Ferb stated once the laughter had died down.

"Who cares?" Irvin asked, pointing his nose to the air above him. "At least I'll never get to see them again."

"I just hope we all stay in touch." Gretchen said softly. "I wouldn't want to never see you guys again. Especially you Ferb." Ferb smiled softly and intertwined his hand with hers.

"I agree with you Gretchen." Isabella said as she too twined her hands with Phineas'.

"You guys are lucky." Ginger said as she twirled around a strand of hair in her fingers. "You all have boyfriends."

"Or girlfriends." Irvin added as he crossed his arms before his chest.

The two couples shrugged. They have each been dating since freshmen year at around the time of homecoming. They all went together, merely as friends to begin with, but that was all that was needed before it erupted into love. Baljeet on the other hand has tried his luck with women, Mishti, that didn't quite go according to plan, turned out she just wanted to stay as best friends, Wendy was just a onetime sort of deal, and even with Ginger last year and that did not last long. The girl was too clingy and Baljeet had to beg Buford to help him get rid of her. Safe to say, he was done with women.

The bell rung and the students took their seats with some stragglers coming into the classroom. The teacher came in just as the last late bell rung and Buford followed after him and took his seat in the way back of the classroom. He loved the back seats, he took one in almost every class, except for one and that was PE, not actually a class at all. He loved the back seats because it was the farthest away from the teachers, and gave him a view off all the other students. He sat with a direct view of Baljeet, his nerd. Throughout the years of their high school career (and even elementary and middle school life) he had always picked a spot where he could spot Baljeet and torment him from afar. He would never really hurt his friend and nerd; he just made his life hell. And that was perfectly fine for Buford. The teacher got before the class and very quickly started the testing period.

"Class I am passing to you your final exams put your name on it immediately, in pen if you please. Remember to use pen on your written answers and pencil on the bubbling in portion." Buford groaned softly and stared at the analog clock on the wall. Just three more hours of school, and hour and a half in this one, another hour and a half in the other and a thirty minute lunch. Buford snatched the English test from the person before him, and rolled his eyes at his next thought. Then you have to repeat this again for another two days. Joy.

Finally the day came, the last day of school and when the final bell of the year ranged, students exploded from their classrooms, only half aware of the goodbyes and be careful over the summers they received from their respective teachers. Buford and his friend Guillermo and his girlfriend Krysta Graham, the head cheerleader, went straight to Buford's new Ford ranger, a black two door truck with the SuperCab option which allowed Buford to sit his friends. The two were the stereotypical football/cheerleader. Guillermo had his Spanish flair, dark tanned skin, dark black hair and five foot ten stature and she was a busty blonde with mid back length hair all tied up in a cheerleader's bow. Guillermo wore his own letterman's jacket, the same as Buford's but his number was #21, his supposed 'lucky number' and Krysta wore a tan jacket, white shirt, and red skirt. "Buford my man." Will said as Krysta climbed into the back seat of the cab and then he jumped into the truck. "What're we planning for the summer man?"

"Hell if I know Will." Buford muttered as he clicked his seat belt and started the car.

"You're not gonna hang out with the unpopulars are you?" Krysta asked as she leaned forward in between the two teenage boys. The 'unpopulars' being Phineas and the gang. Though the two step brothers had a popular steak during those summers a long time ago in middle school, they quieted down to focus on their studies and getting into good colleges. Isabella and the Fireside girls, once their troop dissolved they just faded into the background and as for Irving and Baljeet, the two were always nerds and only were known because of Phineas and Ferb.

Buford shrugged. Last summer he had a choice of hanging out with the team and the cheerleaders but he decided upon staying with his old friends. He may be a bully and popular beyond belief but he never forgot his oldest friends. This year it looks like he'll have little to no choice. "They're my friends Krysta; I won't abandon 'em just like that, I'm not like you." Krysta herself used to be unpopular. But she became a cheerleader her sophomore year after losing some major weight over her freshman year summer and during that one year she pushed her way to the top to become head cheerleader while leaving her other friends behind. She rolled her eyes.

"Calmase mis amigos. Es el comienzo del verano." Guillermo said in Spanish. He then repeated it again for his monolingual girlfriend for you see Buford took on to Spanish easily since he was already fluent in French but his girlfriend, just didn't catch on. "Calm down you two. It's the beginning of summer."

"Willie is right." Krysta said once her face of confusion dissipated. "We're all friends here… Except for them." She pointed to the group who were all climbing into their respective vehicles, minus Irvin whose mother couldn't yet afford him his car.

Phineas and Ferb shared a four door Mitsubishi green sedan with orange spiral decal on the side. Gretchen and Isabella carpooled with them. Their cars were a grey Kia Optima and a silver Honda civic respectively. Ginger drove a red convertible Mustang and Baljeet drove a blue Camry Hybrid in which he drove Irving and (reluctantly) Ginger. "Everyone's coming to my house right?" Phineas called out as he stood by the open driver's door of his car.

"Yes my friend. I will bring the hummus." Baljeet called back.

"Oh yum! I love that stuff!" Irving yelled. "Can your mom make some extra for me?"

"Already done Irving."


"Alright then." Phineas said as he waved all his friends off. "See you all in a bit!"

"Bye!" The group called out as they got into their vehicles and started to join the long line of student drivers who were leaving the school.

Krysta groaned. "Can you imagine what their parties would be like?" She asked in disgust. "They'd be so boring."

Buford shrugged once more. "Who knows? Maybe Phineas has somethin' planned."

"The kid is super smart." Guillermo said. "I remember the summer they built that rollercoaster. Twice! That thing was beast."

Krysta sighed and fell back into the seat. She wasn't here during those adventurous summers. She moved during the summer of the eight grade year and thus didn't get to experience all the fun, though she constantly heard of all the things that happened. "Buford drive."

Buford rolled his eyes. "You can't boss me around Krysta."

"Buford… Drive!"

"I'd do what she says Buford." Guillermo said as he finally snapped his seatbelt into place followed by the click of Krysta's seatbelt. "Ella es mierda de mono loca." Buford chuckled and started to move the truck into place behind the others. Translation? She is ape shit crazy.

After Buford had dropped off Guillermo and Krysta he went straight home to prepare himself to crash Phineas' and Ferb's party. He parked his truck in the driveway and walked through the front door. "Ma! Ma, where are ya?" He yelled into the house.

"I'm in the kitchen hon." Biffany called from the back of the house.

Buford went straight to the kitchen. "Hey ma, Phineas and Ferb are throwin' a party so I'll—what is he doing here?"

'He' being a six foot four, moppy, skater boy brunette hair, deep blue eyes, red stripped button up, blue jean wearing, expensive red kicks cousin of his, Bartholomew Van Stomm. Bartholomew (friends call him Bart but he isn't no friend of Buford) grinned at his younger cousin. He was four years his senior and waved as Buford's mother scolded him. "Buford that is no way to treat your cousin." Biffany said as she pulled out some fresh cookies from the oven and placed them on a wooden slab to cool. "And to answer your question, he's here visiting. He'll be staying with us for two and a half to three weeks."

Buford glared at his cousin. Bartholomew chuckled in result. Bartholomew was one of the few people who weren't afraid of Buford; in fact, he openly laughs and picks at him. "Hey cuz, what's up with that party?"

"There ain't no party." Buford bit back.

"But you just said that your friends Phineas and Ferb were having a party." Biffany remarked as she moved the cookie sheet to the sink. "You should take your cousin, show him your friends." She added without waiting for her son to reply.

"No ma!"

Bartholomew smiled. "That'd be great. Aunt, we should take something over. Maybe I can help you make your awesome chili."

"Great idea Bart. Buford you help too."

Buford groaned and turned his back to the kitchen. "I ain't helping." He said stubbornly.

"Buford Van Stomm you are going to help us or your first week of summer will be spent in your room!" Biffany yelled. Buford growled and reluctantly went into the kitchen to help his mother and cousin.

Two hours later, the Phineas and Ferb Summer Started Party just started and all of their friends were in attendance, minus Buford and Bartholomew who were running a tad bit late. "You know cuz," Bartholomew said as he stared out the open window of Buford's truck. "I am actually excited to meet all of your friends."

"Yeah well don't get cha hopes up Bartholomew." Buford said behind gritted teeth. "My friends will be able to see right past all this."

"Past what? To what are you referring to?" Bartholomew asked as he turned his head to look at his younger cousin.

"Ya know exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout Bartholomew. This nice guy act of yours."

Bartholomew scoffed. "Please… I've grown out of that bully stage cuz, and so will you… Maybe."

Buford grinded his teeth together as he parked on the curb just a little bit down from Flynn-Fletcher home since all the cars already dominated that area. The two Van Stomms walked in silence, Bartholomew holding the hot chili in his hands while Buford's hands were shoved deep into his letterman's jacket. Bartholomew broke the silence by scoffing at his cousin. "Why wear a jacket cuz? It's like… eighty degrees out here." Buford ignored him which elicited a shrug from the older Van Stomm.

Soon they reached the party and Bartholomew laughed at the scene, not because it was humorous, oh no, only at the awesomeness at it. There was in the back corner the buffet, on the back fence a stage, an actual disco dance floor in the center and approximately fifty people in this one acre block of land. "This is awesome! No college party compares to this!"

From the stage Phineas shouted into the mic while the ex-Fireside girls and Ferb and even a grown up Candace, a few weeks pregnant with Amanda. "I'd like to once again welcome everyone to our Summer Started Party! We'd like to officially begin this night with a blast from the past!" The crowd below them cheered, knowing exactly the song and started to sing along.

Bow chicka bow wow,

That what's my baby says,

Mow, mow, mow,

And my heart starts pumpin',

Chicka, chicka, choo wop,

Never gonna stop!

Gitchee gitchee goo means that I love you!

The corners of Buford's lips curled up slightly. "Phineas and Ferb are back." He muttered.

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